15 Ways to Start, Grow, and Expand Your Side Hustle Using Fiverr

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Welcome to Fiverr Week on Side Hustle Nation! This is my first attempt at a “theme week,” but I think you’ll like it. Tons of great content.

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We’ll explore how to use the unique $5 marketplace from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective, because it’s an amazing platform for entrepreneurs.

And in the podcast on Thursday, a Top-Rated Fiverr seller will share the business secrets that led to him buying a house with his Fiverr earnings (in cash) in under a year!

Today’s post is a guest post from Christopher Norris, who successfully used Fiverr to test, launch, and grow his copywriting side hustle.

Enter Chris:


In these times of economic hardship, it pays to test your existing skills in new forums and in creative ways, especially if work can be completed quickly to a high standard. However, the decision to start your own company is often a leap into the unknown, despite the meticulous nature of your research and planning.

Wouldn’t it be great to find to try out your ideas before taking the plunge to run your own business?

Online marketplaces and networks like Fiverr.com provide this opportunity: a space to express yourself without burning your bridges or your wallet.

Fiverr.com was launched in 2009 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger to provide a platform for users to buy and sell a variety of small services, starting at just $5.00. The Fiverr marketplace sets such a low entry bar to encourage the maximum number of micro-entrepreneurs to offer gigs for purchase.

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Buyers of services have a multitude of sellers to choose from, but the low costs mean that the risk to the buyer is minimal. If a particular gig does not come up to the mark, it only costs $5.00 to buy the product or service from another seller.

5 Ways to Start a Side Hustle on Fiverr

So, how does the concept of ‘side hustle’ work at Fiverr?

Going back to basics, a side hustle is an opportunity to get paid for an activity, task, product or service that you already know how to do, or that you already offer for free in your spare time.

Here’s how it works. You have a great idea for something you can do but you need proof of concept and some compelling testimonials, and your brainwave is only at the drawing-board stage.

Here are five steps to follow for using Fiverr as a place to start your business:

Step 1: What can you sell? Work out a simple, repeatable, compelling version of your idea that you can sell, ideally to multiple clients.

Step 2: Register with Fiverr, taking care to use the space for your bio wisely. What are your credentials? What is your experience? Why should a buyer choose you over the multitude of competitor services?

Step 3: Get your friends and family to order your Fiverr gig. This is the equivalent of Alpha testing your side hustle. The orders, and the positive feedback comments, will get your gig off the ground. You can even offer to pay them back if the money is an issue.

Step 4: Work hard for your customers and keep them happy. Make sure you deliver your side hustle on time to a high standard to every buyer. Try to maintain your 100% satisfaction rating.

Step 5: Listen to your buyers’ feedback. Testimonial comments can lead you to improve your gig and give you fresh ideas for new offers. This is an accelerated, cheap way to Beta test your side hustle.

Following these steps will gain you new customers and encourage repeat business. Great side hustle gigs at Fiverr can go viral.

Sellers like madmoo – a brilliantly creative photographer and artist in the UK – develop such fantastic, repeatable gigs at Fiverr that the platform becomes a vital bridge for launching a full-time, global business.

5 Ways to Get Clients on Fiverr

Here are five ways to build your side hustle client base at Fiverr:

1. Concept: Work out how to formulate your side hustle so that you can fulfill orders quickly, efficiently and with high quality, leaving buyers keen to repeat their order.

2. Sell yourself: Don’t be shy or modest. Your side hustle shows you at your best, doing something you love in which you are an expert. Tell the world at Fiverr, and people will come. That’s the beauty of selling on an established marketplace; the buyers are already there.

3. Start small: Iron out the bugs in your side hustle by selling to friendly faces at first. Family and friends will give you slack as well as orders and positive feedback. Perfect one gig before adding a second offering.

Use this period as a time for learning. Once you’ve dealt with any teething problems, you can launch a social media marketing campaign to tell everyone about your Fiverr side hustle on Facebook and Twitter.

4. Be great: Deliver what you promise in spades and get buyers wanting the hire you again. If you are great, buyers will tell their friends, colleagues and associates. Good news travels fast. You can convert Fiverr clients into buyers of your gig extras at higher rates.

5. Learn from feedback: Fiverr is great for getting comments from buyers. Even a negative reaction can be turned to your advantage, just as long as you deliver on time and stick to the buyer’s brief.

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5 Ways to Use Fiverr to Kickstart a Bigger Side Hustle

So, let’s assume your Fiverr gigs are humming and you’re doing great business. How do you take your side hustle to the next level, a fully-fledged business?

Here are five suggestions:

1. Build a website: Use free blogging platforms like WordPress.com to create a well-designed, simple online location for publicizing your side hustle. You can use the same name handle for your website as you do at Fiverr. Great websites can be built quickly and painlessly for next to no cost.

2. Use your Fiverr experience: All the buyers who commissioned your Fiverr gigs are your existing clients. Choose the best examples of interesting purchasers and the most glowing testimonials to provide real-world proof of the greatness of your side hustle.

3. Buy stuff from Fiverr: Your website can be made even more compelling by commissioning material from Fiverr sellers. You can spend $5.00 a pop to get video trailers, photographs, cartoons, caricatures, business gifts or expert professional advice.

4. Promote your website: Use every trick in the book: social media marketing; business cards, marketing resources and gifts (from the likes of Vistaprint or Moo); email signatures; Fiverr conversations; the dime stores in your neighborhood… The list of ideas for publicity and promotion is only limited by the scope of your imagination.

5. Use Fiverr as a test bed: Just because you are now steaming ahead with your new side-hustle business, it doesn’t mean you have outgrown your need for Fiverr. If you have an idea to explore, where better to test the waters than to try out your new side hustle project as a gig at Fiverr?

Keep learning, keep promoting, keep delivering great stuff on time, keep experimenting, and you’ll have a profitable side hustle on your hands.


Christopher Norris offered copywriting and editorial services to the Fiverr marketplace in 2010-11, specifically to create slogans and taglines for businesses and individual buyers. On the back of his success, he launched the editorial services agency CopyGhosting.com in April 2011 and has not looked back since. Christopher has worked on and off since 1990 in the fields of book publishing, television and web media. He continues to be engaged with the Fiverr network.

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  1. Great article and tips Chris, thank you for sharing.
    I agree with you, Fiverr provides a great place for many to sell their services, skills and talents. There are many people earning a full time living from Fiverr. No wonder the site is growing rapidly with more sellers and buyers joining every day.

    • Hi Lama, thanks for the comment. Have you used Fiverr as a seller yourself? Chris’ writeup made me start thinking about what I could sell on the site!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Nick, I haven’t used Fiverr as a seller before but I know a couple who are making a full time living out of it. They outsource the work as well :)

  3. This sounds great. I had a website built by someone who offered on twitter to do so for $25. A lot of exchange of ideas and a steep learning curve has given me a site, a new friend and a lot of knowledge of the internet.
    Sounds like Fiverr is another promising op.
    Thanks, Chris and FIVERR.

  4. Thanks for the namecheck Chris – it’s always a pleasure working for you! Fiverr have undergone some amazing changes and the new V2 will soon be launched – I think you’ll all find it even better than it is now.
    Ang (aka madmoo)

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