FlexJobs Review: Is FlexJobs Legit? Read Before Signing Up…

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FlexJobs promises to connect remote job seekers with verified, scam-free job listings.

But is it worth paying for?

After all, there are plenty of free job boards out there that ostensibly offer the same thing. And with workplace burnout on the rise, more people than ever are looking for legit remote work opportunities.

In this article, we’ll share how FlexJobs stacks up against the job board competition and whether it’s worth the cost. 

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FlexJobs: #1 For Remote Jobs

The best place to find legit work from home jobs. Established in 2007, FlexJobs has 1000s of listings including part-time, full-time, and freelance options in tons of industries.

Is FlexJobs Legit?

Yes, FlexJobs is a legit place to find a work from home job

The company was established in 2007, and in 2024 was acquired by BOLD, a well-established career company.

According to FlexJobs, they’ve helped over 11 million job seekers connect with over 57,000 jobs from over 60,000 employers.

How FlexJobs Works

FlexJobs makes it easy to find legit, remote jobs.

Here’s how it works.

Search and Apply

FlexJobs has a user-friendly interface, and more than 50 industry categories. For example, you can find work-from-home jobs in:

  • accounting
  • admin
  • fashion
  • graphic design
  • project management
  • sales
  • and tons more

search and apply for jobs

You can search for jobs based on factors like:

  • job category
  • desired flexibility
  • experience level

Each job listing tells you about the company, the required qualifications, and how to apply.

Since the jobs are screened, you can apply with confidence, knowing that there’s a real opportunity behind each listing.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Find on FlexJobs?

On FlexJobs, you can really find a wide range of job types covering just about every industry you can think of.

the types of jobs on flexjobs

The common thread among all these jobs is flexibility.

Here’s a closer look at what you might find.

To cater to different needs, FlexJobs offers various employment types, including part-time, full-time, and freelance.

Part-Time Jobs

These are ideal if you’re looking for less than 40 hours of work per week.

They offer flexibility to balance work with other commitments like studies or family.

Part-time positions often come with flexible hours, making them attractive for those who need flexible schedules.

Full-Time Jobs

Full-time jobs provide stability for those wanting more traditional employment.

They often come with benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans.

These roles usually require 40 hours per week but may also offer flexible start and end times.

Freelance Opportunities

Freelance jobs are project-based and allow you to work as an independent contractor.

This type of work is highly flexible, letting you choose when and where you work.

Freelancers might juggle multiple clients or projects at once and have the freedom to build a portfolio of diverse work.

How Do They “Vet” the Remote Jobs?

FlexJobs takes the vetting of job listings seriously, which is a huge plus for anyone tired of running into scams or dead-end leads.

Here’s how they go about making sure the jobs they list are legit:

1. Human Screening

Unlike job boards that rely on automation, FlexJobs has a team of real people who manually review every job listing for the site.

This team checks out the company posting the job and makes sure the company and job are legit.

2. Research on Companies & Jobs

The vetting process includes in-depth research on each company and their job postings.

They check into the company’s history, its online presence, and reviews from employees to ensure it’s a solid, reliable place to work.

3. Ongoing Monitoring

FlexJobs doesn’t just post a job and forget about it. They continuously monitor their job listings and the companies on their site.

If they receive negative feedback about a job or employer, they will decide if that job should stay on the site.

How Much Does FlexJobs Cost?

Unlike other job boards, FlexJobs charges a nominal fee to see details about each posting and apply.

Thankfully, these plans start at just $2.95 for 14-day access.

Here’s the breakdown of their pricing:

FlexJobs pricing

  • 14-Day Full Access: For $2.95, you can get full access to test out the platform.
  • Annual Subscription: At $71.40 for the year, this is the best deal in terms of cost per month ($5.95). 

While you can definitely find a remote job for free, these rates make it a very reasonable investment in your future earning power. 

Set Up Your Profile

Once you’re signed up, you can set up your profile.

set up your flexjobs profile

This involves:

  • uploading your resume
  • detailing your skills
  • specifying types of job(s) you’re looking for

You can be as detailed as you want with the flexibility you need, such as telecommuting, alternative schedules, or freelance gigs.

Are There Any FlexJobs Discounts Available?

FlexJobs currently offers a 50% discount for military, first responders, and teachers.

Here’s a screenshot from their website:

Is FlexJobs Worth It?

If you’re committed to finding a flexible or remote job and value your time and security, FlexJobs can be worth it.

It’s especially useful if you’re looking for a niche role or you want to avoid the clutter of free job boards. Instead of scouring dozens of different sites, you can find an aggregated, curated selection of jobs in one place. 

Let’s break it down.

Curated, Scam-Free Listings

One of FlexJobs’s biggest perks is that every job listing is hand-screened for legitimacy.

This saves you the hassle and worry of sifting through potentially dubious job offers, which unfortunately is common on free sites.

Variety and Quality of Jobs

FlexJobs covers many areas, from entry-level to executive positions at reputable companies like:

  • Walmart
  • Pinterest
  • Honeywell
  • Stubhub
  • and more

This is a big plus if you’re aiming for quality over quantity and don’t want to wade through less relevant jobs.

Resources and Support

The membership also gives you access to career coaching and resume reviews at discounted rates.

They also offer free skills tests and webinars that will help you better position yourself in the job market.

additional help and resources

These resources are handy, especially if you’re new to the remote or flexible work scene.

Who is FlexJobs the Best Fit For?

FlexJobs has many success stories from users who have found jobs that match their needs.

Here are a few highlights from user testimonials.

flexjobs success stories

1. Career Changers

Many who wanted to switch careers without losing flexibility have found FlexJobs to be a good fit.

For instance, a person moving from a teaching role to a blogger and remote writer found a perfect job through the site. This allows them to maintain a work-life balance while entering a new field.

2. Remote Work Seekers

The popularity of the remote workforce has grown.

According to this research, half of the businesses are home-based, and the number of remote workers is growing.

Folks looking for remote work have shared stories about how FlexJobs helped them find jobs that weren’t promoted on other platforms.

One user, for example, secured a full-time remote position in a competitive field within weeks of subscribing.

This changed their lives by offering flexibility and no more commuting.

3. Freelancers and Part-Time Job Seekers

FlexJobs has also been instrumental for those seeking freelance or part-time positions.

A graphic designer said the site allowed them to build a client base by connecting them with freelance gigs.

4. Parents and Caregivers

another flexjobs customer testimonial

Parents and caregivers who need jobs that fit around their schedules often find FlexJobs beneficial.

One parent shared a story about finding a part-time remote job that fit perfectly around their children. 

5. People with Health Issues

Individuals with health issues requiring flexible working arrangements have also benefited from FlexJobs.

One such user with chronic illness found a job that offered the flexibility to work from home. This improved their quality of life and ability to manage health challenges.

Does FlexJobs Have a Guarantee?

Yes, FlexJobs offers a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, which is a great feature if you’re unsure about subscribing.

You can request a full refund if you’re not satisfied with their service within the first 30 days of your subscription.

Other Benefits of FlexJobs

FlexJobs offers several benefits that go beyond just providing job listings. These extra perks can enhance your job search and your overall career development.

Here are some of the notable benefits.

1. Vetted Listings

Every job listed on FlexJobs has been vetted by a real person. This reduces the risk of running into scams, which is a common issue on free job boards.

2. Exclusive Jobs

Some of the job listings on FlexJobs are exclusive, meaning they can’t be found on other job boards. This can give you a leg up in finding unique opportunities that are less accessible to the general public.

3. Member Discounts

FlexJobs partners with over 50 companies to offer discounts on products and services that can be beneficial to job seekers. These include savings on software, career coaching, resume services, and tech gear.

4. Career Coaching and Resume Reviews

For an additional fee, you can access personalized career coaching and resume review services.

These are offered at a discount to FlexJobs members and can provide guidance for remote job markets.

5. Skills Tests

FlexJobs provides more than 170 free skills tests that you can take to gauge your abilities and strengthen your resume.

These tests can help you prove your skills to potential employers and set you apart from other candidates.

6. Resources and Learning

The site offers various education options that can help you navigate remote work. These include tips on how to get started and strategies for advancing your career.

7. Easy Job Application

FlexJobs simplifies the process of applying for jobs. You can store your resumes and cover letters on the platform, making it quick and easy to apply for multiple positions.

There’s also a feature called “Resume Profiles,” which allows you to manage multiple resumes directly on their platform.

This tool is particularly useful if you are applying for jobs that require different skills or experiences.

8. Job Search Checklist and Tracking 

Members have access to job search checklists and tools to help organize and track job applications and follow-ups.

These resources can be incredibly helpful in keeping your job search efficient.

9. Job Alerts

Once you sign up, make sure to set up job alerts that match your skills and desired job criteria.

This feature keeps you in the loop without needing to constantly check the site for new postings.

Learning Center / Courses

FlexJobs’ Learning Center, often referred to as its educational hub, offers resources to help job seekers grow their skills.

additional help and resources

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from their Learning Center:

Webinars and Video Content

FlexJobs hosts webinars that cover a range of topics, including resume writing and interviewing skills.

These sessions often feature career coaches and industry experts and are available for free to members.

Skill-Building Courses

They offer courses for specific job-related skills and how to maximize productivity in remote work settings.

These courses can be particularly useful if you’re moving to a remote role or looking to advance in your current field.

Guides and Articles

The Learning Center includes articles on a variety of topics, including job searching and work-life balance.

These resources are designed to answer common questions and provide actionable advice.

Career Coaching Sessions

Although not free, FlexJobs offers discounted rates on career coaching sessions for its members.

These sessions can be tailored to your needs and include career exploration, job search strategies, and interview prep.

Resume Review

Also offered at a discounted rate for members, resume review services can help you refine your resume. This can help you align with the expectations of employers looking for remote employees.

Downloadable Content

FlexJobs provides checklists, templates, and other resources that can help optimize your job search.

These tools are handy for tracking applications and preparing for interviews.

Most Common FlexJobs Complaints

While FlexJobs is highly rated for its job listings and being a scam-free zone, it does receive some complaints.

Understanding the common criticisms can help you make a more informed decision about whether it’s the right service for you.

Here are some of the most common complaints about FlexJobs.

Subscription Fee

The most frequent complaint is about the subscription fee required to access job listings.

Some users feel uncomfortable paying to find work, especially when there are free job boards available.

But the fee is what allows FlexJobs to vet all postings thoroughly, ensuring they are legitimate and of high quality.

Expectations vs. Reality

Some users expect that paying for a membership will automatically lead to a job. 

It’s important to remember that FlexJobs provides the tools, but landing a job still requires effort and persistence.

Limited Jobs in Certain Industries

While FlexJobs offers a wide range of job types, the site may list fewer opportunities in some niche fields.

This can be frustrating for professionals in those areas who may not find as many relevant job options.

Overqualified Candidates

Some users report frustration with finding too many entry-level positions and not enough jobs that match their experience, especially for more senior roles.

Communication Issues

There have been complaints about customer service and their response times.

FlexJobs Alternatives

If you’re exploring alternatives to FlexJobs for finding work, consider several other platforms.

Each of these alternatives offers a different mix of features, and some may be better suited to specific types of job seekers or industries.

Here’s a rundown of some popular FlexJobs alternatives:

  1. We Work Remotely
  2. Remote OK
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Upwork 
  5. Freelancer
  6. FreeUp

*Want to try out Upwork?  Use these tips to optimize your profile!

Each of these platforms has its strengths and might better suit certain types of job searches or industries. 

Depending on your specific needs, one of these might be a better fit for you than FlexJobs.

And if that’s not enough, here are even more online platform options for side hustles.

FlexJobs: The Bottom Line

The service isn’t free, but it offers great benefits. 

Access to vetted job listings and valuable career resources can make it perfect for those looking for flexible work.

Whether you need a flexible job or want to escape the 9-to-5 grind, FlexJobs provides a reliable platform.

Plus, you can try it out risk-free to see if it aligns with your job search needs.

If you’re on the fence, consider the time and potential frustration saved by having a curated list of scam-free jobs at your fingertips.

In my experience, and based on many user testimonials, if you’re seeking a flexible job, FlexJobs might just be the tool you need to find that perfect match.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a job search website that specializes in remote, flexible, part-time, and freelance job opportunities. It’s known for vetting all job listings to ensure they are legitimate, which helps protect job seekers from scams.

Is FlexJobs suitable for all career levels?

Yes, FlexJobs caters to a wide range of career levels, from entry-level job seekers to executives. Whether you are starting your career, seeking mid-career opportunities, or looking for senior-level positions, you can find jobs that match your level of expertise and career goals.

How does FlexJobs ensure the legitimacy of its job listings?

FlexJobs has a team that manually screens every job listing before it is posted on the site. This includes verifying the company’s legitimacy, researching the company’s background, and ensuring that the job details are clear and genuine

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with FlexJobs?

Yes, FlexJobs has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your subscription for any reason, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of your membership.

What types of jobs can I find on FlexJobs?

FlexJobs offers a wide range of job types, including remote jobs, freelance projects, part-time work, and positions with alternative schedules. The jobs cover various industries, from tech and education to healthcare and customer service.

Big thanks to Georgi Todorov for helping research FlexJobs! Georgi is an entrepreneur and content creator with authorship in a broad range of publications, including Entrepreneur and Forbes. He founded Create & Grow to help people create and grow their online business.

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