306: How to Start a Business You Care About — With No Business Ideas and No Money

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Alan Donegan

Click here to download Alan’s top tips for generating business ideas and making your first sales.

Imagine going from having no business ideas and no money, to making your first sales in 2 weeks.

It’s not a far-fetched goal according to this week’s guest.

Alan Donegan from PopUpBusinessSchool.co.uk specializes in guiding people through this transformation, and he says that everyone has a profitable business idea in their heads – and he knows how to find it.

He does this through in-person workshops that are free to attend by forming partnerships with government bodies in cities across the UK, and he’s bringing his workshops to the US soon.

Alan is adamant about bootstrapping and not taking on a load of debt to start a business because he saw his family go through a multi-million dollar bankruptcy and doesn’t want anyone else to have to experience the same fate.

He preaches starting a business around a passion or something that excites you. Because running a business you’re passionate about sets you apart from the competition and makes the process so much easier.

He shares how he teaches his students to pre-sell and validate their ideas before putting down cash for stock that might end up collecting dust in the garage.

Alan also shares how he practiced what he preaches when he sold his first PopUpBusiness workshop to a housing authority in the UK. He ended up selling his highest priced package right out of the gate, and his business has been gaining momentum ever since.

Tune in to hear how Alan pulls business ideas out of people who don’t think they have any, how he has his students quickly and cheaply validate those ideas, and what makes for a successful pitch.

Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Alan’s top tips for generating business ideas and making your first sales.

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3 thoughts on “306: How to Start a Business You Care About — With No Business Ideas and No Money

  1. Hi Allan

    Listened to the side hustle podcast today. Great show. Thanks.

    Are there any events in the US? and for folks who cannot attend events, do you have video recordings of your past events that we can watch and learn?

    Over the past five years, I’ve really tried a lot of side hustles (kindle ebooks, Amazon fba, ecommerce site, stocks, real estate, etc) and they have failed after few months. I tell myself that atleast I’ve tried and I’m an action taker. But the sad reality is that I’m still where I was.

    I’ve seriously reached a point where I really need to start something on the side and this podcast was the perfect timing. I’m now going through your 20 steps that you have on your site….

    My why (step1) is (financial stability and freedom). I’m really struggling with getting an idea (step2) and could use your help. Part of step2 was to come up with ideas that really excite me. What really excites me are topics like ….starting something on the side, making money on the side, making passive income, etc. Can you pl. guide me.

    If there is an email I can reach out to you directly, that works as well.

    Thanks again.

  2. Great podcast! Really enjoyed it. Now I just need to figure out how to make money around watching movies/series, or fitness. Already tried doing YouTube stuff for fitness…but no money there..yet.
    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi Nick,

    I listen to yours and similar podcasts for around two years now but this is the best(!) one so far for me. I don’t know but somehow it has hit the sweet spot for me and tackled exactly the questions I had for a while. Other podcasts are great too but, despite trying not to, often intimidate me or just confuse. I never know what is the next step for me. This podcast I think answers this question and I will certainly re-listen to this one again and try some action. With great excitement I will now get back to my day work, impatiently waiting for it to finish so that I can get back to side hustling again. A big THANK YOU and keep up the good work!

    Pawel Kowalski

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