170: Side Hustle Idea Brainstorming: The 7 Rules of Business Idea Generation Plus Live Listener Feedback

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Note: Click here to download Don’s top idea generating tips.

In my recent annual member survey, one of the biggest challenges named was coming up with the right side hustle idea.

Over the years, I’ve been on both ends of the idea spectrum: feeling hopeless in search of a business idea, and (more recently) feeling like there are more ideas than I could ever hope to tackle.

I think that’s probably a testament to Ryan’s observation that the best opportunities aren’t visible until you’re already in motion.

Still, if you’re in the brainstorming stage, I think this week’s podcast session with Don “The Idea Guy” Holliday will help. Possessing “creative powers beyond those of mere mortals,” Don is the go-to guy for businesses looking to breath fresh new life into their brands, products, or marketing efforts.

We actually recorded this a live Blab hangout (my first ever!), and may try and do similar sessions in the future. I shared the event in our SH Nation Facebook group and was excited to see about a dozen people stop by while we were live.

Prefer to watch the unedited video in all it’s glory? I’ll embed it below.

Free PDF Download:

business idea brainstorming

Click here to download Don’s top idea generating tips.



  • Don’s 7 rules of idea brainstorming. Hint: it involves coffee!
  • His counter-intuitive advice when it comes to productivity.
  • His take on 3 listener’s businesses and ideas on how they could grow.
  • Don’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


The Full Unedited Blab Session:

Free PDF Download:

Click here to download Don’s top idea generating tips.

Thanks to Scott and Matt for jumping on with us live!

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10 thoughts on “170: Side Hustle Idea Brainstorming: The 7 Rules of Business Idea Generation Plus Live Listener Feedback”

  1. Hey Nick, thanks for this great episode. If you’re putting together a virtual coffee brainstorming session, I’d be interested!

  2. New listener and I really enjoyed this episode. Got my creative/idea juices flowing! I’m in for the coffee brainstorming session. Coffee is my blood! lol

  3. Does anyone know in which episode the follow up comments were disussing zero-based budgets? That is something near and dear to my heart and I’d like to go back and revisit that. Thanks, JP

  4. Nick, thanks for having me a guest on your podcast — your audience has been fantastic and enthusiastic (all other awesome things that end with “-astic”!)
    I’m pleased all the Side Hustlers enjoyed the episode and I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation (and the idea generation!) with all of you.

  5. Great episode, so many of Don’s ideas could be worked to ideas… sorry, ‘beans’ I already have. Thanks Don (and Nick, obviously)

  6. Re-listened to this episode again just now, and need to go back yet again. It’s great! I’d also love to be part of a virtual coffee meet-up. Love coffee here in Melbourne, Australia too!

    In-fact, I’m heading to the coffee shop to meet with a colleague before work to do some brainstorming…


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