The 6-Figure Belly Dancing Course

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Jennifer Sobel

Turning a passion into a 6-figure business is the goal of many entrepreneurs, and that’s what this week’s guest, Jennifer Sobel has done.

Jennifer has combined her lifelong passion for belly dancing with her skills in digital marketing to create, one part of what’s become a 6-figure online business.

There are 3 big ideas in this episode that you may be able to use to improve your own sales funnel:

  1. The power of combining two or more things to come up with a new idea – The combination game can help you stand out from the crowd like Jennifer did and become a market of one.
  2. Mentorship – If there is such a thing as a shortcut or cheat code, I believe mentorship is it. You’ll hear how Jennifer applied that and relaunched her funnel.
  3. The power of micro-optimizations – I loved Jennifer’s call to always be testing and I think it’s something we can all apply.

Tune in to The Side Hustle Show interview to hear:

  • how Jennifer made her first sales without an audience
  • the creative ways you may also be able to acquire customers
  • how she’s transitioning from one-time sales to a recurring membership

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How Jennifer Got the Inspiration to Start

In February of 2019, Jennifer took the One Funnel Away challenge by ClickFunnels. This challenge takes students through the steps of creating a funnel and launching a program.

Jennifer just needed something to funnel her leads into for the challenge.

Jennifer told me that she had wanted to do something related to belly dancing since 2010 as it was her hobby and biggest passion.

So, she was set on the idea of setting up a funnel to do with belly dancing.

While working out at the gym, Jennifer saw an ad for a urinary incontinence drug. This reminded her of how belly dancing helped one of her students get over bladder leakage.

“In that moment at the gym, those two moments came together. I wondered if there was something to this,” Jennifer told me.

Jennifer went online and started to research bladder leakage. She discovered it’s a problem that affects as many as 1 in 3 women at some point in their lives.

This gave Jennifer the idea to create a course around belly dancing and market it towards women suffering from bladder leakage.

Validating Her Idea With Facebook Ads

“I’m not going to create a huge course until I validate the idea,” Jennifer told me.

Jennifer decided to run some Facebook ads to send people to a free video to see how many people were interested in how belly dancing can help with bladder leakage.

Someone had told Jennifer that people in the Crossfit community often talk about bladder leakage, so she targeted her campaign towards women who are interested in Crossfit.

She put about $25 into her ad campaign with the idea in mind that if 5 or so people opted in, that would be a success.

To Jennifer’s surprise, she had 20+ people opt-in overnight. “That was enough of a confirmation for me to create the program,” Jennifer told me.

Bootstrapping Course Creation and Marketing Materials

Jennifer didn’t want to spend a lot on the front end developing her course and bootstrapped as much as she could.

To create her content, Jennifer found a local non-profit that helps women get experience as videographers and filmmakers.

They charged Jennifer $25/hr to film her video content, and the studio she used also charged her $25/hr.

Jennifer was able to film all of the video content in about 5 hours, and this formed the bulk of the content for her course.

On the marketing side, Jennifer has experience working in marketing and did all the work creating the funnel, sales copy, digital images, and so on herself.

Jennifer said she created her whole course and marketing materials within 3 months from start to finish.

Launching the Funnel

“I launched the funnel and I was in love with it, I was really impressed with it,” Jennifer told me.

Jennifer launched her funnel with some paid ads in the same way she had her test video. Only this time, when she checked the results the following day … “crickets”, Jennifer told me.

Not a single person signed up for her course.

Jennifer said she let her campaign sit for a couple of weeks while she thought over what she could change.

After going for a run one morning, Jennifer said, “it just hit me: I need to find a coach.”

Jennifer now says looking back that this was probably the best decision she ever made for her business.

She remembered one of the coaches on the One Funnel Away challenge was Julie Stoian. Jennifer looked her up, arranged a call, and this was a huge turning point for her.

“If you can find the right person, it can shorten your success path by years,” Jennifer told me.

Restructuring and Relaunching

Julie helped Jennifer restructure her pricing, gave her feedback on her design and sales copy, and pointed out some other things to change.

Jennifer made a lot of changes across her entire funnel and relaunched her course. She also put more money behind the Facebook ads this time so she could gather more data.

Across a 3-day launch, Jennifer spent $1,000 on Facebook ads. It worked out really well, “that was the beginning of it being profitable,” Jennifer told me.

Jennifer said she puts her success down to being willing to invest in making her product better, and also making small tweaks and testing the results.

She said her philosophy was to make “micro-optimizations”. Jennifer has made — and continues to make — small changes to her funnel and track how it affects her conversion rates.

Optimizing a Sales Funnel

Jennifer bundled up a number of videos into her course. She also built out 10 other bonuses, which included audio practice drills, cheat sheets, an ebook, and some other stuff.

She said she was thinking about what kinds of products would answer any possible objections people would have while trying to “sweeten the deal.”

Jennifer priced her primary offer at $37 and also built out some additional packages. Some of the sales techniques she used in her funnel are:

SLO (Self-Liquidating Offer)

Jennifer created her funnel as what’s known as a self-liquidating offer. This means she’s set up the pricing of her course at a low and attractive price point to recoup her advertising cost and basically get her leads for free.

She then sets up the additional offers as a way to stack profit on top.

OTO (One Time Offer)

Jennifer added a one-time offer that includes 2-3 times more content than her primary offer. She added a number of additional fitness and strength training videos and also priced this at $37.

She has since added a newer offer also priced at $37, and discounted the older one-time offer to $27.

Order Bump

When someone is on the checkout page, they will see an order bump offer for $17 that can be stacked onto their purchase by checking a box.

Jennifer has tried a couple of different products as a bump offer. She has currently settled on video series that helps women connect with their own sensuality, which is converting at around 40%.

Membership Program

For a recurring revenue element, she added a membership program called “Feminine Fire” at $27/mo.

The best part about this is that Jennifer hadn’t considered a membership program until her audience gave feedback that they’d like one.

Jennifer has created a bunch of new videos, holds live streams, has a private Facebook group, and is creating a number of goals and achievements for member progression.

Belly Dancing Teacher Certification Program

At the time of the interview, Jennifer was working on creating a Belly Dancing teaching certification. This will be the highest ticket offer she has in her funnel.

This is what Jennifer’s final sales funnel looks like, but it took a lot of micro-optimizations to get to this point.

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Sales Funnel Optimization Tips

Jennifer said on average, you should expect conversion rates of 1-3% for a sales page and 20% for order bumps and one-time offers.

If you’re not getting those numbers, this is where making small tweaks and measuring the results will help you identify where the problems in your funnel are.

Sometimes it helps to look at other sales funnels that are performing well for ideas, this is something Jennifer has done.

You can use tools like SimilarWeb or SEMRush to get an idea of how much traffic a funnel is getting, then look at their OTO’s and order bumps.

What Else Has Worked on the Marketing Front?

Facebook has changed a lot since Jennifer first ran her ads and is no longer as profitable as it once was.

In the name of diversifying – and finding other profitable ways to funnel leads – some of the other marketing channels Jennifer is looking into are:

  • TikTok – Jennifer is just starting on TikTok, but knows that a niche like belly dancing is great for the short viral format of TikTok.
  • YouTube – Jennifer started a YouTube channel a few months ago and might experiment with YouTube ads in the future.
  • SEO – Jennifer has been adding content to the blog on her site. She’s working on using SEO to drive organic traffic to her sales funnel in the future and also plans to test Google ads.

“The worst thing you can do is put all of your eggs in one basket,” Jennifer told me, talking about relying on Facebook ads.

Jennifer also said it’s important to her to build traffic streams on her own platforms, such as her blog, YouTube channel, etc.

This is another way to safeguard against changes other platforms make that are out of her control.

Tech and Tools

The tech stack Jennifer is using for her business is:

  • Kartra – An all-in-one software Jennifer uses to host all of her videos, manage her email list, and power her membership site.
  • ClickFunnels – This is the software Jennifer used to build her landing page. She did try to migrate her landing page to Kartra, but the conversions suffered so she went back to ClickFunnels.

What’s Next?

Jennifer explained that she’s excited about marketing her Feminine Fire program on a regular basis, creating her teacher certification program, and entering into e-commerce with some physical products.

Jennifer’s #1 Tip for Side Hustle Nation

Don’t give up.”

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Free Bonus: Your Funnel Building Worksheet

What Offers Should Be In Your Funnel?

Grab the free worksheet to figure out your funnel flow:

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