268: Blogging ROI: From $18 to $100k a Month in 2.5 Years

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Note: Click here to download Rosemarie’s top tips for improving your blogging ROI.

Could a part-time blog really bring in that kind of cash? Rosemarie swears she only works 20 hours a week!

Yes, The Busy Budgeter is back for her 3rd round on The Side Hustle Show, and it’s a good one.

If you missed the first two:

  • In episode 142, Rosemarie Groner’s blog was about a year old and earning $5k a month. She shared a step-by-step system for generating massive traffic from Pinterest, which I immediately implemented myself.
  • A year later, in episode 199, she was earning $20-25k a month, and shared her “date your list” and “core affiliate” strategies.

But a few months after that recording, she started posting consistent $100k months from her blog, so of course I had to invite her back to hear what changed.

If you guessed creating her own products and driving paid traffic, you’d be the big winner.

“I eliminated anything that wasn’t important for my growth,” Rosemarie said.

Tune in to hear how Rosemarie started selling her own products, the sales funnels tactics and tools she uses to turn subscribers into customers, and her tips to keep improving your ROI so you spend less time working while increasing your revenue.

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Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Rosemarie’s top tips for improving your blogging ROI.

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  • Why Rosemarie decided to stop focusing on SEO.
  • How she has seen a drop in traffic but an increase in revenue.
  • Why she started selling her own products and focusing less on affiliate offers.
  • The tools she uses to automate her sales funnel.
  • Her tips for new bloggers to maximize the time you spend working on your blog.
  • Why it’s important to understand your audience.
  • How she segments her audience and promotes relevant products.
  • Rosemarie’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Rosemarie’s top tips for improving your blogging ROI.

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11 thoughts on “268: Blogging ROI: From $18 to $100k a Month in 2.5 Years”

  1. Great podcast! Rosemarie is awesome and her success really is an inspiration. I first discovered her through one of your previous interviews and she has to be my favorite guest ever.

  2. This was an awesome interview! I love Rosemarie, and her success and relentless focus is truly inspiring. :) Thanks for asking such great questions, Nick. Please have her back on for a 4th time soon!

  3. I love the 3 episodes you have with Rosemarie. It is a huge motivator for me and how I can move my blog to the next level. I echo what Monica stated by having Rosemarie on for a 4th time. Also, thanks for all of the great content you keep putting out too. Your podcast is my go-to podcast.

  4. Any idea how many pins you should have before you start applying to group boards? I only have like 30 blog posts worth of content on my site so far. I know I can make multiple pins for each one, but is that enough to realistically get started? I’m working on getting more content.

  5. I value all the tips and legend busters you shared above, Andrew. I concur with a great deal of those. I take all that I read on the web about “blog tips” while taking other factors into consideration. Everybody seems to know more than the other. To be perfectly honest, on the off chance that I was new to blogging, I’d be truly befuddled. As a veteran to blogging, it very well may be confounding also. What I saw as accommodating to me is experimentation. Peruse all the blog tips you need, be that as it may, no single blog or blogger is indistinguishable. Find what works best for you and the goal(s) you wish to accomplish.


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