Upshift Review: A New Way to Find Flexible Shift Work with Benefits

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Upshift is a legit staffing platform that allows users to pick up shift work when it works for their schedule.

That makes it a viable way for side hustlers and gig economy workers to make extra money as time allows.

Upshift: Find Work with Flexible Hours

Earn $15-25/hr picking up flexible shift work nearby.

In this review, I’ll share:

  • How Upshift works
  • My experience with the platform so far
  • Upshift alternatives to consider

Let’s dig in!

What is Upshift and How Does It Work?

Upshift is a staffing platform that partners with area businesses to provide employees to cover shift work. Businesses sign up to get workers for available shifts.

Upshifters can pick up shifts by deciding when and where they work.

upshift worker homepage

Upshift makes its money from these businesses who pay them once a shift is complete. This allows Upshift to pay the workers who completed the work.

(Upshifters get paid by Upshift, not the business.)

Upshift was founded in 2016 and is backed by job-search juggernaut Indeed. They’ve partnered with businesses like Hyatt, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and Kroger.

At press time, they have over 150,000 users.

What are Other People Saying About Upshift?

They have received a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from G2 and a 4.0 rating on Glassdoor.

upshift reviews

While they have many positive reviews about the flexibility of work, it also seems there are issues with the lack of support from Upshift for their employees when things go wrong.

Where Can I Find Worth with Upshift?

Upshift is currently operating in 25 metro locations, including:

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Orlando / Lakeland, FL
  • Miami / Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Detroit / Ann Arbor, MI
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Akron / Canton, OH
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Columbus, OH
  • Nashville, TN
  • Pittsburg, PA
  • Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • San Antonio, TX

You can check out the current list of locations below.

upshift locations

They are also expanding and allow you to sign up for a waitlist if you don’t see your location. Start by answering their sign-up questions and you will have the chance to receive notifications when Upshift starts in your area.

Upshift providers shift workers for the following industries:

  • Food service and events
  • Fulfillment and distribution
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing and Printing
  • Education
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Corporate Dining

Does this sound like a great fit for you? Let’s take a look at how to get started with Upshift.

Who is Eligible for Upshift?

To work on Upshift, you’ll need to:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a smartphone
  • Be eligible to work in the US

How to Get Started With Upshift

Here’s the process to get started with Upshift:

  1. Application. You start by filling out an application and taking an assessment. If all of that checks out, you go into an Upshift office for on-boarding. Make sure to bring your A-game, since Upshift advertises “vetted, 5-star workers.”
  2. Access Local Jobs. Once you’re hired, you have access to the app and local jobs. This allows you to search and find available shifts to work.
  3. Get Paid. You will log hours with your Upshift app and get paid directly to your bank account.

make extra money with upshift

One thing that’s interesting about Upshift is that once you’re approved, you actually become a w-2 employee of Upshift.

This means after you complete a shift, you can get access to employment benefits, while also getting to keep a flexible schedule.

This is pretty unique among side hustle jobs — it’s far more common to be considered a 1099 independent contractor and receive no benefits.

There are no minimum hours you are required to work, giving Upshifters a ton of flexibility.

After receiving 2 direct deposits from Upshift, employees are eligible for same-day pay.

How Much Can You Make on Upshift?

Most jobs on Upshift range from $15-25/hour, depending on the industry. Warehouse and server jobs tend the pay the least, at least based on my searches.

One thing I like about the app is that it shows both the hourly rate AND the estimated income for the full shift. 

upshift hourly rates

That way you can easily compare gigs side-by-side based on their distance and earning power.

How to Maximize Your Earnings With Upshift

If you decide to work with Upshift, here are some tips to maximize your earning potential.

1. Apply to Shifts as Soon as Possible

Some markets are very competitive with other Upshift workers. Apply as quickly as possible to the available shifts you’re interested in to be considered.

You may want to enable notifications on the app so you know when new jobs are available.

2. Collect Reviews from Employers

Businesses can write reviews that will appear on your Upshift profile. Building rapport with businesses and asking for positive reviews can help you stand out.

3. Branch Out and Learn New Skills

If there aren’t enough jobs available in your area of expertise, start learning new skills and apply in new industries so you can pick up more shifts.

upshift gig examples

Upshift Alternatives

While Upshift is a legit way to pick up flexible shift work, this opportunity is quite limited with their limited locations.

If you don’t live in an area where Upshift operates, here are some alternatives to check out.

1. FlexJobs

Side Hustle Nation Approved
FlexJobs: #1 For Remote Jobs

The best place to find legit work from home jobs. Established in 2007, FlexJobs has 1000s of listings including part-time, full-time, and freelance options in tons of industries.

With legit jobs ranging from entry-level to executive and freelance to full-time, FlexJobs is the leading work-from-home job site. At press time, there were more than 30,000 openings in dozens of career categories.

flexjobs homepage

They charge a nominal monthly fee to access their listings, but you’ll easily earn it back (and then some!) with one job.

2. JobGet

JobGet is a leading platform to connect with nearby jobs in hospitality, restaurants, and retail.


3. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is one of the largest gig economy platforms. You can create a profile specializing in everything from running local errands, assembling furniture, local admin temp help, and even virtual support jobs.

Rates vary widely based on what service you’re providing, but I’ve seen tasks anywhere from $15 an hour all the way up to $100 an hour or more for specialized handyman skills. You can also check out Thumbtack or Nextdoor as well.

4. Rideshare and Delivery Gigs

There’s a reason apps like Uber and Lyft are so popular. They’re quick and easy to start, and allow a flexible schedule.

One Lyft driver of mine on a recent trip put it this way: “When I want to make money, I turn on the app.”

In fact, these “gig economy” apps have helped create a multi-hundred billion dollar a year industry. Here are some options to get your piece of the pie:

  • Instacart – Earn up to $480 a week shopping for and delivering groceries in your spare time. Check our full Instacart shopper review for more.
  • Amazon FlexEarn $18-25/hr making Amazon deliveries.
  • Uber Eats – Make local takeout deliveries in your town with and earn up $25 an hour doing so.
  • Shipt – Drivers can earn up to $22 an hour shopping for and delivering fresh food and household essentials.


Easy to get started

No marketing or sales required

Can earn money quickly


Limited earning power

Wear and tear on your vehicle

Income may be inconsistent

If you choose any of these driving-related side hustles, it might make sense to tack on an app like Hurdlr to automatically track your mileage, expenses, income streams, and tax deductions in real-time. On average, Hurdlr helps users find $5600 in deductions!

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