169: The Best Passive Income Model: Raw Land Investing Update (Part 2)

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Note: Click here to download Chris’ top land investing tips and action guide.

In episode 108 of The Side Hustle Show last year, we met Mark Podolsky, a real estate investor specializing in raw land. He called it “The Best Passive Income Model,” because there are no products to build, no tenants or toilets, and you can start without a huge upfront investment.

This year, I wanted to feature a couple listeners who took action based on that episode. This is the second in what will (at least) be a 2-part series on side hustlers earning income from their land investment endeavors.

(The first was with Josh Brooks, an Army Battalion Commander, in episode 168.)

In this special Friday edition of the show, I’m joined by Chris Pritchard. Chris is a software developer by day, but has built his land investing business up to $1500/mo in recurring revenue. 

In addition, Chris does the occasional cash flip and also has more than $70,000 worth of land payments under contract. Not bad for a year of dedicated focus and effort!

(Chris is also working on a new side hustle, a phone service specifically for fellow land investors.)

Tune in to hear Chris’ tactics for sourcing deals, finding buyers, and setting up his land business for recurring passive income.

Free PDF Download:

land investing action guide

Click here to download Chris’ top land investing tips and action guide.


  • Chris’ step-by-step process for finding land owners and sourcing deals.
  • How to use public information to find leads (and how Chris has trained a virtual assistant to do much of this legwork for him).
  • How Chris finds comparable sales and values each property.
  • His due diligence process to minimize risk.
  • The time commitment needed to run this business as a side hustle.
  • Josh’s marketing strategy for selling the property once he owns it.
  • How his land purchase contracts are set up for recurring passive income.
  • Chris’ #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Chris’ top land investing tips and action guide.

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