144: Side Hustle Q & A

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This is my attempt at a Q&A show, based on some questions of the interesting questions that have hit my inbox or the Facebook group over the past couple weeks.

It actually stems from a new inbox “trick” I’ve been playing with lately. Maybe I’m a super-latecomer to this game, but I just created 2 new “labels” in Gmail: one for Questions and one for Testimonials.

This will allow me to quickly access the archive of things people have asked me (helpful to find patterns or to curate shows like this one), AND if it’s always nice to keep a gratitude library of the glowing things people say about you too!

The idea for the Questions label is one I actually adapted from Scott Britton, who recommends keeping a Google Doc of all the questions people ask you. This can be used to determine what future books to write, courses to create, products to build, or just to see what other people perceive your expertise to be.

The problem was maintaining that Google Docs file was a big pain. I gave up after like 3 entries, and tabled the idea until just last month.

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In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My favorite new productivity tool.
  • Why EVERY product or service “is an attempt to profit off people’s dissatisfaction with their lives.”
  • The risks and rewards of publishing very short Kindle books.
  • How I set up the Side Hustle Nation autoresponder email sequence, and how I’ve tweaked it over time.
  • How much time it takes to create an episode of The Side Hustle Show.
  • My #1 tip for growing a niche site.
  • And more :)

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, including:


And big thanks to everyone who tuned in live on Periscope! If you want the occasional glimpse behind the scenes, follow me on Periscope here.

What do you think? Do you like this type of short-format solo show? Let me know in the comments and if the reaction is positive I’ll do more of this in 2016.

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Nick Loper

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Nick Loper is a side hustle expert who loves helping people earn more money and start businesses they care about. He hosts the award-winning Side Hustle Show, where he's interviewed over 500 successful entrepreneurs, and is the bestselling author of Buy Buttons, The Side Hustle, and $1,000 100 Ways.

His work has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Forbes, TIME, Newsweek, Business Insider, MSN, Yahoo Finance, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Financial Times, Bankrate, Hubspot, Ahrefs, Shopify, Investopedia, VICE, Vox, Mashable, ChooseFI, Bigger Pockets, The Penny Hoarder, GoBankingRates, and more.

9 thoughts on “144: Side Hustle Q & A”

  1. I like the format, but the audio quality was pretty poor. There was an audible hiss, except when you stopped speaking, when the audio dropped out entirely. A better microphone setup and you’ll be golden.

  2. Hi Nick,
    I think that keeping a list of all the questions people are asking you on your blog is really a no brainer and that is something I’ve never thought of before now.

    Let me first download and listen to the podcast and then, i will come back here and ask my own question :).

    Happy new week.


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