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Last week I got the idea I wanted a treadmill desk. They’re kind of trendy right now and apparently sitting like I do for extended periods of time isn’t super healthy.

Bryn sent me a link to this blog post and it looked do-able. After a couple craigslist acquisitions and a strenuous battle with the stairs, I was in business.

That was the easy part. When it came to the question of what to do next to actually build the thing, I wasn’t sure where to start. (Not handy, remember?)

Thankfully my engineer wife jumped right in.

It was determined a cutout needed to me made to fit the desk part over the treadmill control panel. Here she is creating a carefully measured posterboard template of the hole.

After testing the template, we were ready to cut. Only one problem — no power tools.

It was Simon to the rescue! We interrupted Mr Handyman from his far-more-ambitious Pergola-building-project to help with our desktop-cutout.

Using an impressive array of power tools (well, impressive to us — really only a small fraction of his collection), we soon had put a hole in a perfectly good desk. He even let me help, and not just for the picture :)

I made some nerd joke about how this isn’t the kind of router I normally work with.

After that, it was routine Ikea allen-wrench construction. I knew I was hanging onto that 10-year-old monitor for a reason.

It’s kind of addicting to see how many calories you can rack up just walking and doing my normal work.

So far this week I’ve set it to 1 mph for a leisurely stroll. I’m embarrassed to admit I was definitely sore the first couple days. Just standing for a length of time I’d normally sit is a challenge. I’m doing 3-5 miles a day, and hope to improve on that as time goes by.

Productivity is up 17%.

Interested in a treadmill desk of your own? My buddy Joel put together a nice post of treadmill desk reviews for your research and enjoyment.

February 2012 Update:

I’m loving life with my treadmill desk. It’s hard to imagine all those hours I spent sitting before.

After 2 months of honing my typing-while-walking skills, I’m up to 1.8 mph, and averaging 8 miles a day.

It’s pretty awesome.

May 2013 Update:

I wrote a book about Treadmill Desks!

treadmill desk cover 400

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  1. Was just reading your review of, which I found insightful and more importantly from a credible source, and came across this treadmill desk post.

    Aaron and I have been talking about doing this for some time, and reading this just pushed me closer.

    Nice custom job!

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