Make Money on Craigslist: How to Make $1000 on the Side this Month

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Today’s post comes from Cassandre Poblah. Cassandre works as a full-time administrator at a non-profit community center in Montreal, but is also a photographer, a blogger, and an awesome side hustler.

She sent me a note explaining that she happened upon my podcast episode with Ryan Finlay, about how Ryan earns a full-time living buying and selling items on Craigslist.

Taking her own unique approach to it, she used Craigslist as a launching pad for her side hustle. 


I went from $0 in side income on May 18th to a total of $2230 by July 30th.

While $2230 isn’t a remarkable amount of money, it’s helped me pay down a significant amount of my student debt in a very short amount of time, starting with zero money invested and zero experience.

This is my story.


In May 2015 I decided to start a side hustle that I could launch in a day.

That was my time limit. I had tried launching businesses in the past. I would take months preparing the perfect plan, building and testing prototypes, doing surveys and market research, only to get discouraged and quit after investing so much time into projects.

I was sick of failing to launch and I made the decision on May 18th to change all that.

My sister and I talked about my idea for an hour. We wrote an ad in 15 minutes and that very night I got two inquiries.

The next day, I had secured two clients.

With zero investment and no experience at all, I did what I hadn’t been able to do with all my other “businesses” — make a sale.

I’m not an expert on this. I’m just a woman who had never succeeded at making consistent money on her own terms.


My first step in making my side hustle work was making a decision.

The decision I made was to just get started. It was to stop being scared, to stop assuming I might fail and to stop second guessing myself. It was also a decision to get started IMMEDIATELY.

I had no time to analyze the situation, taking it apart bit by bit until I found every reason not to do it, otherwise known as paralysis by analysis. For me, getting beyond my psychological barriers and ignoring my past failures was my crucial first step.

I made a decision and immediately followed it with targeted action. This enabled me to move past my history and set myself up for quick wins.


For years I tried launching product businesses, but they always overwhelmed me and I would always end up quitting. I started to feel more like a wantrepreneur than an entrepreneur, and that was a really horrible feeling. In fact, as someone whose main interest is business, it really hurt my self-esteem.

Then, in 2014, I enrolled in a professional photography program and something in me changed.

I offered my photography services to people and actually got paid. I fell in love with my service business but it wasn’t giving me income regularly. However, more importantly than giving me money, it helped restore my belief that I could actually make a bit of money outside of my day job.

This belief gave me enough confidence that I put out an ad on Craigslist for a cleaning service on May 18th 2015. Within an hour of posting my ad, I had two inquiries which I booked the very next day.

Nick’s Notes: Craigslist is a top 10 site in the United States top 100 globally, which means there is a TON of traffic and potential customers there — and you can post an ad for free! My wife’s photography side hustle started very similarly with an ad on Craigslist.

I was curious why Cassandre didn’t focus on the photo biz, but offered cleaning instead. She explained that getting photography clients is much harder than getting cleaning clients because the investment is much greater in photography.

I invested zero dollars and had never cleaned anyone’s place but my own, but for once I didn’t let anything stop me and I’ve been booking consistently for the last three months.

cleaning mop


Most articles say to do something you’re good at or are passionate about. For the sake of getting started I say just pick something you can do.

Can you walk a dog?

Have you ever painted a room?

Think you can handle running errands for old ladies?

It doesn’t really matter what you pick. What matters is that you get started. The market will tell you if your idea sucks or not.

If you get inquiries right away, you’re on to something (possibly) good. If not, then try something else.

Do not get caught up in this process. Take if from someone who used to obsess about finding the perfect idea, only to find that I never could bring it into fruition. The idea or service doesn’t matter in and of itself. Getting started does.


This step is very important. Not thinking of this endeavor as a business helped me turn my idea into reality.

The reason for this is that unlike every other time I’d started a business, I didn’t feel any pressure to create promotional materials, set up a website, write a business plan or announce it to the world. In fact, I didn’t care whether it succeeded or not.

To me, the important part was starting and being consistent in my efforts to find a side hustle that people responded to. Additionally, not mentioning it to anyone took the pressure off since my friends wouldn’t be looking to see whether or not my venture would fail or succeed.


Refine everything as you go along. This is a crucial step. A lot of us wait until things are perfect before moving forward, but this is a huge trap.

From my past experiences, I knew that I didn’t want to wait until things were perfect to move forward. As a matter of fact, I was aiming for “good enough.” That’s it.

Ironically, if you’re reading this, you’re probably pretty entrepreneurial, so your “good enough” is probably already better than almost everything else on Craigslist.

This meant that my first ad was posted on the same night I decided to go ahead with my idea. I’ve revised it and tested different ads about 10 times in the last three months. I’ve also revised and split-tested my prices, pictures, headings, and email responses.

And you know what? I couldn’t have known how to go about making my ads effective without first posting that first imperfect ad.


*****Competitive Prices / Prix Compétitifs******

Cleaning services for apartments, condos and businesses. Extremely reliable and efficient. I’m looking for people who need regular cleaning. Thanks!

Services de nettoyage pour les appartements, condos etentreprises. Fiable et efficace. Je suis à la recherche de personnes qui ont besoin d’un nettoyage régulièrement. Merci!

I got this sample ad from someone who had lots of views on the classified ads service called Kijiji. It was so simple but had tons of views. I’ve also tested longer ads, ads where I list my prices, and ads where I describe everything I clean, but they aren’t as effective.

One thing I do know makes a difference, and I’m pretty sure this is what attracts people the most is that I have an attractive picture of a woman on my ad whereas most people have bad pictures of themselves or clip art.

I used a picture of an attractive woman. I didn’t post my own picture as it is Craigslist, but all of my clients understand. Actually, I’m not sure they notice as only one has ever mentioned it (and the picture looks like me).

I don’t think putting up your picture on Craigslist is a good idea or even necessary. But you should definitely put up a picture of someone that looks like you. And you should use a stock photo or a royalty free image. For example, here’s the pic I used:

kijiji crop


I work within my clients’ cleaning budgets, so I don’t have a set price per se. I would say my average is about $35 per hour.

For example, I have a contract cleaning an office that pays $70 bi-weekly. It takes me 1.5 hours or less to clean. I do laundry for an elderly woman. She pays me $30 to go to the laundromat, do one load, and make her bed and a bed in the guest room. This takes me closer to 2 hours, but I also do much less work. And she feeds me cookies.

I try not to turn down jobs. I speak with my clients to tell them what I can do at the price they’re willing to pay and I take it from there.

I reject clients who try to lowball me or who I find creepy (remember, this is Craigslist, after all).


People are often surprised at how quickly I respond to them.

They actually thank me and say things like, “Wow, thanks so much for replying, I’ve been emailing people all day and you’re the only one who’s answered.”

It’s really easy to do considering that I get notified on my phone whenever I receive an email. Now, I’m not perfect. I’ve dropped the ball a few times and haven’t answered immediately, and I found that in general, the more time I let pass before responding, the less likely a prospect was to hire me.

Taking your side hustle seriously means updating your posting daily, doing split testing to see which ads work, answering inquiries promptly, answering people in a polite manner (for some reason Craigslist posters have a huge problem with this one), showing up looking clean and professional, and treating your clients respectfully.

Although it may not be a business, failure to do these things will make your chances of success extremely slim.


You may get an immediate response and then things may slow down a bit but be more consistent (as is the case for me), or you might not get any responses at all.

You’ll need to determine whether your service is worth pursuing or not. In my case I received feedback within the hour and knew I was onto something.

One option is to offer another service while keeping the ad for the first service up and gauging to see whether it’s a question of being patient or a question of your service not being in demand.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Craigslist is full of people looking for services. If I can do it after all my mental blocks and past business failures, I’m sure you can too.


  1. Start right away. Don’t put it off. Make a decision to get past anything that’s been holding you back.
  2. Pick a service. They are way easier to start than product businesses and many can be started on a shoestring. For example, I started with zero dollars and to this day, I haven’t bought anything. I use all of my clients’ products and supplies.
  3. Just pick something you can do. Don’t spend a long time thinking about what you can start. You can test a few ideas at the same time and then choose the one with the most demand. The important part is to get started. Also, don’t waste time or money on marketing materials.
  4. Don’t think of this as a business – for now. It’s a side hustle. If it grows into a business, that’s awesome!
  5. Refine as you go along. Make sure to pay attention to what’s working. Test ads. Practice responding to potential clients.
  6. Be professional. It makes all the difference on Craigslist. There are so many weirdos on Craigslist that simply acting professionally will be a huge bonus for you.

That’s all folks! Follow these steps and you should be well on your way to consistently making an extra $1000 per month on Craigslist.


What say you? Viable side hustle or no? What service could you offer?



Cassandre Poblah is a freelance wedding photographer, the owner of a small cleaning company, and the editor of Eat Pray Love & Hustle, a lifestyle wellness blog.

Her latest project, The Craigslist Side Hustle: How to get Unstuck and Make $2000 in 2 Months on Craigslist outlines exactly how she earned $2230 in extra income from May 18th to July 31st 2015 with zero start-up costs and no experience.

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18 thoughts on “Make Money on Craigslist: How to Make $1000 on the Side this Month”

  1. Hmmm…I’ve often thought about catfishing people on Fiverr by putting a prettier woman’s picture as my picture to see if it would elicit more gigs! Great and informative article.

  2. I cleaned houses in college. It was a great way to work around my school schedule and work for myself. It was rewarding, and I got a lot of referrals from it which let me grow my business. Cleaning windows is another good service or doing lawn work. Easy start up, little investment in materials. Good for you! I hope you grow your business!

  3. I love Craigslist and am so glad that this post went live today!! I have a service that I would like to offer and hadn’t even considered doing this. Will be putting together an ad tonight. Great timing.

  4. Hey! It’s Cassandre. Thanks so much for the kind words. I just wanted to clear up that I don’t think you should catfish anyone. I used a picture of a woman that looks similar to me (I was weary to post my picture on Craigslist) and only one client so far has been able to tell it isn’t actually me. Craigslist has been great for me, so I think it’s worth it to try. You don’t really lose anything if it doesn’t work out.

  5. I love, love, LOVE the part about just going for it! I love how Cassandre said she spent about an hour talking to her sister about it and then the next day, she had two clients!

    It seems so easy to get caught up in the details of logos and colors and taglines and stuff that we forget the most important part – revenue!

    Inspirational post Cassandre!

  6. Love the Hustle…I checked out Cassandre’s page and looks like she’s also looking to parlay this experience into a digital project. Kudos Cassandre

  7. Good job on the hustle and just putting yourself out there, Cassandre

    I agree that a service seems like a good way to create quick income and turn it into a biz if you want to, or just use it temporarily.

    Cleaning offices/houses was my “side hustle” (I didn’t know that term back in the day) all throughout highschool and I did pretty darn well. I enjoyed it, and had more demand for my services than I wanted to commit to.

    Enjoyed your post on SHN. Have a fabulous day!

  8. Side Hustle Nation is my jammie! Listening to podcast right now. I’m working on hiring a Fiverr creative to compose my Craigslist ad after reading your post.
    I cannot wait to see how well this goes.
    Muah to my side hustling fam!

  9. I am where you were. I am an Entrepreneur at heart. I had a business for 8 years. Economy dropped and I got a job. Been struggling with working for someone else since. I’m not happy at all. I have never provided a service. I think its time. I am very versatile with many skills. I’m nervous but excited. Thank you for the information and encouragement. I’m gonna take the leap.

  10. Based on my experience following this advice, posting an ad for cleaning services on Craigslist — if you’re a woman, at least — is a bad idea. If you decide to do so, be careful. Don’t post a picture of yourself or of anyone who looks like you.

    I’ve been to Montreal, where the lady featured in this episode is from, and it’s more European than other parts of Canada. Compared to big cities in the U.S., it’s steeped in culture and history, and the people seem to be sharper, classier, and more polite than the average American.

    So, here’s what happened to me in small town USA: In 2018, I was one of several people laid off at the same time. To earn some cash, I posted an ad for cleaning services in my local Craiglist forum. I included a picture of a woman who resembled me. I didn’t post my real email or phone number. I got replies from several men who claimed when I initially talked to them that they needed cleaning services, but they were really looking for sex. (One apologized for accidentally send me a “dick” pic, after talking to me, which, fortunately, I didn’t receive.) Apparently, some of the posters in the forum offered nude or semi-nude cleaning services and these men were hoping or assuming that I also provided them. All I wanted to do was clean. The girl in my photo was fully dressed. I ended up deleting the ad and didn’t get any work.

    The ad was successful for marketing purposes in that it got attention, just not the type I was looking for. :) I also learned there are a lot of lonely men (some of them married) looking for some kinky fun. But that wasn’t the service I was offering.

    So, this type of ad might work elsewhere, but in the U.S., especially if you’re a woman, watch out for creeps. This might seem like common sense, but at the time, I felt I needed to earn some quick cash. I didn’t try it, but placing an ad on a bulletin board or in a newspaper might yield better replies.


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