192: Starting an Ecommerce Empire on Etsy

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Kara Lamerato is a work-at-home-mom of 2, but runs a successful business in her spare time. Kara’s Vineyard Wedding supplies brides with wine-themed wedding decorations, and has shipped thousands of orders.

Kara started the business before having kids while she was still working full-time in private banking. The idea came from her own wedding and thinking there might be other brides out there looking for similar DIY-style items.

She put a listing up on Etsy, and a couple weeks later, she had her first order!

Since then, she’s expanded her Etsy presence, taking full advantage of their Buy Button platform, but is also expanding her standalone brand. Kara hosts The Wedding Planning Podcast and says now 25% of her sales come from her own Shopify-powered ecommerce store.

Tune in to hear how she’s grown this business from scratch, how she gets all the online and hands-on work done in limited hours, and her plans for passive income in the future.

Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

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Click here to download the free PDF highlight reel from this episode.



  • Where she got the idea for her first product, and how she made her first sale.
  • How you can get started as an Etsy seller for $0.20.
  • How she set her Etsy shop up for success using the tools they provide.
  • How Kara expanded her product offerings by listening to customer requests and feedback.
  • The schedule and routine she uses to keep up with the online demands and product creation side of the business with two young kids at home.
  • Why she started The Wedding Planning Podcast and how it helps her reach her target audience in a completely new way.
  • Her plans for growth and dealing with the capacity issues of a hand-made product.
  • Kara’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download the free PDF highlight reel from this episode.


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3 thoughts on “192: Starting an Ecommerce Empire on Etsy”

  1. Great interview! I have a friend who opened her Etsy business this week and I forwarded the episode to her; she already starting implementing some of the strategies Kara talks about.

  2. Such a great ep! Nick, every question I had in mind as you and Kara were talking was one you asked! And Kara – so many amazing, quick tips here that are super easy to implement and will certainly help anyone who has – or is thinking about opening – an Etsy shop or Shopify store. Thank you both so much for this!


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