112: The 3 C’s of Side Hustle Happiness

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Creation, connection, and contribution are the 3 C’s I believe everyone needs to live a happy healthy productive life, whether that life contains a side hustle or not.

In this episode I share the audio from my TEDx talk, which breaks down the 3 C’s and why they’re so important.

The idea for this episode came from an email I wrote last week in response to the statistic that only 30% of workers say they’re “inspired and engaged” at work.

(The email was about Steph Halligan’s ArtToSelf business.)

That leaves the uninspired 70% of us with two choices:

  1. Learn to love your work.
  2. Learn to work your love.

I give the example of me learning to work my love with Side Hustle Nation. When I started, I had no clear plan to monetization, but now the site earns money in a variety of ways, including affiliate relationships, sponsored content, my private mastermind, and the coaching and consulting opportunities it’s generated.

My work here definitely fits the 3 C’s:

Creation – writing and recording really fun and hopefully helpful content, plus attempting to create a number of side hustle income streams along the way.

Connection – I have met more awesome people since starting this site than I did probably in the 10 years prior. It’s opened up doors in a really serious and meaningful way.

Contribution – The emails and tweets I get that people are putting this material into action and seeing results may be the best part. It may not be saving the whales or solving world hunger, but genuinely trying to help people build job-free income streams is a contribution I’m happy to make.

Do you have the 3 C’s in your life, in your work, or in your business? If not, think about what you could do to add them.

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And at the end of the show, I share how to go about landing a TEDx speaking gig if that’s something on your to-do list.

Here’s the video:

What do you think?

Does your day job meet the 3 C’s criteria? Does your side hustle?

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