XM Radio Cancellation Scam: What Happened When I Tried to Cancel XM

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Satellite radio is an interesting business model.

They have extremely high overhead (satellites definitely aren’t cheap), but the marginal cost of additional customers is basically zero. Their satellites are already up there beaming signals down to earth; if the signal hits one receiver or a million, it’s all the same to them.

In December, mom gifted me an old XM radio receiver, and I signed up for the special they were running: 5 months for $20.

During my set-up call, I specifically asked not to be put on any sort of auto-renewal plan.

Fast forward 5 months. I check my credit card statement this week, and notice a $34 charge from XM. No email, no opt-in, no nothing.

That’s nice.

I like XM/Sirius. It just seems like an unnecessary luxury in a “rebuilding year” for the biz. I’ll miss my Radio Margaritaville but obviously I’ll survive.

I go to their website, create an account, and find out I’ve been auto-charged for a 3 month extension. Like any good company, there is no way to correct this online; you have to call them.

So I do.

I give the XM representative all my account information and verify my identity. She’s not a native English speaker but that’s fine; we’re communicating OK.

At some point I swear she says, “OK I’ve cancelled your account.” But then she explains she does not have the authority to cancel my account and must transfer me to someone higher up the food chain.


I prepare myself for the imminent sales pitch by the higher-paid, escalated XM phone representative.

She is a native English speaker, although with a certain dialect and attitude. If you’ve called them you know what I’m talking about. I ask her to cancel my account, and she counters with the familiar 5 months for $20 deal.

I say, “No, it’s fine, please just cancel my account.”

No rebuttal, just a standard, “Thanks for calling XM, have a nice day sir.”

That’s it?  Before I can get any sort of confirmation from her, she hangs up.

Seeking closure, I call back. I give all my information again to a new entry-level rep. I explain that his friendly co-worker had hung up on me before I could verify the account had been canceled, and he now informs me I am the proud owner of a new 5-month subscription.


She must have had selective hearing: “No, it’s fine, please just cancel my account.”

And while I guess “it’s fine” is technically an affirmative, everyone knows it still means “no thanks.”

The new rep doesn’t have the authority to correct this mistake (surprise!) so he transfers me upstairs.  Different escalated rep than before. Promises to have canceled the account for real this time and to have the money refunded to my credit card.

I ask for and receive a confirmation number. No email. By putting nothing in writing, XM always leaves themselves an out.

Reminds me of an email signature from an old Ford engineer: “Never write what you can say, and never say what you can imply.”

I’ll have to keep a close eye on my statement to see what happens.

But the moral of the story is if you want to save money on your XM satellite radio subscription, all you have to is call and try and cancel.  Since the incremental cost of keeping you as a customer is essentially $0, use that fact to negotiate a lower rate.  Even if you paid just a dollar a year, XM would probably be better off than if you canceled.  If their first offer was to go from $11/month to $4/month — a 60% discount — I wonder how low they would go if you pushed back!

UPDATE 6/2/10: XM has called me 12 times in the past week trying to win me back. They never leave a message. If you get a call from 888-245-4396, it’s XM! So desperate!

UPDATE 7/15/10: On July 2nd, XM sent me a “Last Chance Offer” via email for a 3 month, $4.99/mo subscription. Since then they’ve called me 13 times and never left a message. Why even pretend “Last chance” when we both know it isn’t true?

UPDATE 7/25/10: Today I received a “Very last chance!” email from XM. The offer remains the same; $4.99/mo for 3 months or $4/mo for 5 months. Thankfully the phone calls have stopped though. Knock on wood.

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77 thoughts on “XM Radio Cancellation Scam: What Happened When I Tried to Cancel XM”

  1. “XM Radio Cancellation Scam”

    Great post, I am about to cancell my XM radio because they did away with the only station I listen to (The Strobe) actually I joined XM just for that one station and now it is gone but your post has given me inside information on what to expect and how to deal with it.


  2. What is funny is how people are talking bad about XMon various boards. I have worked for them since 2008 and if you look online people are talking about how they were “tricked’ into a new contract. I know that isn’t legit as we never hold anyone to a contract, if you want to cancel all you have to do is call 1800xmradio and we are more than happy to cancel the service for anyone. All you have to do is take the couple mins. to ask.

    XM is the best co. BY A LONG SHOT that I have ever worked for, they are fair for their customers and to employees as well.

    Also, if anyone wants a promo all you do is ask us for one..that simple. Right now we offer 6 months for only 25.00 plus tax!! Seriously..what else is that cheap nowadays?

    • I called up four times to cancel. All four times, I was told that the subscription was cancelled. But, they kept charging me. So I got a lawyer and sued the fuck out of them. The company paid me $5000 in settlement to drop the case. My word of advice, i think everyone should start suing them and maybe doing more to the company. Just to force the company to comply to what the customers want.

      • Could you please give the contact info of the attorney that you used? I just lately traded in my car and started receiving messages(call, email) telling me that I signed up for SiriusXM. I told them not to bother me, and that I did not sign up for any trial, but they continue pushing it. I might use your attorney, or will find mine myself.

      • That’s awesome they said they’d give me 5.35 of a 17.70 7.02 charge wtf is that now I have to call them Monday I canceled it the day I got it because it wouldn’t work in my car they wanted me to use an aux cord which I’d just as soon use spotify!so what lawyer should I used? Lol

    • Well Danny, you are entitled to your opinion. I bought my new eep Grand Cherokee on Feb 5, 2018. If anyone mentioned the XM radio, I never took notice. When I drove home, I noticed the XM. It was on some kind of ad only channel (channel 1). I turned the dial, but it was stuck on 1, so I paid it no mind. I listed to FM.

      About three weeks later, I received the “welcome” letter that informed me that I had a free year subscription. I was not happy because I do not like my name and address passed to third parties.

      I only drive on weekends, and my Jeep gets parked underground. I had to call “listener care” every Saturday to “refresh” the radio or it would not get anything except channel 1. I kept this up for about a month before I had enough, and just started listening to FM only.

      I read about XM harassment, so I pulled the dash apart and disconnected the XM antenna. I deleted the radio from the account. I changed the account info to a fake address, phone, and name, to make it go away for good.

      Furthermore, I contacted Chrysler about removing the module from the radio, but they never called back.

      I would like my VIN number removed from the XM database. I do not trust them with my info. They can look up my name and address.

    • I have been on the phone for an hour and a half hung up call back again and online for another hour and a half this is not the best company this

      • I had the same issue. Were you ever able to get through? I have been trying to cancel my subscription for over a month and every time I call I have sat on the phone for over 3 hours before I finally give up. I still have not been able to get though.

        • I had the same issue they won’t answer the phone an I tried chat but was told I had to call. They kept billing after it was canceled

    • My message to SIRIUS?XM Management:
      “Dear SIRIUS/XM Management to the issue of why I shall never return as a customer and will shout from virtual web mountaintops to warn others of your sales/billing scam tactics.
      When starting service, I expressly stated that I wanted NO automatic billing to occur without my approval, requested that statements be submitted and I would decide at the end of my trial period if I would extend the service.
      This is why I did not provide billing information with no credit card on file.
      Imagine my surprise when a bill arrived reflecting a prior balance along with a proposed charge for future charges. I then went to my online account to cancel my subscription and found there is no option to do so. I then searched the FAQ and found a 800 number which was required to call in order to cancel my account.
      I suspected this was a strategic requirement so that SIRIUS/XM retention staff could convince me to remain a subscriber.
      First, I was submitted to an automated attendant interrogation which required authentication and responses to questions as to why I was calling.
      Upon processing my response to cancel my subscription, I found myself defending my cancelation decision to a computer voice that challenges my requests, asks why I am making the request, whether I have sold my vehicle and if I would be receptive to a better offer. Once I made it clear with my responses to the computer, I was passed to a live agent. This agent started the entire inquest all over again and had NO transfer of my prior responses and required that I answer the same questions all over again.
      Then the agent did a truly alarming act by offering a price that amounted to a 75% discount. Do you not see the insult embedded in this offer to customers who pay full price? Then I’m told that the agent lacks the ability to cancel my account and I was transferred to yet another agent and the entire explanation was required…again! The entire matter represents a scam and is shameful behavior. Goodbye SIRIUS/XM.”

      • Common practice with these types of vultures . Thats why they ask for cards , they will hold your card hostage and damage your banking account if you decide to quit paying .

    • No they charged my card without telling me and when I called to cancel they would only refund me 21$ not the full $ 26.70 that the got to charge me. Then here we go with all the last ditch effort to keep me with all the lower prices lol I said NO just cancel me. Finally after I had to just be rude and tell her do not offer me anything JUST CANCEL ME!!! They did. Now that I have read some of these reviews I’m going to call back and make sure I’ve been canceled.

    • Get real! I have talked at length to XM reps. They are instructed to “baffle the customer with bullshit”.
      Absolutely the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with,bar none.

    • Lies. Couple minutes. I just spent 2 hours. They argue for 20 to 30 minutes, then pass you to the next rep and it all starts over. Told me it can’t be done online for security reasons. I said netflix does it. They said, we just want to talk to you first. So they literally admitted to lying. “happy to cancel”!? Now I’m starting to think Siriusxm is worse than a bad business, it’s a cult.

    • I’ve been on the phone for an hour trying to cancel this terrible service and I keep getting the run-around. Good thing I’m patient and never give up. What a pile of crap this company is!!! I’m putting a Stop Payment on this account as backup since it’s such a shady company. Thanks for a heap of aggravation I didn’t need and a terrible experience with Sirius Radio.

    • Thats not ture. I have called them and canceled multiple times. This is the third month I just received another charge that I will have to claim fraud because your company will not cancel my subscription.

    • I have tried to cancel 4 times . And haven’t listened to xm in almost 3 yrs . Yet they continue billing me monthly.

      I switched my bank card and got a phone msg saying my payment is due.

      Then Dec statement comes an XM is still into my acct.

      If xm gets ambushed I applaud the person who does it. I’m about to lawyer up and sue.

    • Hmm. Obviously, I haven’t gotten you on my 5 calls to cancel this service. I even cancelled my credit card. Sirius may not be a scam, but they certainly run their business like they are one.

    • garbage. I have been dealing with them for over a month and still being charged. Phone or Chat agents, results the same. I still am told it’s canx but still being charged so no it’s not.

  3. Went through the same thing when I cancelled by xmradio…. took 4 calls to them, on the first 3 I was disconnected when they kicked me to someone who could help me to cancel. Really the most difficult thing I went though…… Note to Danni above, a great company would just allow you to cancel online as part of your account settings. You can activate a radio this way, seems to me that you should be able to de-activate the same way…. I will never do business with xm, I still get mailings from them 2 years later trying to get me back.

  4. I bought a used car in early December with an XM radio. The dealer told me I would need to subscribe as the original owner had used the free 3 month account. I signed up and now one month later I don’t find much use for XM radio and contacted SiriusXM to cancel. The first thing I see is that I was never charged the correct amount for service. I signed up for the $14.99 per month service, but I was billed 24.06 once, 48.99 another time, and then a credit for 24.99? Rather than get into the whole mess I just decided to go ahead with the cancellation. The guy tells me he can’t cancel my account because its a free trial activate4d by the dealer. I told him the car was 4 yeas old and that the original owner used the free trial SiriusXM offered through the dealership – I’m placed on hold for 5 minutes. Guy come back says he needs my card#. I give it to him and go on hold for another 5 minutes. Guy comes back again and says the account I started was cancelled by SiriusXM because there was a free trial available. I asked why they saw fit to cancel a standing account without contacting the account owner… on hold again. My good friend comes back on the line and says nothing about the account I consider to be my account. Only he can’t cancel a free trial. At this point I tell him I have been billed for my free trial, and that I want a credit. On hold again, after 5 minutes I put my phone on speaker and went about my day 10 minutes later the call disconnects. Call back, repeat… Very shady business practices. I will try having an attorney friend write a letter. If it works I’ll let everyone know.

    • Well let me tell you my story with Sirius XM radio I was completely treated rude drowned it out they wouldn’t listen to me saying I want to cancel kept giving me more and more offers till I finally had to put up with the guy drowning me out so when I call back to talk to a supervisor I got shipped around two or three calls till finally got on then he acts like he can’t hear me keep saying hello are you there when he clearly could hear me so I called back again because I’m relentless and I get another manager who pretty much tells me well there’s nothing really I can do and I can’t give you his name or his ID number wow surprise there huh yeah anybody who’s trying to hook up to Sirius XM radio you’re a fool they will charge Your card without you knowing about it and then when you call to cancel will give you the most rude treatment you’ve ever experienced which causes you just to be rude back because they say it’s being recorded I sure hope so. Sincerely one mad ex customer of Sirius XM radio.

  5. I agree. Trying to cancel XM is a nightmare. I had it for the introductory period with a new car. News flash, they kept billing me even though I called to cancel and they discontinued the signal. They told me it was my fault for not calling back a second time to make sure. They kept trying to talk me down to a lower price to keep it even though I hadn’t been able to use it for months. I’ve gone ahead and lodged a complaint with the BBB.

    Danni – stop drinking the kool-aid. You sound like an XM ad.

    • Same thing happened to me. They told me it was cancelled then shut my radio down, but proceeded to keep charging me for a year. I didn’t notice because my debit card had been cancelled, but they started charging my credit card which I have on autopay. I was livid. I couldn’t get my money back because its impossible to prove that my radio was deactivated, but they did give me 6 months for free.

  6. I had the same experience with XM. We cancelled service back in December or 2011 and recently received a call about our ‘past due account’ from someone at their call center in the Phillipines. I went through 6 different operators, asked for a supervisor (there are apparently no supervisors available, ever). Supposedly I was finally given a seven digit ‘confirmation number’ that means I am really cancelled this time. Somehow I have a feeling that I’ll be hearing from them again.

    XM is a sleazy bunch of liars who employ a call center in the Phillipines, where telling a lie is considered to be good manners if you are doing it to not upset someone. Perfect, an entire phone bank of people who have spent their whole life lying to people as a cultural norm.

    Danni is obviously an XM shill who has been tasked with searching out the negative posts.

  7. Have been a subsciber for 8 years.
    Always have to do dog and pony show to get good price.
    I hardly ever listen, but on long trips. Price went up to $25 for 5mos about 6mos ago. Don’t know if they will go lower. Every 5mos I think about cancelling and of course you have to call at or before the 5 mos or your automatically screwed at full price. Will for sure cancel next time if price goes up. Product is great, just not really worth it for me. Especially without football games! (except at an extra charge)

  8. i bought a 2010 silverado 5 months ago and was given a free 3 month subscription of sirius xm radio. sirius called me to let me know that the service had been turned on for 3 months free of charge but wanted my address and also wanted a credit card number. i told them since it was a free subscription i would not give them a card number. the service went off in 3 months and i get letters from them almost daily and at least 2 phone calls daily. i ignore the letters and put their phone number on my reject list. they have no credit card to cherge the service to…hahaha they didn’t get me into their trap..lmao

  9. I got a charge from Sirius xm for $233 I never gave them my new credit card number I would like to know how they got my new credit card number being I did not give it to them so my belief is they had to hack my card number somehow now this is really bad I don’t have the money to pay my bills for the month due to the unexpected charge I received I plan on pursuing this to the full extent of the law the action they committed is theft anyway you look at it

  10. I can see from the comments here I am not alone, but I will add my 2 cents worth. I purchased a used truck in March 2017 from a dealer. I knew it had a Sirius radio in it, but assumed any free trial would have been used up by the original owner. The dealer made no mention of a free trial. Fast forward to July. I receive a postcard in the mail offering a free 90-day trial to Sirius. I tossed the card, but then thinking it over, I thought, “Hey, what could it hurt, right?” Too bad I didn’t know the answer to that question at the time. So I call Sirius and ask about the free trial offer. They are currently offering a free 60-day trial, but I tell the salesperson about the postcard and she says she will look into it. She puts me on hold, then she comes back and says, yes, I can get that trial. Keep in mind, I had a poor connection — sounded like the call was being routed overseas somewhere, and while she spoke English, it was obviously at best a 2nd language. Thick accent, and I was definitely having trouble hearing her. So she puts me hold after getting the radio number, and she comes back and asked for my credit card information. I asked, “For a FREE trial?” Yes, well the only way to get a free trial is if you sign up, ahead of time, to be billed for the follow-on subscription. And I could do that for the amazing price of — and it was over $240 — for a year of service in advance. I asked about a more affordable option, and she came up with the Select package for $200 for the year. I asked, so as long as I cancel this before the end of the free trial period, then there would be no charge, right? Right! And what date would the free trial period expire? Well, 90 days from today’s date (which was August 3, 2017. So I put it on my calendar to make the call before October 31st, knowing I couldn’t really justify the expense of even their cheapest package.

    And I have been enjoying the service. I mainly only use it when I’m travelling cross-country, but for that, it’s great. I thought I was also receiving the trial for online streaming, but no, that’s another $4 a month(!)

    But to my surprise, on October 10th, fully 3 weeks before the free trial was supposed to end, my credit card gets charged $200.34. So because I don’t want to try to iron this out over an international phone call with a person I can barely understand, I decide to go to their website and see if they offer a chat session. Yes, they do. I give the person/automaton the information asked for, which includes the year, make and model of the vehicle and the date purchased. I gave them everything except date of purchase which I had to check the registration to confirm. I told them I placed the order with them on August 3rd — and I have a confirmation email to prove it. At first he says he will refund the credit card charge and extend my free trial to the full 90 days. I ask him for a confirmation number on the refund. He says he will process it — just give him 3 minutes. Ha!

    After waiting another 10 minutes, he comes back and says he is unable to extend the free trial because it expired on October 10th. He says the dealer started it on July 10th. I replied the dealer didn’t own the vehicle then because we bought it on March 20th. Then he accused me of having told him earlier we bought the vehicle on August 3rd, which didn’t match their records. I said, no, we placed the phone order with Sirius on August 3rd. By this time, my patience was worn out. I said, okay, I’ll give up 3 weeks on my free trial – just process the refund, please.

    He now says his supervisor will have to approve that(!) More holding time. The supervisor finally comes on and says they can’t extend the trial, but she will credit my account for 1-month of service. I say (because I’m done with them at this point), please just refund the credit charge in full. She refunds $195 of the $200 charge (she says – yet to be confirmed). I ask why not the full $200. The difference, she says, is in “services used”. The only thing I can figure is they were charging me (even though she said there would be no charge for the 1-month extension because of the credit on my account) for the 9 days between October 10th, when they say the trial expired, and today’s date of October 19th.

    So, I figure, okay, I’m getting another month’s service for $5. I should have just insisted on a full refund on the credit card and to be done with them for good. But I bit, and said okay. So they had to “cancel the radio” and then “restart the radio” on a monthly plan. No telling yet whether it even still works. After reading comments on here, I have my doubts.

    I agree with the OP in that theirs is a business with VERY high overhead. But their monthly charges for the services delivered are exhorbitantly high — that is, for anyone who actually pays retail. But lying to customers is something I just can’t abide by. My thoughts are, look, no one forced you to offer a 90-day free trial. So if you’re going to offer it, then deliver it. Don’t play these games with me. Their total business model, as far as what I can see, is upsell, upsell, upsell.

    And in terms of Sales and Customer Service, promise the moon, and deliver only what they’re forced to.

    Shady business practices just don’t cut it with me. I’d rather forgo the nice product when I have to buy it from a shady salesman.

  11. Here’s a bizarre one…

    Today I received a piece of forwarded mail from my parents, down in Florida. I live in Massachusetts. The letter, addressed to me at *their* address, informed me that my SiriusXM trial account was about to expire, on March 27. They mentioned that this was for the account in the 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

    That’s interesting. Neither my parents nor I own a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, and I don’t live in Florida, nor have I ever signed up for SiriusXM, trial or otherwise.

    So I called the 1-855-305-6067 number, and after the first operator determined this was beyond her level, I was transferred to “Sam.” Sam didn’t understand how this could have happened. I asked him if the Radio ID (ESN) 075272820022 was being used. He said no, but he had a VIN number. Bloody hell! And he gave it to me! 3LN6L5MU2HR640813, which, as it turns out, is indeed a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.


    So, I printed up the VIN report, made a copy of the Expiration Letter, and popped off to my local Police Department. This smelled like an early foray into Identity Theft.

    The detective I spoke to asked me twice to confirm whether any money had been taken. I said no. Nor my parents, as far as they can tell. He said he’d look into the VIN, and if he found anything interesting he’d give me a call. He also said I should call them back and have the account shut down, and make sure they didn’t have my SSN on file.

    I called back and spoke with “Chris”, who was very nice. He had no idea how this happened. He told me they didn’t have my phone number, or email, or credit card info on file. They had nothing. He confirmed that the radio had been deactivated, and when I asked him if I could shut down my account, he said he wasn’t sure. He knew that the radio could be shut down, but wasn’t sure about the account itself. He then asked if he could put me on hold while he asked the “back office.”

    While I was on hold I paid the $6.99 for the VIN report (see link above) and found that it hit the system on 3/2/2017 in New Mexico with 2 miles on it (new car). On 3/30/2017 it shows up again in NM with 206 miles. The third and last time it shows up is still in New Mexico on 12/5/2017, now with 4,756 miles on the odometer. That’s it. I asked “Chris” when the account had first been set up. September 27, 2017. March 27 is the end of the free six-month trial period.

    Curious. Apparently, a brand new high-end vehicle is bought by a dealer in New Mexico on 3/2/17 at which point it enters the VIN database. It shows up again on 3/30/17 for some reason with 206 miles on it (perhaps this is when it was sold?), then shows up one more time on 12/5/17, still in NM. And somehow the radio in that car winds up with a SirusXM account, started on 9/27/17 with my name and my parent’s street address.

    I asked “Chris” if he could mention this to his supervisor, and he offered to connect me instead. I spoke with “Alex” who listened to my story (essentially what I’ve written above) and he told me he was going to write a report about it and submit it further up the chain. And then he said, “Don’t worry Michael. You’re not being taken for granted. You’re being heard.”

    Well, that was unexpected.

    I said “Alex, I normally wouldn’t take the time to deal with this, but it worries me that my Massachusetts name and my parents Florida address were used to set up a trial account on SiriusXM for a car that was sold in New Mexico. I mean, how does that happen? It can’t be a mistake. It’s quite possible it’s fraud.”

    Alex agreed and said he’d pursue it.

  12. 2019 and their business practices are still just as scummy. After getting disconnected by the second guy, I just filed a BBB complaint.

  13. I just bought a new 2019 dodge ram. It comes with a free 1 yr “free Sirius radio subscription”, and they have called my phone number so many times trying to sell me the subscription that i now have three(3) different phone numbers from them blocked on my phone…and they don’t call just in the day,…no, they call anytime..i’m about sleeping and they call or in the morning….never the same person…Bloody Hell….my kids don’t call nag like they do….

  14. My 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee came with one free year of SXM. I got frustrated with them only two months into it. I told them to shut it off (they did not argue). I logged onto their web site and used my info to create an account. I then changed all the info to fake data (email, phone, home address, name). I pulled the yellow connector from the back of the radio. That disabled the damn pop up messages. FM still works fine.
    It has been a year since I did the above, and have not heard from them.

  15. I have always gotten the lowest price from xm radio. I have never paid their posted price or the price they quote on the phone. Lowest I can get them for a 1 year service with all the bells and whistles is $99. It started at $257. They have nothing to lose by keeping you for a lower price. If they lose you.. that’s $0 they get from you. If they offer you something, it’s something they are at least getting! Use the right reasons and stand firm… They will give in, not you.

  16. Whatever you do do not open the email about a free extra radio. I did and it immediately signed me up for a 6 month extension. Sorry I will signup if I want I don’t want some algorithm activating for opening an email. Neat scam and then of course you can’t cancel on line you have to call 8 to 10 Monday thru Friday and it is obviously Indian operator with British pronunciations, she dropped the typical vowels so communications were difficult.

  17. I just got scammed by SiriusXM. They gave me the pitch after my subscription was about to end…I said i dont listen to it really maybe one channel so cost wasnt worth it. They said they would extend the trial for a one time payment so i can test out morr since i really never paid mind to it. That one time payment to extend turned into a renewal of a flex rate that will come out to be more money than the year subscription originally offered to me that I said was to much for what I would ever use! Never did I give permission to renew or charge me this crazy amount! They only had my card info for the one time payment for the 3month trial extension. Scam scam. Of course the person I talked to said he cant cancel it and the people who can wont be back in office until Monday because of thanksgiving coming up. Over a stupid amount of money for a renewal on a package I didnt ask for they lost a customer forever…because if they would of offered me the one package i saw online just now for 8$ a month I would of maybe thought of it considering they just took 58$ debit from me for barely anytime I could have gotten almost a year already. I never signed up for online account never streamed anything was just turn car on most the time i listened to 93.3 free radio! such a scam bad business for them to squeeze however many more months they can get out of a person before they notice the charges for extra $$ versus good business that could have gained a long time customer. tisk tisk

  18. I just spent 25 minutes on the phone with Sirius, trying to cancel the subscription on Sirius for a car that my 91 year-old father had sold. He has dementia and no longer drives. When they finally comprehended that yes, indeed, we did want to cancel the service, they transferred me to someone else whose job it was to convince me to subscribe to Sirius for my “new car,” as though I were buying one. Sirius makes it easy to subscribe, but virtually impossible to cancel. Indeed, it is a trap.

    • Same experience here. Constant transfers and tell me they cannot cancel at this time due to “system issues” and to call another number. The new number I call then tells me to call another number…. After calling four numbers and 1 hour 45 minutes later, I am told the offices are now closed.

  19. Same deal with me, shady sales people. Ask to speak to the manager immediately so you can avoid the sales pitch. Get a confirmation number and confirm that you will not be billed. Also say you are recording the conversation and do record it.

  20. Sirius is horrible. Both my wife and I have had these same problems: getting billed as soon as trial period started; long time on phone insisting on cancellation and ignored; and, being hung up on. My advice is to stay away from this company unless you want serious aggravation. I think I might sue too as one person did.

  21. After reading these posts I was a little concerned about the time and effort it would take to cancel my Sirius subscription (and my wife’s). However I got through to the correct person the first time in about 30 seconds (no long wait, transfers,call backs, or hang ups). The guy was very nice that I talked to. He did offer a very good deal to stay on (like the original post said… they already paid for the satellite so even a dollar a month is worth it to them), but I said no thank you and he cancelled my subscription right away. The total time I was on the phone was less than ten minutes, I got the cancellation taken care of with a confirmation email that came shortly after. I am not sure if I got lucky or what, but I did not have any of these problems that people are talking about on this blog.

    • Damon, What Number did you call?
      Here is my story and why I am here. 10 years ago I bought a truck with XM. For those ten years I never heard anything from them and the radio just worked! I have gotten used to listing to several different stations. Now I just bought a new car with SiriusXM and this thread is very concerning!

    • I hope that your account did in fact get cancelled, but I would recommend confirming that your subscription actually got cancelled. I had cancelled my account and didn’t expect to keep getting charged, but I did. For anyone else reading this, here is what happened to me:

      I cancelled my subscription in January 2021 and received a confirmation email identifying the effective date as the date that I cancelled it and I was provided a cancellation confirmation number. Based on this, my expectation would be that my account would be cancelled and that I would no longer be charged. This month rolls around (February 2021) and I got charged again, so I chatted with a rep thinking it would be a quick refund because I have a confirmation email along with a confirmation number for same. NOPE! They claim they have no record of the cancellation. Kind of odd since they sent me the confirmation, but I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal since I had a copy of it, so I sent them a copy thinking that would clear everything up on their end. After I send it to them they acknowledge the cancellation confirmation, but they claim that it’s for April 2022. What?!?! I literally have written confirmation from Sirius XM that the cancellation date was effective last month (it says “Effective Date”) and the email even reads “Confirmation of Cancellation of Your SiriusXM Service”. That’s honestly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of and I must admit, that takes shady and unethical to a whole other level. Getting a refund was only part of the battle, the other part was getting them to actually agree to cancel my account because they kept insisting that I was subscribed until April 2022, but that they would work with me on lowering my plan. I never signed a contract and I cancelled the service, which I have record of, so why would I want to continue service to April 2022? After chatting with them for over an hour, I was able to get them to refund me for one month and I have written confirmation yet again that my account is cancelled. Obviously, I can’t trust them, so I’ll have to check back in 3-5 days to confirm cancellation and it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens again. Like others have said, they save your payment information and continue to charge your card and I can’t find a way to delete it from the account to prevent ongoing charges. This is truly a company that scams people and has made a business out of doing so.

      • We went as far as calling the credit card company and claiming g we lost the card to get the old one cancelled and a new number started. We didn’t know it at the time, but the credit card company will actually tell Sirius what the new number is! Had to call the cc company again and explain that Sirius is refusing to cancel. What a mess! Hopefully, it is now cancelled.

  22. I just had a similar experience. After being transferred a number of times, getting put on hold, giving all my information over and over again I simply started yelling as loud as I could “cancel my account….cancel it….cancel it” dozens and dozens of times ….
    I may have thrown in the F word a few times….The guy said it was cancelled but I’ll believe that when I see my next credit card statement. As soon as I hung up from the guy they called back using a different number and it was one of the people who had put me on hold a few calls ago. I lost my effing mind. Never have I seen worse behaviour from a company. …not even close.

  23. Kudos to all who successfullly cancel. I experienced the same issues a few days ago. It truly is one of the most blatant examples of a shady company. You can sign up in 2 minutes…atleast 30 to cancel. Heard all the excuses, but the best was when I asked very pointedly, why it takes so long for a simple cancellation. I was told that sirius xm has a new computer system, and that’s the reason……( Oh sure…liar) We all need to become town criers to get the word out to the general public on just how sleazy sirius xm is. Perhaps we can shame them into running a more respectable business.

  24. Just had a long conversation with an “agent” about a 12 month offer they were providing, they refused to honor it without a credit card, which they were not getting. They said they would use my gift cards but keep the credit card on file. These people put the scum in pondscum. I don’t know how this company can survive with such dishonorable tactics. My next vehicle will not have a radio with their service. the android app will work just fine for me with spotify or some other service if that gets bad

  25. I just received a deal offer in the mail to sign up for 12 months for $5.00 a month. It says I can cancel at any time to avoid the higher monthly cost after 12 months. After reading these comments, there is NO way I am going to fall for the scam.

  26. Same here. I bought a new car and tried to transfer the old plan to the new car. Simple, right? Not so fast … at first I tried on-line; the system “could not process my request”. So I called – on hold for about 20 minutes. The first representative I spoke to, in the typical telemarketer style (“thank you for being patient, I can help you with that”) we all know so well, involving multiple unnecessary steps, finally agreed to transfer my credit balance from the old car to my new car. At the end of the free 3-month trial I wanted my old plan to continue on my new car. She read me a text quoting a monthly rate, and at the end she said: “Do you agree to all the conditions?” I said: “Wait a minute – this is 35 % more than what I currently pay”. She at first denied that, until I did the math with her – at that point she agreed that this was going to be an “All Access” plan, as opposed to the “Select” plan I had been on before. I said: “I want my old plan, not a new more expensive plan!” She said she had to transfer me to a “supervisor”. On hold again … finally “Kevin” (LOL) came on. Interestingly, he said since I am on a trial period, he can not add a follow-up plan to my old car, and I have to call back at the end of my trial ?? So one representative tells me a follow-up plan can be added (as long as I pay 35 % more); the other one tells me a follow-up plan can not be added? Who am I to believe? One thing is for sure – I am NOT calling at the end of my trial period … Sirius XM just lost another customer. How can this even be legal? I’m sure it’s not.

  27. I had a free year of Sirius with a new car I bought. Just before the year was up I called to cancel and then went through the various discount offers, etc. Finally I agreed to a $6/month offer but I told her that I take my car (Camaro SS) off of insurance for 3 months a year and keep it in the garage. She said no problem we will not charge you for those 3 months (they didn’t) but call us after the 3 months and we will turn it back on. I called on April 3, 2020 to ask them to turn it on. Not only did they not turn it on the monthly charge went to over $13. I called them multiple times and waited and waited until someone answered. They said they would make it right, etc…

    Nothing happened so today 12/15/2020 I called to cancel but they were so busy they said I could chat so I said okay. The chat began at 11:16 EST and ended at 2:18 EST.

    They made me so many offers that I thought the next offer was going to be their next born child. I was so frustrated at this point that any offer was going to be the same response I was saying, “no thanks, please cancel my subscription”.

    Finally I received an official text with my Radio ID # and the cancellation number. This company is unbelievable.

  28. Beware, I received an email yesterday that my automatic annual subscription is coming up to be withdrawn from my account. They had a number to call to call if you want to cancel service. So I called the number. After going through all the prompts (reasons for my call), I chose the option to cancel, the robot said I have to cancel through text and asked for my cell number. I immediately got a text asking why I reached out? Again, I responded via this text that I want to cancel. Immediately I get a response that they have to escalate me to another representative. So, I get a text from “Homer.” I again texted that I want to cancel. Every response from “Homer” started with “I understand.” Then the questions…after every time I said cancel…why I want to cancel, what do I think of their services, do I use their streaming service, what’s my favorite channels…on and on.

    I continued to copy and paste the same response to each of his questions: “Cancel my subscription immediately and send me confirmation now!”

    After the first couple of “Homer” responses, I figured that “Homer” was a robot.

    Exasperated and now beyond angry, I called the 888 number again and when prompted to choose why I was calling this time, I replied “Customer Service”. Finally I get a foreigner on the line. I told her why I was calling, gave her every bit of information (same as gave to my buddy “Homer”. The line was terribly staticky; I’m sure that was ploy to either drive me out of my mind or frustrate me to the point of giving up. I asked her if she was a real person or a robot. I couldn’t understand her heavy accent coupled with the static. She kept going on with the pushy questions trying to talk me out of cancelling. I finally asked repeatedly for an American that speaks English. After being put on hold for maybe awhile, a real live American got on the phone. Boy, that poor gal got a real tongue lashing. She cancelled my subscriptions and gave me confirmation numbers. She said it will take five days to get an email confirming I’m cancelled. Let’s see if that comes through.

    Is Sirius XM that desperate to not understand that no means no?

    And, oh by the way, she told me I can’t cancel via text or email. So why was I required to have a text conversation with “Homer” the robot? She didn’t respond.

    Moral of the story, call and request customer service. Don’t bite on the scam to be required to cancel only through text.

    Pissed off in Michigan

  29. When I sign up for something online I use a visa gift card with a fixed amount. The card is empty by the renewal time. If I wish to continue the service I then decide if I want to use another gift card or my real card.

  30. THANK YOU ALL! I really appreciate this post and all the comments since I was considering a SiriusXM subscription. Now I know to pay with a GreenDot card or Visa Gift card if I decide to try a 3- or 5-month subscription. They would be in for a rude awakening if they tried to renew without my permission! lol

  31. Wow! Sirius hasn’t changed in all these years. Just read through posts from 2010 and nothing has changed. Beware! Even after you cancel, you should check your credit card bill b/c they didn’t actually put through my requested cancellation but renewed service at the highest rate. After 2 phone calls and speaking to a “supervisor,” my service was finally cancelled and my credit card refunded. Won’t be doing business with SiriusXM anymore!

  32. Yesterday, I attempted a “chat” to cancel my auto-renewal that was up in April. After repeatedly refusing the promotions, and explaining that I just wanted to cancel once my pre-paid subscription was up, I ended the chat to pick up my daughter from school. While at the school (about 5 minutes after the chat), my SiriusXM radio went to the Channel 1 “Subscribe Today” channel. So when I returned home, I called. Due to long wait times, I opted for the “chat now via text” option to have the conversation recorded in chats as well. I did take one of their offers for a one-year subscription for $58.31 after taxes, fees, credits, etc. that would extend through 2/1/22. This morning, I notice not only the accepted charge, but another charge (and email) that stated I subscribed to a $53.51 basic plan for 3 months! I never agreed to any of that plan or charge! Plus, my radio is still “stuck” on the “subscribe Today” channel. I will definitely be disputing the charges!

  33. We got a new car that came with SiriusXM, we liked it so when the time came up and we cancelled and they gave us 3 months for $6, we took it. They had the wrong car attached to our account so they had to spend forever “correcting” that. After she got my card information but before activating the subscription, the call was dropped. I tried calling back but couldn’t reach anyone, it never showed up on my credit card statement and it never worked in the car, so we just figured no more SiriusXM no big deal. Now every 3 months we have to spend an hour with them on the phone because we receive bills for it saying our card was declined and we owe $30 and the card they have on record belongs to someone I’ve never heard of.

    They “cancel” it every time but they refuse to send email confirmations or letters. It’s insane, I ended up googling this to see if there’s something we can do besides waste our time every 3 months.

  34. Canceled my subscription today — it took about 20 minutes using the “chat” feature online. The agent offered me multiple “special offers,” and I kept turning them down (how many times can you say “no, thank you?”). Long story short — asking to speak to their supervisor (2 x) got the agent’s attention. The extra $24.05 they tacked on was reversed and I paid $2.13 for using the service today (it seemed fair, since I’ve been on a road trip and listened to their stations a lot today and the renewal date was today). I’ll go back and look at the account in a few weeks to make sure all is well. Good luck all!

  35. Had it free first year if Ford then renewed at $99/yr. Every renewal I have to haggle but do get same rate. Love my 3 stations and listening while walking too on iPhone

  36. I’ve had XM and then SiriusXM for years but Opie and Anthony are gone and the Stern Show is just terrible now with them all broadcasting from home. I find myself just listening to old OnA and Stern shows on YouTube now so I cancelled SXM. You can at least now do it through chat. I told her I’m very busy, please do not offer me any deals to stay, please just cancel my account immediately. Thanks. She amazingly listened not offering me one deal to keep me, took some info and canceled my sub. Got an email confirmation that its been cancelled.

    Funny thing is almost 2 weeks later I put on SXM and all the channels still work. Its the first time I’ve turned on SXM since the cancelation. I wonder if there’s some kill signal they send and the radio needs to be on or else the kill signal expires and you still get the signal.

    Same thing happened years ago. I cancelled my Sirius account (when i had both XM and Sirius), never turned my portable unit on, threw it in a closet…years later cleaning closets out I found the unit, plugged it in for shits and gigs and it still was receiving a signal and all the channels worked!

    Anywho, YouTube Vanced on Android has been keeping me happy in my car and I don’t even care about not having satellite anymore. #CoolStoryBro

  37. I leased a car in 2016 with a free trial of Sirius XM and promptly called to cancel the account because I didn’t want the service. Months later when I realized they were somehow billing me without my ever signing up I called to cancel service. Then again. Sold the car two years later and just last week, I got a notice that Sirius needed me to update my payment information. So I called and they told me the account was never canceled, though I had been assured it was, and then asked for a new card number so they could bill the final payment of $12. I just kept repeating that I never had the service, never signed up and was assured my free trial was canceled in 2016. Not even sure how they got a card number unless maybe from the car dealer?!? I did not give them another card to bill indefinitely, of course. This service is just ridiculous.

  38. It’s SUPER fun to be charged a late fee before you restart your service. I had a year subscription that lapsed because you know, keeping power on and your kids fed is slightly more important than paying for something you use at most 30 minutes a day. Before I restarted my service, I saw a $28 charge on my account and figured that was for my subscription renewal. Went through and renewed my subscription. The next day, I saw the charge for the renewal…which was less than the first charge…which now that I think about it….I’m a little disturbed how that charge was even there considering they had my old card number and not my new one…

    Ended up canceling my service because it isn’t THAT important and not happy about this late fee. In the past, I had never been charged a late fee.. What if I just didn’t want the service anymore and let it run out? Fuck Sirius.

  39. If you buy a car that comes with a trial subscription and you don’t intend to renew, then do not provide a credit card number to SiriusXM. If you don’t provide a credit card and they somehow get your card number and bill you, call your bank to report fraud and if necessary, cancel your card and get a new one. I have purchased 3 new cars over the last 15 years, each came with a trial subscription and endless emails and letters trying to get me to sign up. I only listened to 3 stations whose genre is easily available on FM radio. I’m not going to read the fine print to learn what I have to do to cancel. I’m not going to pay for Howard Stern to be rich. I’m not going to buy music from or listen to Joe Bonamassa or any other artist who becomes a DJ for them. NEVER EVER GIVE SIRIUSXM YOUR CREDIT CARD OR ANY OTHER MEANS TO CHARGE TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT !

  40. My wife bought a car in May, and enjoyed the first free three months of SiriusXM. Meanwhile, her card was compromised and she received a new one from the bank.
    After the trial the car radio didn’t receive SiriusXM anymore. So she renewed online (she thought), and the plan included streaming to an internet-connected device. But the car radio didn’t work, and she began receiving promotions to renew her subscription again. So we thought okay, maybe the first attempt didn’t take and we’d try it again. After all, they wouldn’t duplicate service for the same vehicle, right?
    Well two months later her streaming stopped and her app said it was because the account was overdue. But they had been taking monthly payments from her card. After an hour with three reps, it turned out she did have two separate accounts, one for the vehicle and another for “Premium” streaming where you can listen on several devices at a time, and the card information for that one had expired. And the was a $70 fee to cancel, plus the overdue months. After asking the rep to cancel both accounts, his supervisor waived the $70 fee if we kept the account for the car.
    I believe their website is purposely misleading, even predatory. There is no mention of the free streaming to one device. If you select “add streaming”, you are directed to a preselected option for premium streaming.

  41. I sure wish that I had read these horror stories before I signed up… I am now ‘paying the price’ (no pun intended.) I have called 4 times to cancel, and have run into the same problems (can’t understand the foreigner who answered the phone, bad connections, trying to talk me out of canceling, put me on hold (a lot!) Repeatedly asked me to confirm my telephone number and then said they had no record of that phone # or my account, but then, minutes later, they did. (Lies…) It’s so very frustrating to have to call repeatedly and still, they refuse to comply. And then they keep billing you! Yes, it IS a SCAM. Please don’t fall victim to it, it’s just not worth the frustration or the money.

  42. I’ll add my recent experience with SiriusXM, to this collection of what appears to be a number of unhappy customers….

    My wife’s new 2020 car came with the usual “1 year free subscription” to their service. Yes, after the year was up, we renewed for another year, as they offered a good rate. Like many of the folks here have stated, I did NOT give them a credit card number for “automatic renewal” purposes.

    The year’s subscription expired about 8 weeks ago, and we get a call from them, wanting billing information, using a little trickery, by saying that the card number you gave us no longer works, hoping I’d foolishly blurt out the card number….No kidding, I didn’t give you a card number to begin with. At that point, I told this person, who, again as others have mentioned, does NOT speak good English, and is barely understandable.

    She tells me (I think) that she’ll cancel the account, but I owe them $20, for the month’s service that was provided, while they tried to locate me, and bill me. Grudgingly, I agreed to pay the $20, just to make them go away, and I was assured that all was done. I even went out to the garage, got into the car, turned on the radio, and verified that the XM signal was no longer being received. 3 days ago, my wife says that she answered a couple of calls, but nobody was there. Last evening, another one of the calls came, and I recognized the called ID….it was Sirius…..wanting more money.

    This rep, again, said the credit card number on file was not valid, etc, etc. Now I’m MAD, and I lost my cool. I told him that there never was a credit card supplied, and furthermore, I cancelled the account a month prior. I was literally screaming into the phone! My wife was on the second floor of the house, and came downstairs, thinking I was having some sort of convulsions, I was hollering that loudly, into the phone.

    Bottom line, I was finally able to get them to understand that we no longer wanted their service. I received an e-mail from them an hour ago, which acknowledged this termination. But guess what….the bas**rds stuck another $20 fee on to it, for the month of service that we didn’t get. May they rot in hell, and later today, I’m terminating their service on my car…….

  43. The 1800 number that is attached to my 27.91 deducted amount says it’s from siriusxm….Yet when I call it’s automatic voice with an offer for a medical alert It’s basically a recorded message and Scam. So I will wait till it clears then I will call the bank and get my money 27.91 back then blocked from any further deductions…Just call your credit company and or bank and dispute the fradulent charge…

  44. I just got through canceling my subscription today. According to the transcript I printed out, it took me 28 minutes to finally get a confirmation number for my cancellation. I kept getting offers and more offers and I finally said I’m reporting Sirius as a fraud to my credit card company. They finally ended up and I was cancelled (I hope).

  45. By the way, I used the chat service and did not call them. That way I was able to print a time stamped chat transcript of what happened and the confirmation on the cancellation was in the transcript

  46. Called today to cancel – waited on hold for the cancellation department. When I spoke with the rep and cancelled I explained that I did not realize the free trial rolled over to a paid account unless I cancelled – I assumed I had to take some action to subscribe…….he was surprisingly good. He cancelled the account and credited back the full amount that was owing. The process took 35 minutes. He did give me a cancellation number and said it would also be e-mailed. I haven’t got the email yet but after reading all the troubles here guess I expected the worst instead I’m feeling pretty good about the experience. Good luck to everyone .

    • It’s terrible trying to cancel them. I’ve been trying for a month, told it’s canx still get charged. Even had a BBB opened and told it was handled. So I close the BBB, and look today and have been charged a few days prior >.< I have tried chat agents and calling. But the chats and emails I have saved if I need them. So frustrating. Shouldn't be so difficult to cancel a subscription to anything.


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