11 AI-Powered Side Hustles You Can Start Today: How to Make Money with AI

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ai side hustles with matt wolfeAI (artificial intelligence) is one of the hottest topics of the year. Today, we’re going to explore some of the actionable ways that you can capitalize on this new technology to either start a new business or grow one that you’ve already got.

To help me talk through these is Matt Wolfe from FutureTools.io and the FutureTools YouTube channel. Matt’s a long-time friend who’s been doing a deep dive into AI technology and related side hustles.

Here are our top picks for AI side hustles you can start today.

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1. AI-Powered Content Website

Niche sites are having a resurgence, and Matt’s FutureTools.io is a great example of those.

FutureTools.io collects and organizes AI tools. Matt has automated the process of adding new tools to the website and uses AI to generate descriptions for each tool.

Roughly 25% of the tools on the website have an affiliate program, and Matt uses his affiliate links for those.

AI tools like ChatGPT make it easy to quickly generate loads of informational content. OpenAI has another free tool called GPT-3 Playground where you can get familiar with how the tool works.

You can use it to test prompts, summarize articles, and rewrite content. Think of it as a kind of idea generator.

If you want your content to rank, however, you should polish it with your own voice. Google has warned that 100% AI content with no human editing is unlikely to rank well.

“It’s always a good idea to go back through and almost use AI as a rough draft,” Matt says. “That’s how I would personally do it.”

2. Copywriter for Hire

Professional copywriters can command rates of $250 an hour or more. These are the people who write sales copy for advertisements, email campaigns, and product descriptions.

Could you use ChatGPT to accelerate your copywriting?

“One thing that you have to do well as a copywriter … is be good at coming up with the big idea ​​— the hook,” Matt says.

As it stands, AI tools can generate a rough draft for you, but they can’t quite yet provide you with the hook or angle you need to write good copy.

“I think copywriters that are going to be successful are going to be the ones that are good at looking at things from a perspective that the AI can’t look at it from.”

Plus, AI tools are still largely novel as far as the general public is concerned, so there’s plenty of market share up for grabs for copywriters.

3. Coloring Books

Midjourney is an AI art generation service that launched in mid-2022.

Given the popularity of adult coloring books on Amazon, the opportunity here would be to use the AI tool to quickly create new themed coloring books.

With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can upload your book and collect royalties every time it sells.

ai generated coloring book

“You can go into Midjourney and say, ‘Draw me an exotic car in the style of a coloring book,’” Matt explained. “It’ll actually draw the image in black and white and leave the inside unfilled.”

Midjourney allows users to generate up to 25 images for free. After that, it costs $10-60 per month.

The best part about this idea is it’s print on demand, meaning you don’t have any upfront inventory costs and Amazon fulfills all your orders automatically.

4. Stock Images

One side hustle Matt’s been testing has been selling AI-generated images on on Adobe Stock.

(Adobe Stock is one of the few big name stock image sites that allow AI-generated art on their platform.)

sell ai-generated stock images

Matt reported earning about $50 in sales so far, from about 50 image uploads.

One thing that’s helped is going where the demand already is. Adobe Stock has a section called “Insights” that shows users the top-selling images for the previous month. You can look for inspiration on what images to make with Midjourney.

Matt notes that he personally has ethical boundaries he’ll never cross in doing this side hustle. That’s largely why he prefers Midjourney over other AI art generation services.

“Midjourney has really its own look now so you can see images and go, ‘That was generated with Midjourney,’” he explains.

In other words, provided that you don’t plug an artist’s name into the prompt, Midjourney will spit out an image that doesn’t look like any specific artist’s style.

5. Faceless YouTube Channel

YouTube is a juggernaut for online business, with some creators earning $1,000 a day! But if you don’t want to be on camera yourself, AI tools can help you create compelling videos.

For example, you can use an AI video generator to create a slide deck with text and images. You can then use tools like DaVinci Resolve or ScreenFlow to add a voiceover to each slide.

Some AI-powered video generators worth checking out are:

  • Invideo.ai – “It generates your script, creates scenes, adds voiceovers, and tweaks everything at your command.”
  • Revoicer – “The most realistic AI text to speech” tool.
  • Lumen5 – With Lumen5, you can feed it a link to an article or blog post and it will turn the text into a video. You can then add music, insert new images, and tweak the format.
  • Fliki – Much like Lumen5, Fliki allows you to transform your text content or blog post into a video or voiceover in a few minutes using lifelike AI voices.
  • Tome – Using GPT-3 and DALL-E 2, Tome AI helps you to create presentations easily. You can also use it to overcome writer’s block and craft a narrative from scratch.
  • SlidesAI – SlidesAI allows you to easily create slides for presentations. Once you have a first draft, you can customize the look and feel of each slide.
  • Descript – Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor. It has a feature called Overdub, which lets you create an ultra-realistic text-to-speech model of your voice.

6. Voice-Over Impressions on Fiverr

The idea is to create celebrity voice-over impressions using Voice.ai, a real-time ultra-realistic voice changer, and then sell those impressions on Fiverr.

Voice-over and voice-impression freelance services are popular on online marketplaces, so this idea certainly has side hustle potential.

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7. Ad Campaign Manager

Many businesses hire agencies or freelancers to manage and optimize their ad campaigns. For entrepreneurs like Brien Gearin, they can earn over $1,000 a month per client.

With the help of tools like Ad Creative, could you provide a similar service?


Ad Creative allows you to generate hundreds of high-performing ad creatives in seconds. It also gives you real-time feedback on the performance of your ads.

8. Social Media Management

“There’s a lot of companies that want somebody to manage their social media,” Matt said, and that’s something AI tools can help with.

Tweet Hunter, for example, curates top tweets in different categories, which you can use as inspiration in crafting your own tweets. It also gives you daily custom and ready-to-publish tweets, thread ideas, and more.

With the tool’s AI-powered TweetPredict function, you can even check out your tweet’s predicted performance before you put it out.

Another tool called Replai lets you generate meaningful replies to tweets, create viral jokes, and increase interaction. With Replai, you can easily grow your account and boost your visibility.

And that’s just Twitter. If you can use AI tools to create content for other social media platforms, there’s definitely a side hustle opportunity there.

9. Image Improvement

Image improvement is a much-needed service that many people would pay good money for on Fiverr and other online marketplaces.

AI tools let you offer this service without having to be a Photoshop expert.

With ClipDrop, for example, you can easily remove backgrounds from images. The tool also lets you remove elements from an image with just a few clicks.

There are even tools that allow you to automatically enlarge and enhance pictures, clean them up, and remove watermarks.

“There’s all sorts of tools … to just make images better for the use case that you’re trying to go for,” Matt says.

10. Podcast Show Notes

Professional podcast show notes writers charge anywhere from $25-100 per episode. Could you provide a similar service, but use an AI tool to accelerate the workflow?

For example, Melville will take an audio file and churn out:

  • A transcription
  • An episode summary
  • Timestamped bullet points of the most important topics of the episode.

You’ll still need to go in and clean the show notes draft, but Melville at least provides you with a good starting point.

11. Prompt Engineering

AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney spit out whatever prompt you give it, but the results vary greatly. For example, if you ask Midjourney to give you an image of a wolf in the forest, you’ll get different images of a wolf in the forest.

But if you asked Midjourney for a wolf in the forest in the style of Synthwave with colors X, Y, and Z, you’ll likely end up with better, cooler-looking results that are closer to what you’re looking for. That’s the type of prompt that people apparently pay good money for.

Marketplaces like PromptBase have already sprouted up to give people a place to buy and sell their AI prompts!

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