Get Paid to Walk: 27 Creative Ways to Make $500 a Month or More

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Can you really get paid to walk?

Walking is one of those things we do every day but rarely think about. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, the average American walks about 1.5 to 2 miles a day, which equates to about 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day.

And in true side hustle fashion, it turns out there lots of ways to monetize those steps and make money walking.

Whether you’re already an active walker, a Fitbit addict, or looking to start a new walking habit (and get paid for it!), this post is for you.

get paid to walk

Getting Paid to Walk: How Does it Work?

There are two main methods to incorporate paid walking into your daily routine:

  1. Activity-related apps that reimburse you based on your steps taken.
  2. As part of a job performing specific tasks.

For example, you could walk to work or hit the gym more often to add more steps to your daily count. Besides improving your activity level, your goal here would be to increase your daily steps as much as possible to maximize your earnings.

On the other hand, you could start a side gig or get a job where walking is a main component of how you complete your work duties. In this instance, your main goal isn’t to increase your steps but to finish your work-related tasks. It just happens that walking is part of the work.

Let’s discuss the options so you get a full picture of what getting paid to walk could look like for you!

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Make Money Walking: My Top 10 Ideas

I put together my 10 favorite ideas from this post into this quick video. Enjoy!

Apps that Pay You to Walk

If you’re looking to boost your activity level, then you can hook into a smartphone app to get paid for the steps you take. Walk more, earn more.

However, that payment isn’t always in money—but goods or services instead. And some popular apps like Sweatcoin don’t actually have anything of value you can cash in your coins for.

Still, if you can earn something for an activity you’re already doing, so why not? Seems like a no-brainer to me!

Since these all run in the background, it might make sense to install a few to see if you can “double dip” on your walks.

1. CashWalk

The free CashWalk app uses the pedometer function on your phone to track your steps throughout the day.


Those steps convert into CashWalk coins — up to 100 a day — which can then be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon and other stores. For power users and serious walkers, that translates into $5 every 4-5 weeks.

The only drawback is you have to open the app every day to claim your coins. (That’s how they get you to look at the ads that pay for your gift cards!)

Get 100 bonus coins w/ referral code MR9W5!

Check out our full Cashwalk review to learn more.

2. StepBet

StepBet takes advantage of gamification to inspire its users to increase their activity. If you’re competitive and like to challenge yourself, this app is a winner!

A friend of mine reported earning around $150 a year with StepBet.


How it works is you choose a game to accomplish your step goals. Then, you bet on yourself to meet those goals. If you hit your own step goals every week for the entire game, you divide the “pot” with the other winners. That means you win back your own investment plus profit.

However, if you fail to reach your weekly goal, you’re out of the running.

This is a highly motivational way to earn money for walking. Since you’ve got skin in the game, you’ll enjoy the accountability and community that StepBet provides. Plus, who doesn’t like a cash prize?!

StepBet works on both iPhone and Android phones and syncs with other fitness trackers, including:

  • FitBit
  • Garmin
  • Samsung Health
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Health
  • Google Fit

Let the games begin!

3. Evidation (formerly Achievement)

The Evidation app offers many ways to earn points, including walking, meditating, and logging meals.


It works by connecting with over 20 apps to track your activity, including:

  • Apple Health
  • Samsung Health
  • Fitbit
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Garmin
  • and more

You can earn up to 80 points a day for each type of activity. There are also opportunities to earn bonus points by completing surveys and research studies.

Evidation pays $10 for every 10,000 points you earn and pays within one week through PayPal, direct deposit, or Giftrocket. You can also donate your points to charity.

If you max out your Evidation earnings each day, it’ll take 4-5 months to reach the $10 withdrawal threshold.

4. Miles

The new Miles app gives you “frequent flyer miles” for all the travel you do, whether walking, biking, driving, riding, or flying.

By letting the app track your location, you’ll earn free points that can be redeemed for gift cards. This one may be best for heavy commuters though — it takes 20,000 miles to earn a $5 Amazon gift card.

(Walking miles count 10x more than driving miles.)

At press time, you can get 75 bonus miles when you join through my referral link.

Check out our full Miles app review to learn more.

5. Paidtogo

Paidtogo is an app that rewards you for walking or running. Each time you walk outside, Paidtogo automatically counts your steps and converts them into Paidtogo Coins. You can redeem those coins for PayPal payouts.

Per the app, top users are earning up to $75 a month … but it costs $15/month or $90/year after a 7-day free trial.

Let me do the math for you: if they pay $0.10 per mile, you’d need to walk at least 150 miles a month to break even on your subscription.

6. Winwalk (Android)

Winwalk is a well-rated Android app that tracks your steps. Each night, open the app to claim your day’s totals. 

10,000 steps is worth 100 coins, which is the maximum you can earn in a day. At press time, a $10 Amazon gift card costs 16,000 coins.

That means Winwalk could be worth $10 every 5-6 months.

Get Paid to Walk the Pounds Off

7. HealthyWage

If you’re trying to lose weight, take a look at HealthyWage.

how healthywage works

You pick your weight loss goal, bet on yourself, and win money if you make your goal. In this scenario, walking can help you lose weight, meet your goal, and get paid to do it.

The average prize is over $1,300!

To discover more about this program, read my review on HealthyWage.

Side Hustle Nation Approved

Bet on yourself to hit your weight loss goal, and win an average of $1300 when you achieve it.

  • Get paid to build healthy habits
  • Set your own goals and timeline
  • You'll lose money if you don't hit your goal
  • Prize may not be motivating enough

Get Paid to Walk Doing Deliveries or Errands

Another way to make money while you’re on the move is to run errands and complete odd jobs for others. This is a broad category that includes making deliveries, shopping, and picking up dry cleaning.

Your earning power is much higher here than with the apps above, but it’s also more work.

8. Instacart

Shopping for people’s groceries will certainly boost your daily steps with all that walking up and down the aisles. Instacart connects customers with shoppers to deliver fresh groceries to their door.

instacart app get paid

As an Instacart shopper, you shop and deliver orders as an independent contractor (car required).

Check out my full Instacart shopper review for more details.

9. DoorDash

DoorDash delivers restaurant food in over 4,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

“Dashers” can use any mode of transportation to make the deliveries, including their own two feet. Besides transportation, all you need is a smartphone to download the app to begin.

make money with doordash

If you’re interested in this option, check out my DoorDash review. (Over there, you’ll find my video interview with Dasher Kevin, who primarily delivers by bike.)

Related: How to Make Money without a Car

10. Shipt

Shipt delivers items from grocery stores as well as local and national retailers like Target, CVS, or Petco.

As a Shipt shopper, you can work as much or as little as you want and earn $25-35/hour. A car and insurance are required plus you need to be able to lift 40 pounds.

11. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an on-demand errand-running service.

“Taskers” complete real-world tasks, including:
  • shopping
  • deliveries
  • lawn mowing
  • handyperson work
  • oodles of other activities that involve walking

Get Paid to Walk Dogs

If you love being active and around dogs, then dog walking and sitting are great for earning extra money.

12. Rover

Earn $20-$60 a night pet sitting (aka boarding in your home) for others in your town with Rover. You set your own rates and availability, and Rover handles the payments and covers insurance and vet assistance.

make money as a couple on rover

Dog sitting is a serious business and several people report earning $1000 a month from it. The platform also supports dog walking and doggy day care.

13. Wag

Earn up to $25 an hour as a Wag Walker, taking pups for strolls in your spare time. Plus, Wag donates money from walks to feed shelter dogs, so you’re also helping canines in need.

14.Pet Waste Removal

Speaking of dogs, if you don’t mind scooping poop, consider pet waste removal. Although there are franchise opportunities, you can start your own business picking up dog poop in your local area.

Erica Krupin started a pet waste removal business in her spare time and now averages over $1,000 a week!

Get Paid to Pick Up Litter

15. Start a Trash Pick Up Business

Brian Winch equates his litter pick-up service as “making money going for a walk.”

Now a $650k a year operation, his business started as a side hustle performing the very basic task of picking up litter.

Check out Brian’s interview to learn more about how you can earn $30-$50 an hour picking up trash.

In bottle and can recycling redemption states, you can turn that trash into treasure as well.

Suggested Playlist: Local Business Ideas

Money is already flowing through your city, town, and neighborhood. Here are some actionable ways to get it flowing to YOU!

Add to Spotify

Get Paid to Distribute Flyers

16. Start a Flyer Distribution Business

A Side Hustle Show listener in Canada gets paid to walk door-to-door delivering flyers for local businesses.

His flyer distribution business was earning him $100k a year on the side — while giving him a serious walking workout! (20,000+ steps a day.)

Get Paid to Walk Through Sponsored Activity Programs

You may have access to a health and wellness program as part of your insurance plan or through your employee. These programs lower costs for companies while improving the health of their members, so it’s a win all around.

Ours is through my wife’s work and if we’re diligent about using the provided pedometer, it’s worth around $250 a year.

Here are a couple of the bigger programs.

17. UnitedHealthcare Motion

UnitedHealthcare Motion® rewards your walking with lower medical premiums.

As a UnitedHealthcare member, you and your spouse can earn annual financial rewards for copays, prescriptions, and deductibles. The program follows your activity through a complimentary activity tracker that works with a free mobile app. You earn money for each walking goal you achieve.

18. Humana Go365

Some Humana members may be eligible to participate in the Go365 wellness and rewards program.

Members are rewarded for certain activities such as:

  • annual wellness visits
  • flu shots
  • community events
  • walking

Rewards are redeemable for gift cards at Walmart, Amazon, Shell, and more.

Get Paid to Walk as a Tour Guide

19. Start a Local Walking Tour

Do you really enjoy living in your city and like talking about it to others?

If so, maybe you’d be interested in showing off your city as a tour guide. Urban hikes and creating tourist-friendly content can be lucrative side hustles.

(A couple Side Hustle Show guests were earning around $50k a year doing this as a side hustle!)

Here are a couple of other ways to earn money while walking the city as a tour guide.

20. Context Travel

Context Travel offers cultural and historical guided tours in more than 60 locations all over the world. Their focus is to deliver conversation-driven learning experiences for travelers.

To sign up as a guide, you need to speak English, hold a degree or equivalent credential, and have a license to lead tours (where required).

Experts work on a freelance basis according to their schedules and area of expertise. Opportunities vary depending on openings.

21. Rent a Local Friend

For those who love to travel, Rent a Local Friend offers authentic experiences with locals. Tour guides, or “Local Friends,” are locals, journalists, photographers, chefs, designers, and immigrants who share their way of living and seeing the city.

As a Local Friend, you make extra money by sharing your own expertise and stories about your favorite spots. Visitors sign up who want a less touristy experience of your city.

The downside? You’ll pay an annual subscription fee of $144 to participate in the program. This provides you with your own Local Friend page for you to promote your tours and set your own prices.

Related: Get paid to be a virtual friend.

22. Tours By Locals

Tours By Locals offers private, unique, customized, and trouble-free tours to travelers in 162 countries.

The platform provides a marketplace to list your tour(s), and pairs you up with travelers searching for experiences. 

Get Paid to Walk as a Mystery Shopper

A mystery shopper visits various businesses posing as a real customer to collect market research. Often the work is performed in person at a physical location. That means you get paid to shop and to walk!

23. Field Agent

The Field Agent app connects businesses that need retail information, shopper insights, and digital product demos with on-demand workers looking to make a little extra money.

field agent mystery shopping app

As a Field Agent, you use your smartphone to collect photos, video, and information about retail operations, products, and shoppers. The app helps you find tasks, such as completing surveys, taking photos, or trying out products.

Each task pays $3-12. Payments are made through direct deposit.

Check out our full Field Agent review for more.

24. Gigwalk

Gigwalk helps businesses collect data and manage a remote workforce. Brands and retailers post gigs (or tasks) for on-the-ground visibility into their products or events. Gigwalkers perform the tasks and manage their work via the Gigwalk mobile app.

All payments are securely processed through Paypal.

25. BestMark

BestMark is one of the nation’s first and largest mystery shopping service providers. As a mystery shopper, you will pose as a customer and perform specific tasks.

BestMark mystery shoppers are independent contractors who are paid based on assignments. Payment is made through PayPal, direct deposit, or gift card about three to four weeks after assignment completion.

26. Other Mystery Shopping Opportunities:

  • Market Force – Get paid to eat and shop in your local area and report back via a mobile app.
  • Intelli-shop – Assignments include shopping in a store, calling a call center, or visiting a website. Requires a five minute screening test. Payments are made on the 20th of each month via PayPal.
  • Secret Shopper – Requires access to a computer, a digital camera or scanner, and availability to complete assignments by noon Central time the day after the assignment date.
  • GBW SolutionsFlexible mystery shopping assignments that pay in cash, product discounts, or reimbursements.
  • Ipsos – Choose from mystery shopping opportunities in person, over the phone, or online. Perform your task then submit an online survey afterward. Payment is via PayPal 7-10 days after your survey is approved.

Get Paid to Walk with a Treadmill Desk?

27. Install a Treadmill Desk

For years, I worked at least part of my days from a treadmill desk. It’s a great way to get some steps in while you’re still at your computer, and could be a way for freelancers to “get paid to walk.”

It felt great to be making money and getting some exercise at the same time.

Your Turn

Have you considered the ways in which you could turn walking into a more lucrative activity?

You don’t have to change too much about your lifestyle to start seeing the perks. Plus, you could get creative and combine more than one of these ideas to get paid more for the same amount of effort!

Do you have any unconventional or interesting ideas for how you could get paid to walk?

Let me know in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really get paid to walk?

Yes, with a little creativity and a little technology, you can turn your walking habit into a side income stream. Some entrepreneurial walkers are earning up to $1000 a week giving tours, picking up trash, or walking dogs. Check the full post on Side Hustle Nation for more ideas.

What apps pay you for walking?

Popular apps like Evidation and Miles track your movement using your phone and reward you with in-app points. Other apps like StepBet allow you to set walking goals and compete against others for cash. Check the full post on Side Hustle Nation for more ways to make money walking.

What are some creative ways to walk for money?

Some of my favorites include giving local walking tours, picking up dog poop in your neighborhood, and mystery shopping. I even interviewed a guy who turned his parking lot litter pick-up business into a $600,000 a year operation. Check out Side Hustle Nation for more ways to get paid to walk.

Big thanks to Meghan Monaghan for contributing to this post! 

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    I will have to look into starting up a litter cleaning business myself. I will also be looking into becoming involved in window washing, since I still have the majority of the tools necessary to perform that service. Food for thought! Thanks!


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