15: How to Launch and Monetize a Podcast, with John Dumas

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In Episode 15 of The Side Hustle Show, I’m excited to have the hardest working man in radio, John Dumas on the show. John’s Entrepreneur on Fire podcast is tearing up the airwaves and earning him a healthy six-figure income less than 1 year after launching.

We discuss the viability of podcasting as a side hustle as well as the monetization strategies he uses to bring home the bacon giving away free audio content.

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In exchange for your half an hour, you’ll learn:

  • What makes podcasting an awesome medium.
  • How an investment in coaching “paid back in spades.”
  • The savvy way to find and pitch sponsors for your show.
  • How to expanding the brand beyond the earbuds.
  • John’s strategy for podcasting as a $500 per month side hustle.

Links and resources mentioned:

Check out John’s awesome show on iTunes or through his site, EntrepreneuronFire.com. You can also hit him up on Twitter.

This post wraps up Podcast Week on Side Hustle Nation. You’ll also want to check out:

What do you think of podcasting as a side hustle? Have you ever thought of launching your own show?

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10 thoughts on “15: How to Launch and Monetize a Podcast, with John Dumas”

  1. Great show guys! John congrates on all you have accomplished with your show. It would be great to know where you are getting all your stats for your podcast. On your media sheet you are showing 8,000 CPM at that time, but where are you pulling this # from?

    My podcast, ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show, hit #1 on iTunes in Kids & Family last week. I know we are getting lots of new listeners and it would be great if we can provide this stats for potential sponsors.

    We’re in a different market so it’s a little different then Business and yet there are lots of folks out there needing the info we provide.

    Thanks again guys.

  2. Thanks Nick. Yeah my media host is RackSpace Cloud. I went that route so that I could host all my podcasts as well as all of my digital files. Wanted to keep it all in one place.

    I know many other podcasters are using LibSyn and Blubrry, but I have to say that I like the reliability of RackSpace right now. With 188 shows up there I may have to make a change in the future.

    Keep up the great podcast as it’s great to hear from folks who are running successful side hustles. It’s a cool perspective.


  3. Thank you. I started my podcast thanks to this episode. My Podcast is “Alain Guillot Show” a podcast about personal finance and entrepreneurship. One of these days I hope to have either one of you two in my podcast.

  4. Is podcasting like YouTube where you can only monetize in certain locations? Because I am outside of the U.S-in Fiji(in the South Pacific islands to be precise). Would love to try my hands on this and put my Journalism qualifications to good use.


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