174: How to Get Freelance Jobs (Tips from a Professional Hypnotist)

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Jesse Gernigin is a professional stage hypnotist and online freelancer. He used to do up to 200 shows a year and even sold his own products, but realized there was always going to be a ceiling to his earning power.

Turning to the world of online work, Jesse applied his performance and sales skills to land freelance marketing jobs in his spare time. Today he specializes in copywriting for email sequences, sales letters, and crowdfunding campaigns.

Jesse and I connected through the SH Nation Facebook group, where he’s become a familiar face in answering questions and being a helpful part of the community.

During this chat, he shares some of his favorite tactics for figuring out what type of service you can offer, identifying high-value clients, and writing winning proposals.

Free PDF Download:

how to win freelance clients

Click here to download Jesse’s top freelance tips.



  • How Jesse built his hypnotist business to 200 dates a year, and why he transitioned to online work instead.
  • How he first decided what skills he could sell.
  • How he narrowed his focus and raised his rates.
  • His favorite platforms for finding freelance clients.
  • Jesse’s recommendations on how you can get started as a freelancer and begin earning money online.
  • How he pitches clients from the initial proposal all the way to signing the deal.
  • Jesse’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


  • LiveGoldRich.com (inactive as of 2020)
  • Jesse’s Epic Freelancing Guide and Newsletter
  • Jesse’s first $10k month income report
  • Upwork
  • FreelanceToWin.com

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Jesse’s top freelance tips.

how to win freelance jobs

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8 thoughts on “174: How to Get Freelance Jobs (Tips from a Professional Hypnotist)”

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. It inspired to me to check out how I could apply my writing skills in a forum like Upwork.

    I really aligned to Jesse’s philosophy about withholding a bid until you build the potential relationship.
    However, when I tried to submit my first proposal, the system required a bid. How do you use Jesse’s technique if the website won’t let you?

    Any help for me?


    p.s. Hustle on!

    • It is crazy how fast upwork changes! From when me and nick recorded the podcast till now the fee system has changed! You can leave a fixed price proposal if it is required. I’m of two minds on this.
      1)you can agree to their price and if they accept the bid and the job is larger than advertised you can suggest hourly instead of their rate. If they refuse no blood lost there.
      2)upwork now let’s you bid higher than the fixed price.

      I see the future of success in upwork growing from having hours worked. This is a guess but as my hour count has gone up my private invitations have increased.

      On hourly jobs your hourly rate is mentioned but not considered the final rate. The hourly rate let’s your clients wrap their minds around how much time their project might take.

      Great question!


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