78: How to Build a Full-Time Freelancing Business

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Note: Click here to get Carrie’s top tips for building a full-time freelancing business.

Carrie Smith’s CarefulCents blog is one of my personal favorites.

Why? Because she’s a side hustler who’s been there, done that.

She’s built her part-time freelancing business to the point where she was able to quit her job and become a full-time entrepreneur. In the process, she’s built up a popular blog and personal brand, paid off $14k in debt, and commands significantly above-market rates for her work.

In this episode of The Hustle Show, you’ll hear how she landed her first clients, when it makes sense to work for free, and how she’s set her business up for success with recurring contracts (similar to Alexis in Episode 76).

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Click here to download Carrie’s top tips on building a freelance business.

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  • How Carrie got her start as a freelancer, and the investments she made in herself and her relationships.
  • How she combined a “give first” strategy with targeting her specific dream clients.
  • Why a specialist can charge more than a generalist, and how she commands rates of up to $150 an article.
  • Why Carrie avoids freelance marketplaces like Elance or oDesk.
  • How she transitioned from free work to paid work.
  • How she set-up her business for recurring contracts, instead of one-off assignments.
  • Carrie’s advice for someone to get started in just an hour a day.
  • Her #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


What say you? Could you use a similar approach to sell your skills to companies in need? What problem could you solve on an ongoing basis with this “give first” strategy?

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Carrie’s top tips on building a freelance business.

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3 thoughts on “78: How to Build a Full-Time Freelancing Business”

  1. Great show, Nick.
    Carrie’s “giving first” mantra is a great example of service and helping others.

    I also appreciated her advice to work for a mentor. Ryan Holiday shared how he too interned and worked for people he desired to learn from.

    Cheers, Jesse

  2. Pretty amazing stuff. Thank you both for this interview podcast. So much great information. I love Carrie’s number one tip. Invest in yourself first. That was quite a surprise. Smart lady. Thank you Nick.


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