52: How to Use Freelancing to Find Business Ideas (and Cold Showers to Find Yourself)

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This is the 52nd edition of the Side Hustle Show, and it’s a good one.

I’m joined by Nick Reese (nicholasreese.com), a serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, and sought-after business coach.

Nick reached out to me a couple months ago about recording a show, noting that many of the past episodes were “how to”-style shows and to see if we could do one more on mindset and the psychological side of entrepreneurship.

I reasoned I liked listening to the “how to”-style shows because I feel like I get some sort of actionable takeaway I can apply in my business, but was certainly open to a new angle. After all, trying new things is what got this podcast started in the first place!

But the funny thing is, we set out to record an episode on the mindset necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur, and I think we reached that goal, but along the way, Nick shared a fascinating way to build a lucrative side hustle by starting out freelancing.

You’ll have to listen in to see where it goes from there, but it’s good stuff!

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  • How Nick’s first 2 businesses in college failed, and why he kept pushing.
  • The business that took off, and the replicable lessons learned from it.
  • Why “disfunction represents opportunity.”
  • Why becoming hyper-specific in your service offering will help you more than it will hurt you.
  • How to turn freelancing into “paid scouting.”
  • What taking cold showers has to do with business.
  • Nick’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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OK, who’s willing to try the cold shower thing with me? Luckily it’s hot here in the summer!

And what do you think of Nick’s unique freelance –> business side hustle road map? Pretty slick, right? Curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “52: How to Use Freelancing to Find Business Ideas (and Cold Showers to Find Yourself)”

  1. I like the focus on becoming hyper-specific. In my IM business I am focused on Niche sites using Amazon Affiliates. In my offline biz, I focus my property and casualty agency on motorcycles to the point where I moved my office above one of the largest dealerships in New England! great show guys….

  2. Another fantastic episode Nick! I am up north in Canada and the winter weather would probably discourage me from the cold showers during that period but I’m in on the 30 day challenge now that temperatures are comfortable and climbing. Might just be that shake-up I need to get over the hump I’ve been experiencing over the last month or so… I’ve never been great with uncomfortable situations so it will be interesting to see how I respond to this one.

    Love the podcast and thanks to both Nick’s for my weekly dose of inspiration!

  3. Great, great episode. Thanks Nick and Nick. I’m on day 6 now – the water is ice cold here in Kyrgyzstan, espeically for this California native, but the experience has been amazing. Learning much about myself, and learning to push myself into the difficult, daily.

    And the autoresponder series is awesome. Everyone needs to give this a shot!


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