79: Getting Started in Real Estate Investing for Less Than $100

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J. Massey discovered real estate as a business out of necessity. He and his wife were both in poor health, and as he explains, had a 398 credit score and $75 to their name.

Then, introduced to real estate wholesaling, the picture began to turn around. This strategy allowed J. to develop some cash flow without risking his own limited assets, and he says he got started by dedicating just 2 hours a day, or 10 hours a week to this new side hustle.

I’m a little wary of people selling the whole “no money down / get rich with real estate” pitch, but J. seems like someone who’s genuinely walked the walk, and spoke at length about the core of the business being about helping people.

And indeed that’s the core of any business that wants to be around for the long-term.

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Click here to get J.’s top tips on starting a real estate side hustle.

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  • How J. got started in the real estate business when he was at a very low point in his life, healthwise and financially.
  • Why 95% of the real estate market is “retail,” but the other 5% is where the action is as an investor.
  • Why J. says the first step is not to find houses, but rather to find buyers.
  • The importance of relationships and networking, and positioning yourself as a problem solver (rather than a vulture).
  • Some acquisition strategies to find distressed properties. “Where there’s chaos, there’s cash flow.”
  • J.’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation


What do you think? Viable side hustle or no?

Have you ever tried to find these kinds of wholesaling deals in your neighborhood? I think the biggest appeal for me is they don’t require the 20% down, so no matter how expensive your market is, that’s not really a factor. In fact, like J. explained, there might even be more profit opportunity in expensive markets.

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