234: Side Hustle Sales Coaching: What Do I Do and Who Do I Do it For?

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Listen in on a real life side hustle coaching call with customer acquisition and retention strategist David Hutcherson (he’s the client), and sales pro Brendan Alan Barrett (he and I share the coaching duties).

On the heels of last week’s sales-themed episode, I invited Brendan on because of his sales background both with companies large and small.

We’re joined by our “client” David, who’s seeking to grow his freelance/consulting side hustle and build on his decade of experience in customer service.

We dive into where David is at in his business today, how he got his first few clients, and where he’d like to go from here.

The good news is he’s not starting from scratch. He’s had a handful of clients for community management and customer market research gigs, including the world famous improv theater Second City, but nothing recurring and not much in the pipeline at the moment.

We do our best to point him in the right direction and get him to try and figure out what exactly is the service he offers and who he offers it to. And we just might have a breakthrough on that front about 20 minutes in.

Tune in to hear the types of questions you’ll have to ask yourself in a service-based side hustle. Put yourself in David’s shoes as you listen and think about what you’d do in his position — and your own.

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Did we get it right? What would you recommend for David’s next steps?

And if you liked this “public coaching” style of episode, there are a few more in the archives if you’d like to check them out.

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