13: Selling Your Artistic Side Hustle, with Melanie Ida Chopko

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In this edition of The Side Hustle Show, I’m joined by Side Hustle Nation member Melanie Ida Chopko. Melanie has an awesome side hustle story to share about her journey as a freelance artist (a visual facilitator), bringing ideas to life with beautiful visuals in real-time.

Listen and Learn

  • Melanie’s awesome strategy for connecting with mentors.
  • How to exercise your atrophied creative muscles.
  • Why you may be targeting the wrong customers (and how to find the right ones).
  • How to build a portfolio and generate referral business.
  • The habit of doing the work, whether paid or not.

Links and Resources

Check out some of Melanie’s visual facilitation work at NotesinPictures.com, and her music here. As mentioned during the show, you can also find her side hustle business on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “13: Selling Your Artistic Side Hustle, with Melanie Ida Chopko”

  1. This is certainly one of those very unique occupations. I personally enjoy seeing graphic illustrations especially with complex topics. Her website has some excellent examples of her illustrations.


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