172: Case Study: Creating a $1k per Week Online Authority Business and a Service Business From Scratch

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Carey Green had spent the last 20 years as a pastor, before making the leap into entrepreneurship. He’d been dabbling in small niche sites, but nothing really took off.

Then, as he studied to become a licensed mortgage broker, an idea took hold to put his study notes online. Sound familiar? It’s similar to how Pat Flynn’s GreenExamAcademy got its start.

Today Carey helps other aspiring mortgage brokers pass their certification exam, a test he says was the hardest he ever took. That business, which actually derives most of its traffic from YouTube, generates $1000 a week!

But Carey didn’t stop there. A friend asked him for some audio editing help, and he couldn’t help but notice the rapid rise in popularity of podcasting.

That eventually turned into PodcastFastTrack.com, a service business that helps podcast hosts with their audio editing and show notes. It’s a great example of combining The Piggyback Principal with what people are already asking you for help with.

(And it’s a service I began using myself earlier this year! Mention Nick or Side Hustle Nation for 10% off your first month of service.)

In this episode you’ll hear how Carey hustled to make it happen and the steps YOU can replicate in your own industry or niche.

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authority business case study

Click here to download Carey’s top online business tips.



  • How Carey built up his authority in the SAFE exam space, even while he was still studying.
  • His LinkedIn group and YouTube linking strategy to drive traffic.
  • The “pay what you want” pricing model that maximizes conversions.
  • How Carey got into the service business of podcast editing.
  • How he hustled the iTunes listings to land his first paid clients.
  • How he priced his services and delegated the day-to-day work.
  • Carey’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Carey’s top online business tips.

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1 thought on “172: Case Study: Creating a $1k per Week Online Authority Business and a Service Business From Scratch”

  1. Really enjoyed the podcast… Thanks for putting it together :-)

    http://www.passthesafeexam.com/ – Very creative to come up with the business idea. The best part is that it doesn’t focus on the content of the exam, so no frequent update required (Passive in true sense)! ‘Pay what you want’ model is also so creative…. Awesome :-)

    I have made note of both the things and might use it in my side hustle!


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