13 Creative Ways to Get Paid to Watch Netflix: Up to $2k a Month

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Do you love watching Netflix? How would you like to get paid to watch your favorite show or discover new things to watch on Netflix?

Believe it or not, it’s possible.

In fact, there are quite a few legit ways to make money watch Netflix. In this article, we’ll break down some of the most lucrative, passive, and realistic options.

Ready? Let’s do it!

get paid to watch netflix

1. Become a Netflix Tagger

Have you ever wondered how Netflix knows which shows to recommend?

That’s the work of the Netflix tagger.

Taggers watch shows and assign them the appropriate tags. This allows Netflix to recommend shows based on the reviews and tags.

But becoming a Netflix tagger isn’t easy. This coveted job is a full-time position at Netflix — and openings are usually filled quickly.

To see if they’re currently hiring, search for “Content Analyst.”

netflix content analyst jobs

As part of the employment process, you’ll need to demonstrate you have the skills to complete the assigned tasks.

This can be a great way to get paid to watch Netflix, but it’s a full-time job.

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Here are some more flexible options.

2. Start a Review Website

Another way to get paid to watch Netflix is to write reviews of the shows and movies. Now it’s unlikely you’re going to build the next Rotten Tomatoes, but people may still seek out independent reviews before investing the time to binge on a new series.

As with most businesses, there’s a lot to learn about creating and marketing your site, but it can be profitable.

For example, Tami Smith earned up to $20k a month reviewing fitness equipment on her site, FitHealthyMomma

Once you have enough traffic, you can monetize multiple ways, including:

  • Display ads
  • Promote products with affiliate links
  • Sponsorship deals
  • Print-on-demand (as long as you don’t violate copyrights)

Want to start a website of your own? Check out my free 6-part video course on how to start your own site.


Low startup costs

Great long-term earning power

Can sell the business down the road


Slow to see results

Lots of skills to learn

3. Create a Reaction YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel about a specific Netflix show or genre.

Heck, you can even talk about Netflix as a business itself.

You can create content around your reviews of shows and movies.

For example, Kat is terrified of scary movies, so what did she do?

She reacts to scary movies on her YouTube channel and earns an estimated $2,000+ per month!

YouTube is an interesting platform because it’s designed for both education and entertainment. And the algorithm rewards creators who create engaging content.

Use a tool like TubeBuddy to research topics and see how competitive they are.

After your channel reaches certain metrics, you’ll be able to monetize by sharing Google’s ad revenue.

Other ways to make money from your channel include:

  • fan donations
  • affiliate partnerships
  • brand sponsorships
  • merch
  • selling their own product or service

4. Podcast About Your Favorite Series

Darrell Darnell and his daughter Addi created a popular podcast about the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Appropriately named “The Stranger Things Podcast“, the show features reactions to episodes, news about the cast, and speculations on what will happen next.

stranger things podcast

This side hustle allows you to piggyback on the popularity of a big series on Netflix. Fans of the show can’t get enough, and look for other content about it!

Podcasts like this typically monetize via sponsorships, merch, or listener-supported campaigns through platforms like Patreon.

5. Closed Captioning

Another way to get paid to watch videos is to transcribe them for closed captioning.

Netflix doesn’t hire this work directly, but instead partners with other transcription services to create closed captions for their content.

This also means you wouldn’t be watching only Netflix movies and shows. You would transcribe other video content like YouTube videos, webinars, or short videos.

Some popular transcription companies include:

If you’re a fast and accurate typist, this is a great option for earning money while watching videos.

But this option may not last forever — A.I. transcription tools are advancing quickly and soon it won’t make sense for companies to pay humans for this.

6. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Best for Passive Earning
Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Earn up to $60 in free Amazon gift cards every year.

Nielsen is a professional research company that has tracked TV usage, movies, and music data for years.

You can sign up as a digital panelist and let them track your device usage.

get free amazon gift cards with nielsen panel

They start by asking you questions about your household and device patterns.

Then, you download the app on your device or access it through the computer, and you earn rewards as you stream Netflix shows.

There are 3 different ways you can earn as a digital panelist:

  1. You earn tokens for scratch games
  2. You earn points that can add up to $60 a year that can be paid out with PayPal or gift cards
  3. You get automatically entered into their $10,000 sweepstakes every month.

This option won’t provide big bucks, but it is an easy way to earn some money each month doing something you were going to do anyway.

7. Mobile Expression

MobileXpression pays you in exchange for data from your mobile phone. 

make extra money with mobilexpression

The app works in the background, recording your browsing habits while you use your phone. If you watch Netflix on your phone and are comfortable sharing your data, it’s an easy way to get paid for it.

You’ll earn weekly credits redeemable for gift cards to popular retailers.

Get a free $5 Amazon gift card after your first week (if you’re in the US).

8. Media Rewards

Media Rewards is similar to the apps above in that you open that app and let it stay open while you watch your favorite Netflix show.

Leave your app running to earn points for eligibility for monthly lottery drawing.

If you win, you get paid through PayPal. 

Occasionally, there are also opportunities for paid surveys, but you have to move fast because they’re only open for a limited time.

9. Swagbucks

Lots of Ways to Earn

Swagbucks has paid out over $550 million to users over the last 10+ years.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Lots of ways to earn
  • $10 sign-up bonus
  • Surveys don't pay much

Completing tasks on Swagbucks while watching Netflix is an easy way to earn some cash.

Swagbucks is primarily known as an online survey app, but you can also get paid to scan receipts and play mobile games.

swagbucks get paid to scan receipts

The company has been around since 2008 and has paid out over $500 million to users.

At press time, the app had a 4.4-star rating from over 110,000 reviews on the Apple App Store.

Join with our referral link to score a $10 sign-up bonus.

10. KashKick

This is another great app that will allow you to complete tasks and get paid while watching Netflix.

KashKick is a newer app that pays you play new mobile games (up to $150 each!), answer surveys, and redeem money-saving offers.

With the slogan “get paid to have fun,” KashKick is rated 4.1-stars in the Google Play store.

Best for Testing New Games

Get paid to test new games, complete offers, and answer short surveys.

11. Housesitting

Housesitting is a great way to get paid to watch Netflix.

You get to help homeowners out by making sure their property is taken care of, and with your downtime, you can also binge-watch your favorite show while getting paid to be there.

Check out TrustedHousesitters to find a place to sit.

12. Childcare

This of course is only an option when you’re babysitting during naptime or after bedtime!

You can create a free profile on sites like Sittercity.com and Care.com, big platforms that help connect families with caregivers like you.

The work hours are flexible, and the nationwide average rate is $14-18 an hour.

start a side hustle with care

If you love kids and you and have time to spare, babysitting would be an easy side gig to consider.

13. SavvyConnect

Using “safe, cutting-edge technology to collect data as you surf the web,” the SavvyConnect VIP program pays you up to $5 a month per device.


That means when you connect your smartphone, tablet, and desktop/laptop — and remain active in the SavvyConnect community — you can earn $15 a month or $180 a year.

Can You Really Get Paid to Watch Netflix?

Yes, as we’ve shown, there definitely are ways you can get paid to watch Netflix, but you’re not going to replace your day job income lounging on the couch.

Aside from the passive data sharing options, most require some real work and creativity.

Alternatives to Consider

As awesome as it would be to make money just chilling and watching Netflix, there may be some more viable side hustle options.

Video Editing

If you’re creative and love movies, maybe a video editing side hustle would make sense.

Most freelance video editors charge $20-100 per hour, and you can work from home.

Create Printables

Printables are downloadable files — like meal planners, chore charts, budget binders, intake forms, etc. — that customers can buy and print on their own.

You set your own prices — typically $1-5 each — and delivery is 100% automated.

etsy printables

For example, Rachel Jones reported earning up to $10,000 a month from her growing portfolio of printables on Etsy.

Here’s a free guide to the best-selling digital products month-by-month to get your creative juices flowing.

Invest for Passive Cash Flow

A common example would be buying an investment property and renting it out. You profit on the spread between the monthly rent and your expenses (mortgage, insurance, maintenance, etc.). 

It’s a realistic way to build both cash flow and long-term wealth.

The downside is … houses are expensive!

Thankfully, new platforms like Arrived make it easy to invest in income-generating properties—with as little as $100.

arrived real estate

The company pools money to buy rental properties, manages them, and then distributes the cash flow every month.

Hands-Off Rentals
Arrived | Cash Flowing Rentals
  • Earn quarterly dividends
  • Completely hands-off
  • Low minimum investment ($100)
  • Limited liquidity
  • Not super diversified
  • Listings can sell out quickly
We earn a commission if you sign up, at no additional cost to you.

We’ve covered lots of real estate side hustles, but rental income is one of the most common income streams of millionaires.

So while I’m not directly getting paid to watch Netflix, technically I am making money from my investments when I do!

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