253: Your Escape Plan: How to Make Early “Retirement” a Reality

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Quit my job? “That’s stupid,” Kim Anderson told her husband, Cressel.

But she eventually did quit, and it turned out to be a really smart move. Together the couple paid off $93k in debt in less than 2 years, setting themselves up for a life of “financial flexibility.”

They did it through a combination of conscious spending, creative side hustles, and having a clear goal in mind. And perhaps what’s more exciting is what that new time freedom has allowed: starting a family, starting new businesses, and most recently even “retiring” Cressel from his engineering job.

In this inspiring episode, Kim and Cressel break down their path to getting out of the rat race, which I think will get your gears turning on how to do the same.

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  • How Kim and Cressel strategically attacked their debt in an all-out sprint.
  • The side hustles they used to make extra money.
  • What it felt like to pay off their house and become debt-free.
  • The origin story behind Kim’s blog and her driving motivation in growing it.
  • When they felt comfortable with Cressel walking away from his engineering career.
  • What they’re working on now.
  • Kim and Cressel’s #1 tips for Side Hustle Nation.


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4 thoughts on “253: Your Escape Plan: How to Make Early “Retirement” a Reality”

  1. Thanks Nick. Loved this episode! There were a lot of parallels with Kim & Cressel and our family. We live in NC and we had twins when our oldest daughter was almost 5 years old. Thanks for sharing their story! They are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others.

  2. How do people deal with Health Insurance who retire early or freelance? It’s a conundrum of mine.
    I currently work full time and have great health insurance, but would like to have options to work independently.

  3. There’s tons of sleazy employers throughout America that are too lazy to boost their corporate morale and treat their employees like civilized humans. Instead, they secretly talk dirty to them, threaten them to sign contracts that go against their will in order for them to keep their job or face termination, threaten them, create enmity between a targeted employee who stands up for themselves against a narcissist employer and causes enmity between the employee and co-workers, and refuses to give them a decent raise. Those kinds of employment narcissists don’t want you to retire. They want to enslave you and keep you on slave hourly wages so they can keep you coming back to work and relying on the next paycheck.

    The good news is, the side hustle liberate anyone from that. You don’t have to worry about retirement because they potential to earn large sums of money from side hustling online far outweighs working for a lazy and narcissist employer who is secretly using pride and greed to get over on employees while they do all the work and the employer sits back and collects money and takes all the credit. And besides, when the side hustle starts paying good money after quality time invested in it, who would want to retire from running your own side hustle business?


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