110: Monetizing Your Art and the Path to 1000 True Fans

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When I sat down to think of my goals for the year, one of “measuring sticks” I came up with was 1000 True Fans.

The origin of this phrase comes from an essay by Kevin Kelly, basically stating that any solopreneur, artist, or creative really only needs 1000 true fans willing to support their work with $100 a year to make a very healthy living.

Less than $10 a month.

Seems more attainable when you put it that way, right?

On this week’s show, I’m joined by Steph Halligan, who runs ArtToSelf.com. She’s a talented freelance artist who began a daily blog and email newsletter with inspirational and affirmational art — all created by her.

The site is 100% supported by donations from her followers, and even though it’s very early in the journey, I think there’s enough validation to say she’s on the path her 1000 true fans doing work she loves.

During the call, we talk about the various side hustles that have led to this point, including starting a personal finance website and doing freelance consulting and artwork.

I think it’s another illustration of Ryan Finlay’s comment that “sometimes the best opportunities aren’t visible until you’re already in motion.”

Had Steph not began with those other projects, she might never have arrived here.

And big thanks to Matt from Episode 73 on How to Build and Monetize an Authority Site for the intro!

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Click here to download Steph’s top creative business-building tips

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  • The pivots she made on her personal finance site.
  • How “drawing herself in green spandex” changed everything.
  • How her blog and art began to attract freelance and consulting clients.
  • The importance of daily practice for any creative pursuit.
  • How Steph found her initial 100 email subscribers.
  • How she asks for (and gets) donations without seeming “needy.”
  • Steph’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Steph’s top creative business-building tips.

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  1. How amazing your journey is. I’m so looking forward to watching you grow. It gets me inspired because my daughter(15) is so talented in drawing she’s really got some opportunity we didn’t think about.


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