Steady App Review: Your Gateway to the Gig Economy

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“Find work. Earn money,” the Steady app promises.

Steady is the first tool I’ve seen that attempts to bring all the “gig economy” and flexible work opportunities under one roof.

Yes, that same gig economy that 36% of the US workforce is already a part of. We’re becoming a nation of side hustlers and freelancers, and the free Steady app is a gateway to hundreds of potential ways to earn extra money.

steady app review

While the app certainly capitalizes on this growing freelance and flexible work shift, it does so with a mission to really help and empower gig workers. 

The bottom line: If you’re looking for an extra income stream that fits your busy schedule, Steady is worth a look.

Fun fact: Steady users earn an average of $5,500 more per year after they join.

steady app average earnings

Steady App Review
  • Sign-Up Process
  • Ease of Use
  • Earning Potential
  • Variety of Gigs


Steady is an innovative app that brings tons of “gig economy” opportunities and other part-time jobs together in one, easy-to-browse app.

About Steady

The mission of Steady is to help people find jobs, increase their income, and plan for a financially stable future. The app’s slogan is “Building A Better Financial Future For The Global Workforce.”

How does it plan to build that better financial future?

Steady connects you with flexible job and gig opportunities. And (if you want), it also gives you financial advice and money-saving offers.

The Steady App Origin Story

Steady began in 2017, when Adam Roseman (one of the founders) saw that his father didn’t have enough retirement savings to support himself. He needed a part-time job.

So, Roseman helped him out finding work that met his needs, availability, and interests. Roseman also realized that his father’s situation was pretty common, but the process of individually sourcing and vetting work opportunities was incredibly tedious.

Perhaps a technology solution could help! With that, Steady was born.

The company has gained some quick early traction, generating 4 million downloads since 2018, its first full year in business. They’ve also raised more than $29 million in venture funding.

Fun Fact: Shaquille O’Neal, NBA legend and businessman joined as an advocate and advisor.

How Does the Steady App Work?

Steady is straightforward and easy to get started with. The general process looks like this:

  • Download the Steady app.
  • Create a free account.
  • Browse gigs that meet your criteria.
  • Apply / on-board with those opportunities.
  • Get to work.
  • Get paid!
  • Manage your gig earnings in one place.

The Steady App Sign Up Process

Steady is available on both iOS and Android, and is very highly rated. At press time, the app was rated 4.7 stars on the Apple App Store and 4.4 stars on Google Play, each with over 10,000 user reviews:

steady app store reviews

When you first join Steady (it’s free), it’ll ask for details like:

  • your name
  • email
  • phone number
  • password

You can also simply login with Facebook if you don’t want to create a separate profile with another password to remember.

There’s a checkbox to select if you want to receive text message alerts for new gigs.

Getting Started with Steady

Once you’ve got the app installed, the first screen you’ll see will be a prompt to enter your location:

welcome to steady - location prompt

After that, you’ll answer a series of questions based on your financial goals. For example, the app asked me if I:

  • was interested in no-fee banking and commission-free investing
  • could easily earn an extra $500 in case of an emergency
  • wanted to save money on car insurance

Based on your answers, the app presents a number of quick-earning opportunities — often in the form of cash bonuses for signing up for different apps and services.

Browsing for Work on the Steady App

I was curious to see what kind of gigs the app had available, so I scrolled down to the “Find Work” section.

find work on the steady app

There are 5 different job types offered:

  1. Recently Added
  2. Work From Home
  3. Gigs
  4. Part-Time
  5. Full-Time Work

Let’s take a look inside each to see what kind of gigs or odd jobs you might find.

Recently Added Work

The Recently Added category is for Steady app aficionados who are looking for the latest and greatest opportunities.

I was happy to see a couple dozen new gigs when I clicked over here, which signaled to me that the app is regularly updated and maintained.

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Work From Home

Under the Work From Home category, Steady found 458 results for me.

These included lots of remote customer support and sales jobs, a few gig economy options, and some online surveys.

While I guess the latter can technically be done from home, I wouldn’t consider them work from home “jobs.”

As I scrolled down, I found more options that resemble traditional work, including:

  • Language tutoring
  • Transcription
  • Community moderating
  • Freelance writing

Steady presents a pretty solid database of work-from-home job opportunities, but seems to focus on the lower end of the market. And compared to other remote work job sites like FlexJobs, the listings look pretty sparse.

For example, FlexJobs found 455 active job listings just in the “Internet and E-Commerce” category, which is just one of 50+ job categories on their site.

work from home jobs at flexjobs

But unlike Steady, FlexJobs charges a monthly fee to access their listings.

There are some helpful filters to narrow down your options on Steady, but one is glaringly missing: pay rate, or average hourly wage.


This category is great for finding flexible gigs you can work whenever you have time available. When I click over to Gigs, the app brought up a quick survey to help narrow down my options.

steady gig jobs survey

The questions included information about my:

  • desired hours
  • preferred location (in-home vs. on-site)
  • vehicle
  • education level
  • language proficiency
  • current employment
  • licenses and certifications

Finally it asked about the job categories I was interested in. After that, the app gave me 51 “jobs” to choose from: 

steady app jobs found

For me, it brought up a lot of online surveys, transcription, freelancing, and tutoring options. Those included:

When you click into each of the gigs, you can learn more about the requirements, time commitment, and pay. The gigs that showed up for me went as high as $20 an hour.

I think the survey personalization is pretty slick. Give it a try to see which gigs sound most appealing to you.

Part-Time and Full-Time Work

The Part-Time and Full-Time Work category inside Steady is by far the largest. When I clicked into it, the app brought up 10,000 results!

part-time and full-time jobs on steady

Outside of the gig economy apps, there were tons of local options in:

  • caregiving
  • hospitality
  • customer service
  • retail
  • and more

You can also click on the “Jobs for you” button at the top for more personalized recommendations based on the information you’ve fed the app.

Click into the ones that seem most interesting to you. I found gigs ranging from $10 to $26 an hour, though most didn’t include a concrete salary number.

How Do You Apply for Gigs on the Steady App?

Once you use Steady to identify the gig (or gigs) you want to go for, follow the link in the app to complete the registration or application.

This will normally take place on the 3rd-party site of whatever gig you’re applying for.

For instance, if delivering for DoorDash sounds cool, Steady will send you over to DoorDash to sign-up.

After that, your relationship with Steady can be over (if you want it to be). All your work communication will happen directly between you and the app or service you contract with.

Track Your Earnings

If you end up using Steady to connect with multiple gigs, using the app’s Income tracker might be helpful.

Once you connect your bank account (securely, of course), Steady will pull in your relevant earning data into a handy dashboard. Over time, you’ll be able to monitor your different income streams and total monthly earnings.

Is Steady Secure?

Whenever an app asks for my bank account username and password, it definitely gives me pause. In Steady’s case, they’re using Plaid to make a secure connection, which is the industry standard across pretty much every FinTech app.

Per Steady, this the “the same technology used by Venmo, TransferWise, MoneyLion, Robinhood, Acorns and Coinbase. This technology ensures your information is encrypted end-to-end. Your actual bank credentials are never available to Steady.”

Benefits of Linking Your Bank Account

Linking a bank account to Steady is the fastest and easiest way to get paid cash rewards after you complete an Income Booster or receive a referral bonus or cash grant.

The more complete your profile, the more accurate and meaningful your Steady app experience will be, and the more you can maximize the effectiveness of tools and features like:

  • Steady’s Income Passport – A dashboard of all your income sources into one verified, easily-shareable PDF when/if the need arises to organize and submit your income somewhere. Also handy if you just want to keep all your income better organized—a common pain point for non-traditional workers in the modern gig economy.
  • Personalized Income Opportunities – Helpful insights for jobs and income opportunities that might work best for you and your goals.

Lastly, linking your bank account allows you to get a more full picture of your income, how you’re progressing, and where you can improve. In this way, the more you give to Steady, the more you will be able get out of Steady.

How Much Can You Make on Steady?

Gigs on Steady typically max out around $20-25 an hour, but the company reports that Steady users earn an average of $5,500 more per year after they join.

Of course your earnings will depend on your location, skills, and the time you put in.

The Steady App Income Boosters Section

Inside the Steady app, you might notice a section labeled Income Boosters.

What you’ll find there is a menu of interesting products and services aimed at the Steady workforce. These companies promise to help you:

  • Save money on insurance.
  • Get the tax deductions you deserve.
  • Improve your rideshare earnings.
  • Save on prescriptions.
  • And tons more.

steady app income boosters

Each one pays anywhere from $5-75, just for signing up for some third-party product or service. It’s definitely a cool supplemental service inside the app, and worth checking out which tools might make sense for you.

Refer Your Friends

The other way to earn money with Steady is to refer your friends. At press time, the app was paying $5 for every friend who joins through your unique referral link, and a $25 bonus for every 10 friends who join.

invite friends to download the steady app

Side Note: How Does Steady Make Money?

Since Steady is free, and obviously took quite a bit of time and money to develop, you might be wondering how the company makes money.

It operates on an affiliate or lead-generation model. Many of the apps and services featured on Steady are hungry for new people to help meet growing demand.

Because of that, they’re willing to pay companies like Steady to refer new users, drivers, hosts, caregivers, etc.

For the sake of disclosure, Side Hustle Nation makes money in the same way.

Who is Steady Best For?

Who will get the most benefit from the Steady app? Here are the audiences I think the app is best-suited for.

Side Hustlers

You have a traditional full-time job, but want to have another stream of income. Maybe you have some extra time on your hands, or want to work on something more enjoyable.

One Side Hustle Nation reader mentioned:

“I wish I could have had this kind of service back when I was working at the airport. It might have helped me figure out myself sooner or made my life a little more purposeful.”

Freelancers/Independent Contractors

Steady is heavy on jobs for freelancers. There are countless opportunities in creative media and IT, including:

  • graphic design
  • programming
  • content writing
  • voice acting
  • and more

Steady can help point you to the various freelance marketplaces where you might begin to find clients for your skills.

Full-Time Job Seekers

The majority of full-time jobs on the app are in customer service, personal assistance, retail sales, caregiving, hospitality, and cleaning.

The positions range from entry-level staff to manager level. However, it’s not an ideal place to seek salaried professional work or more advanced roles in specific area like medicine.

College Students and New Grads

Steady is great for college students and new grads looking for experience and building their resume.

It can also help you earn extra money while you look for a full-time job, or try different jobs at the same time. That way you might better learn what you enjoy doing before committing to a full-time job.

Those Pursuing Entrepreneurship

Even though the app mainly wants to play matchmaker between you and existing marketplaces and gig economy apps, it can be helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Browsing through the Steady listings will get you thinking about the services you can offer. These gigs are one way to improve your entrepreneurial skills and help you earn more money during your startup journey.

Steady App Earning Potential

How much could you make on the Steady app?

As mentioned above, I saw gigs going as high as $26 an hour. (Though the majority were in the $10-15 per hour range.)

I’d probably avoid the “micro-task” platforms unless you really like that type of work and don’t want to commit to anything with a set schedule.

As with any side hustle, consider the opportunity cost. Is it worth toiling away for potentially less than minimum wage, when you could be using that time to build a business or asset of your own?

Steady App Pros

  • Fast, simple sign-up process.
  • Free to use and browse flexible work opportunities.
  • Incredible variety of gigs available, all in one centralized location.
  • Quick company profiles let you compare gigs and choose the best for you.

You can be as selective as you want or as your experience allows. If nothing is a fit today, no harm done.

Steady App Cons

  • Filters could be better; some of the options presented aren’t great (in my opinion).
  • Approximate earning power is not listed for every gig.
  • Each gig requires its own separate application.

What Are Some Alternatives to Steady?

I honestly haven’t found another app that attempts to do what Steady does: aggregate all the gig economy opportunities and put them in one place.

For that, I commend the team at Steady. I met several of their team members at FinCon last year and I’m impressed with what they’ve built.

But here are a few similar services that might be worth a look.

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Finally, there’s FlexJobs. As mentioned above, this is the leading site for part-time and full-time remote work.

flexjobs homepage

This is a great option for flexible, work from home jobs that fit your skills and goals.

FlexJobs does charge a monthly fee to access their listings, but you’ll earn it back (and then some) with just one job.


JobGet focuses on matching you with nearby part-time jobs—and doing it fast. If you need a legit source of extra income, like yesterday, this is a good place to start.

jobget steady alternative

Once you create your profile in the app, you can immediately apply for jobs that look like a fit. From there, you can message with hiring managers directly through the app.

JobGet has tens of thousands of job listings in retail, service industries, logistics, and more. Most are in the $12-20/hour range.


Like Steady, AppJobs combines a bunch of part-time and gig economy jobs into place. You can punch in your location and see what opportunities come up.


They don’t have nearly as many options as Steady, but there are a couple things I like about their interface.

First, you can use it online — they don’t force you into the app. And second, many of the gigs include an estimate of your earning potential, which Steady doesn’t.


Upshift is like a modern temp-agency that helps businesses fill shift work roles. Those are in fields like:

  • Hospitality
  • Servers and bartenders
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Retail
  • Housekeeping
  • and more

One thing that’s cool is that every Upshift worker is a W-2 employee and eligible for benefits, no matter how much or how little you work.

Rates typically range from $15-25/hour. Check out our full Upshift review to learn more.

Your Turn

Have you used Steady yourself? What do you think?

Leave a comment or review below and let the Side Hustle Nation community know about your experience.

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  1. I have benefited from using Steady and I have completed 3 Steady Deals. I just recently completed them though and it would be nice if the email sent that states “you’ve completed a Steady Deal, your money is on the way”, would state which deal they are referring to. There is no way to know whether my money is on the way from the $35 I’m supposed to get for completing my first Postmates delivery, or the $75 from using my new bank card to make my first purchase over $25. Other than that, I think it’s a genius site, easy to navigate and that it has provided a ton of new ideas for me to make extra $$$

  2. I’ve downloaded the mobile app. As I scroll down searching for a gig and find one that seems interesting I’m unable to open the ad as the button is 1/2 way under the ad so nothing comes up. I’m excited to get rolling on some part-time gigs, but I’m not able to open some of the offers

  3. I don’t like the fact that you don’t know if I have completed the deal like using a bank app and there is no communication with them by email or phone. There needs to be better communication with Steady App

    • Hi Chris! Thank you for your comment. We want to apologize if you’ve reached out to our team but have not heard back. We’ve experienced technical difficulties in responses but it has now been fixed. We would be happy to help by providing any kind of updates with your boosters. Please reach out to us at Thanks! – Steady

    • Income booster lol I’ve been waiting months for 2 of mine I’ve emailed 50 times barely get a response and if I do it’s 7 to 10 more days now it’s allow 60days to get your money. I did self and the varo bank app 90 bucks for varo sign up for a debit card and use 10 bucks on it. The response I got blew my mind because I used it on fanduel for football they don’t like gamblers it should be for gas or food lmao telling me how to spend my money going after my character. I promised them that I was gong to warm everyone. I have proof if anyone wants it. Guys if you have a fantasy league they don’t like that lol I want way more then the 90 now

  4. Why the heck do they require access to allll of my banking transactions? Direct deposit info ok, but why do they need to see exactly what goes in and out??

    • Hi Allen! Thank you for your comment. We want our members to connect with Steady so they can organize all of their income information through the Income Tracker. Steady uses Plaid to connect to your bank – the same technology used by companies such as Venmo, TransferWise, MoneyLion, Robinhood, Acorns, and Coinbase. This technology ensures your information is encrypted end-to-end. Your actual bank credentials are never available to Steady. Just note, you are not required to link a bank account to sign up and apply for jobs. Please continue to use the app and find those jobs that will continue to make you money! Thanks! – Steady

  5. So far I have to give a baby 1 star rating the very first way to make money was to purchase a varo debit card make a $25 deposit and get a $75 gift card I’m trying to get information from them out trying to call them to let them know that I already went through the process and they will not contact me back know if they cannot fulfill their initial offer why should I bother trolling through the rest of the app come on steady call me I’ve already left 10 messages.

    • Hi Eric! Thank you for the comment. Our sincerest apologies for the delay in response. We have recently experienced technical difficulties with responses but the issues have been fixed now. We would be happy to check the status of your booster. Please reach out to us at with your Steady email address. Thanks! – Steady

  6. Alot of these work from home sites are a BIG Scam, Everyone that I have followed redirects you to another site or browser so therefore defeats their purpose in going to the site to find a job when you end up being redirected else where.

    As for what I’m seeing with Steady this site is no different than the rest of them out there and having Shaquille O’Neal as a spokesman for the App does not make me want to Rush out and sign up!

    Note to: Steady Support: instead of sending the people to your email ( to have them fill out yet again the same information that you had already seen here, Why don’t you just answer their questions so others that may have the same question can see the already posted reply and not having to repeat the question twice?

  7. OK their secure link to add your bank info is your ACTUAL bank username and password!!! What’s to stop a hacker or some other entity from getting your bank info and stealing all your money.
    Beware!.. if the old fashion routing and back account number is not good enough for them then they are hiding something and mining your bank transactions for profit.

    Was going to sign up for Steady until I saw this and they do not allow you to do any alternative bank link.

    • Of course hacking is always a risk, but found this on their support page: “Steady uses Plaid to connect to your bank – the same technology used by companies such as Venmo, TransferWise, MoneyLion, Robinhood, Acorns and Coinbase. This technology ensures your information is encrypted end-to-end. Your actual bank credentials are never available to Steady.”

    • Sorry for the trouble, Ana. Per Steady support:

      “To delete and cancel your Steady account, log in to Steady and go to the Settings page. Then click on “delete account”.

      Please note that you can only delete your account if you have no active memberships, so you have to cancel your current memberships before deleting.”

  8. I was very concerned when they asked for my bank account username and password. With that information on my account, they can withdraw as well as deposit! That’s what brought me to this page, looking to see what others might have said about it.

    Any input on this?

    • I know i’m a couple months late but it depends who “they” is. Different banking and payment apps you might get connected to or sign up with or want to transfer with may want you to connect one of your other accounts. To do so, you’d have to log in to your other account to connect them. I don’t think they’d still your money but I know the biggest company that provides this service, Plaid, did settle a class action lawsuit recently for collecting more information than they were suppose to. But it’s pretty normal if they use a connector like plaid to link 2 bank accounts and not normal under most any other circumstances.


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