71: One Page Adsense Sites and Productized Consulting

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If you’ve been in the “niche site” game at all over the past few years, this week’s conversation will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibility in the realm of making money with Adsense.

Kurt Elster is the co-founder of EtherCycle, an online marketing strategy and web design and development firm. But on top of that, his company also runs a plethora of one-page micro-sites that earn advertising revenue with Adsense.

How much?

“Enough to cover our fixed expenses,” Kurt says.

That’s huge!

(One of those micro-sites was even named as a top resource in my Work Smarter book.)

During the call we break down several examples and reveal some common rules and themes for these types of projects. They have minimal investment costs and take only a day to create so your risk is super low.

Want to get your own micro-site online? This case study walks through the cheapest and fastest way to get it done.

I was originally introduced to Kurt by Kai Davis, a repeat guest of The Side Hustle Show who we heard from most recently in episode 59, 20 Hours to a Side Hustle Consulting Business that Gets Paid.

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Click here to download Kurt’s microsite examples and building process.

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  • What the “magic email” is.
  • Examples of Kurt’s micro-sites that have done well.
  • Kurt’s 3 rules for building out these projects.
  • The super-simple marketing plan that doesn’t rely on Google.
  • How Kurt and his team shifted to a “productized” consulting service.
  • Their pricing and service package, with a guarantee of a clear ROI.
  • The retargeting service that re-engages active prospects.
  • The email drip campaign he uses to “warm up” leads.
  • Kurt’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


“Nothing is too stupid to build for the Internet.” <– click to tweet!


What do you think? This was definitely an eye-opening episode for me!

Want to get your own micro-site online? This case study walks through the cheapest and fastest way to get it done.

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Kurt’s microsite examples, building process, and productized consulting tips.

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15 thoughts on “71: One Page Adsense Sites and Productized Consulting”

  1. Great podcast!

    I used the magic email tonight for a web design client who I kept trying to connect with and hadn’t responded after three emails and BAM! he replied within 15 minutes!

    I suggest it now be labeled the friggin magic email from now on :)

  2. Awesome episode Nick and Kurt! This one really got me fired up to give these types of sites a shot. Any chance you can provide some more info on how you create these sites? For example, is the calmingmanatee.com site built with wordpress? If so, is there a specific plugin or theme that you recommend for similar randomly generated content sites?

    • Thanks, Daniel! I’m glad you’re inspired. The majority of our sites are just static HTML/CSS with a little bit of PHP for functionality. Very lightweight stuff. I find that if I need anything more than that, it defeats the purpose. However, I do sometimes use WordPress. For example, trueanduplifting.com is my only attempt at a content heavy site and it uses WP.

      • Thanks for the response Kurt! I am using wordpress because that is all I really know how to use at a very basic level. I started building a site last night and hope to finish it up this evening after work. Then by tomorrow, I can only assume it will have already gone viral and taken over the world!

      • Hi Kurt – it took a little longer than an afternoon, but thought you may be curious to see my attempt at a one page adsense site inspired by your podcast. It hasn’t gone viral, but it was a fun learning experience! You can see it at Performingpups.com if you’re curious. Thanks again for the inspiration!


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