Beyond $5: 5 Fiverr Gigs with High Average Order Values

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Fiverr may have started as the $5 marketplace, but savvy sellers know there’s potential for much higher earnings on the platform.

These opportunities come in the form of gig extras (upsells), multiple orders, and their new custom offer tool. With the custom offer tool, you can now actually make sales up to $10,000, as AnarchoFighter shared earlier this year on The Side Hustle Show.

But if you’re just starting out as a seller, it can be tough to identify which gigs have high average order values. For their part, Fiverr now encourages buyers to spend more than the base-level $5 by showcasing seller’s top-rated “packages,” but you can also take matters into your own hands by highlighting your gig extras in your description and your gig promo video.

fiverr package offering

Here are a few examples of gigs you may be able to offer that tend to have higher average order values (AOVs).

Note: Fiverr has recently introduced Fiverr Pro, a new tier for experienced providers to stand out and command premium rates.

1. Proofreading and Editing

Since most proofreading gigs are priced by the word, there’s a natural opportunity to have high-priced orders. The base-level $5 gig will generally get you 500-1500 words worth of proofreading, but a full-length book may be 20,000 words or more.

At the $0.01 per word rate, that’s 20,000 word book is a $200 order.

I actually got many of my early non-fiction editing clients through Fiverr. One book ended up being over 100,000 words, and the author became my first 4-figure Fiverr client. (We broke up the job into several smaller sections.)

2. Voiceovers

Similarly, voiceover work is priced by the length of the recording. The base-level $5 gig will usually cover scripts between 50 and 100 words, but if you need more than that, you’re into the gig extras.

Also in your upsells, you can offer different file formats, background music, or faster delivery. For example, I ordered my podcast intro from Fiverr and it was $15 because it included an intro, outro, and background music.

As a seller, I did one voiceover gig (by request) and it was WAY harder than I imagined to read the script word for word with intonations that made sense. Haven’t tried it again since then!

Still, if you have the microphone and the recording software already, this could be a fun one to get started with.

fiverr circle3. Transcriptions

Although I had a hard time finding a good transcriptionist on Fiverr, I’m sure they’re out there. For your base $5 gig, you’ll find gigs offering to transcribe 5-20 minutes of audio. If you can attract customers who have an hour-long podcast, you’re looking at $15 to $60 per order.

And since most podcast hosts produce a new show regularly, you’re setting yourself up nicely for repeat customers.

For additional gig extras, you can add special formatting based on client requests or faster turnaround times.

4. Book Covers

Book covers and other graphics are a great opportunity for upsells and repeat business.

Even if the base $5 gig promises a fresh cover design, you can include extras for high-resolution graphics, multiple variations, different file formats, and front-and-back covers for hard-copy versions.

5. Copywriting

Just like with the examples listed above, you can find amazingly talented writers on Fiverr — but they probably won’t be the ones offering 500 word articles for $5.

As a seller, there are some cool opportunities to work with high-value clients. Writing gigs are typically priced based on the word count, without much attention paid to the amount of research involved. If you can set a reasonable rate per word, and attract repeat clients or customers looking for longer-form content, you can get your average order up to $20 or more.

Especially if customers are looking for regular blog content with a consistent voice, you could become their go-to writer.

I believe the highest order values come when you can differentiate yourself further by specializing in a certain niche or type of copywriting. Remember, it was an advanced sales copywriting gig that Anarcho sold for $10,000. The right words for the right client can be worth a lot of money.

Your Turn

What Fiverr gigs could you offer? Hopefully these examples got the gears turning and showed that Fiverr has a world of opportunity beyond just $5 gigs.

What I’d do to get started is take a look at some of the sales pages and videos from top sellers and try to emulate what they’re doing, with your own unique spin.

One thing to keep in mind with freelancing on Fiverr or any other platform: there will always be a cheaper offering, but you can’t race to the bottom on price. After you’ve built a little bit of a portfolio, stick to your guns and don’t succumb to the pressure to lower your rate.

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9 thoughts on “Beyond $5: 5 Fiverr Gigs with High Average Order Values”

  1. Great post Nick.

    I’ve never sold, but have used Fiverr for many different things. I’ve had tons of Infographics done and I’d guess my average order size is between $25-$30. Well worth it to me and I used the same seller over & over.

  2. Thanks Nick for this awesome post.

    Because of this post I have managed to create a side hustle on fiverr. I am looking forward to seeing it grow to sustain me in the near future.

  3. Thanks for your post. I am a seller on fiverr – (username write_again) – and I appreciate your comment about describing your gig extras in the description. Having a considered approach and experimenting with the types of gig extras my clients need could really benefit my clients and myself.

  4. Hi I am Ahmad, I have read this article and created video production gigs on fiver (username: greenegg). I can help you out in production of videos which you can put on your gig to increase your sales.

  5. This is one of the best post am reading about fiverr so far. This inspired me the more to do the job, my first account made me huge amount of dollars, now on this new account (username is wpcynthia) after a long break, i know things will turn out well

  6. Hi, I am Tahidul Islam. I am fully new in fiverr(Username: tahidulislam624). I am trying heart and sole to establish my career on this marketplace. I have read posts on fiverr several times. Among them this is the best so far. It is very helpful as well as courage able for everyone. I am searching someone who can help me to built my career on this marketplace.
    Note: I am a “Graphic Designer”.

  7. Great post! Information I will certainly use. And only one typo – which makes me happy. I cannot tell you how much I read “professional” work and find more than its share of typos. Drives. Me. Crazy. (last paragraph, second line, fourth word from the right. “you”… “your”) Thanks! – Cin


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