381: How to Grow a Blog to 6 Figures a Month with Jennifer Maker

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Note: Click here to download Jennifer’s top tips for growing a blog into a 6-figure business from this episode.

Are you struggling to get traction with your blog?

Is your niche too competitive? Are you starting too late?

If so, you’re going to come away from this episode with loads of actionable tips to put those questions to the side.

“I have learned, it is never literally too late to ever start anything,” today’s guest Jennifer Marx from JenniferMaker.com told me.

Jennifer has taken her DIY/crafting site from a part-time hobby blog earning $33/mo to bringing in more than 6-figures every month in just a few years.

She knows a thing or two about entering a competitive niche, finding, and cultivating an audience.

First, she mastered Pinterest, then Facebook, and just over a year ago she entered YouTube and already has an audience of more than 225k subscribers!

Dominating a source of traffic and growing an audience is something Jennifer excels at, and in the blogging world, there’s huge profit in doing so.

Tune in to hear how Jennifer found her initial traction in a competitive niche, what’s driving traffic for her today, how her site makes money, and how she’s built an email list that’s almost the population of Cleveland!

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Click here to download Jennifer’s top tips for growing a blog into a 6-figure business from this episode.

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  • Why Jennifer decided to start focusing on growing her site.
  • How she found her initial traction in a competitive niche.
  • Her Pinterest strategy that has grown her monthly Pinterest audience to more than 7 million.
  • How Jennifer sets up a unique lead magnet for each new blog post to grow her email list.
  • What her revenue split looks like for her site.
  • How Jennifer has grown her YouTube channel to more than 225k subscribers in a year.
  • What her team looks like behind her business.
  • Jennifer’s plans for a “content machine” in 2020.
  • Jennifer’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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growing a blog to 6-figures a month

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5 thoughts on “381: How to Grow a Blog to 6 Figures a Month with Jennifer Maker”

  1. Hey Jennifer and Nick – I learned a lot here! “Dominating your source of traffic” would be my takeaway! I’m currently growing a Facebook group about tips on how to multiply your streams of income.. and I’ m starting to get a nice amount of traffic to my blog. It’s all about how good your content is – if it’s exceptional, people would want to know more.. but if not, your FB group will die. Read more here: https://slashercareer.com/how-to-get-blog-traffic-fast/

  2. I dropped by to say that I’ve saved and listened to this episode at least three times in the past two months. It’s been unbelievably helpful as I’ve been working to launch a blog and utilize Pinterest effectively. Jennifer does such a great job of distilling her journey and her strategy into easily understood action steps.

    This episode has so much valuable information in it that I’m sure I’ll keep on repeating it. Thanks Nick and Jennifer for putting it together. It really has helped me so much.


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