I Eliminated One Meal a Day With This $1.69 517 Calorie Breakfast Smoothie

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This post is about fueling your body efficiently, deliciously, and cheaply.

For most of this year, I realized I’ve realized I’m only eating 2 “meals” a day.

In addition to the high calorie, high fat breakfast described smoothie below, I’ve shifted my “regular” eggs/spinach/lentils/avocado/sriracha breakfast specialty to lunchtime, and then have a normal dinner.

And because the lunch dish is very routine, that’s only 1 meal a day that requires any planning or out-of-the-ordinary shopping.

All about reducing that mental clutter and unnecessary shopping trips!

So let’s dive into this meal-replacement breakfast smoothie.

Credit where credit is due: I adapted it from Ari Meisel.

(His version is a little more intense — and almost triple the calories! It includes everything mine does plus powdered athletic greens (?), a banana, a cup of coffee (I occasionally add a little bit of coffee grounds), cocoa powder, and Greek yogurt.)

This takes 5 minutes to prepare, tastes awesome, and gives me energy for hours. I consider it a really important productivity “hack.”


(Everything listed is from Costco.)

For those of you scoring at home, that brings our per-serving cost to just $1.69. Pretty serious bang for your buck!


Combine all this into your blender and mix. I use the Magic Bullet and the cups it came with.

Nutritional Breakdown

This bad boy tops out at:

  • 517 calories
  • 32g fat
  • 21g carbs
  • 37g protein

High energy, high fat, high protein; low carb, low sugar.

I drink it while getting in my morning treadmill desk session.

Your Turn

What’s your breakfast look like? Is there room to simplify your re-fueling?

10 thoughts on “I Eliminated One Meal a Day With This $1.69 517 Calorie Breakfast Smoothie”

  1. Hey Nick! I’m intrigued by the avocado. I may have to add that to mine.

    I do: Frozen Blueberries (Kirkland as well), Banana, Vanilla Whey Protein Powder, Unsweetened Almond Milk. Sometimes I add PB2 or Chia.

    Yesterday morning I added some concentrated cold brew coffee my wife bought from Trader Joe’s. It was pretty good.

    • Haha it definitely doesn’t end up looking that appetizing when it’s all blended! My wife does an orange/spinach/cucumber combo but that’s not enough calories for me.

  2. Nick you’re missing one of the most important ingredient:

    green vegetables

    I’d suggest to add spinach or kale or romaine lettuce to start with.

    It’s just amazing. Try it.

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