Remotasks Review: Can You Really Make $720 a Week From Home?

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Remotasks is a new side hustle platform, where you can get paid to complete short tasks online.

“Take an exam, do a task, get paid!” the site promises.

In this post, I’ll break down each of those steps and share my experience in trying to make money on Remotasks.


Our AI overlords still need some human guidance to get smarter. Remotasks pays you — up to $18 an hour — to provide that guidance.

  • Work from anywhere, whenever you want
  • Decent earning power and task availability
  • Challenging tasks that use your brain
  • Somewhat tedious onboarding process
  • Confusing interface

remotasks review

What is Remotasks?

Per the site: “Remotasks is a platform that allows you to create data for and directly influence the next generation of AI models, all while earning in your spare time.”

What does that mean? For the time being, our AI overlords still need some human guidance to get smarter. Remotasks pays you to provide that guidance, in 3 main types of tasks:

  1. Data Generation: Creating original content, like responses to questions or prompts. 
  2. Evaluation: Choosing the best response from a list or pair of options.
  3. Rewriting: Editing and improving a prompt response.

Is Remotasks Legit?

Remotasks is a legit GPT — “get paid to” — site where participants can earn small amounts of money for doing work online. 

The platform is owned by San Francisco-based company Scale AI, which was founded in 2016 and raised a measly $600 million in venture capital

Having drawn criticism from paying super low wages to workers in the Philippines, Remotasks seems to have refocused on higher-paying work.

How Much Can You Make on Remotasks?

Remotask workers can expect to earn an average of $15-18 an hour, based on your skills, speed, and availability. The challenge is there isn’t always tasks to work on, so it can be difficult to earn a consistent income from the site.

Remotasks takes that $18/hr figure and multiplies it by a hypothetical 40-hour workweek to claim you can earn “up to $720 a week.” While technically possible, it may not be realistic.

Still, it is a viable online side hustle, and the company has paid out over $15M to taskers.

On top of that, the hourly rates are better than you’ll find on other micro-tasking sites like Mechanical Turk.

Who is Eligible for Remotasks?

Remotasks accepts taskers from 90+ countries around the world, but you do need to be able to read and write English at “an introductory college level.”

After you create your account, Remotasks asks for some basic demographic info, including:

  • Your country
  • State of residence
  • Education level
  • Educational background

To get paid, you’ll need a PayPal or Airtm account.

Getting Started with Remotasks

Before you can do any tasks (or earn any money), you’ll need to complete the 35-min Introduction to Remotasks training. (It took about 5 — but not sure if I missed something!)

getting started with remotasks

You’ll also need to verify your identity and complete a brief security training. The identity verification process is done securely through the 3rd-party vendor, Persona

Completing Your Skills Assessment

The next phase of Remotasks is the mandatory Skills Assessment. This is a series of “tests” designed to make sure you can read, write, and rate at the level they’re looking for.

remotasks english exam

The good news is that several of these tasks are paid. There are 5 sections in all:

  1. Training and Examples (Required. Estimated time to complete: 1 hour)
  2. Rating Test (Required. 30 minutes to complete. Pays $10* for passing)
  3. Response Editing (Optional. 40 minutes. Pays $40 to pass this and/or the Writing assessment)
  4. Response Writing (Optional. 60 minutes. Pays $40)
  5. Your Preferences (Required. 5 minutes)

The Response Editing and Writing assessments aren’t required, but Remotaskers who complete them will be eligible for “significantly more work” on the platform and earn higher hourly rates.

How hard are the tests? According to the site, you should be able to pass without a problem if you read and write at “an introductory college level.”

The creative writing part was the hardest for me. My prompt asked me to write a 500-word retrospective from the point of view of a woman anxious about having her consciousness uploaded to the virtual reality world. 

I do a lot of writing but dystopian sci-fi isn’t my normal genre!

(Still, I was pretty proud with what I came up with!)

*To prevent people from taking the training and running, these training payments only “unlock” after you complete 12 tasks on the platform.

When you finish, you’ll reach a screen like this:

remotasks english evaluation

Spoiler alert: I passed! Phew.

Can You Do Remotasks on Your Phone?

No. The company “strongly suggests” completing the work on a desktop or laptop computer for “a better tasking experience.”

The first task I was assigned also required using Hubstaff time-tracking software on my computer.

Types of Tasks

Remotask has several different types of tasks you can get paid for. I’ll break those down here.

Rating / Ranking

For rating and ranking tasks, you’ll evaluate 2 responses to a prompt. Do they follow the instructions? Which one is better?

For each of these, you’ll have to determine whether the prompt is looking for a creative or factual response.

For factual responses, you’ll base your rating on:

  • accuracy
  • completeness
  • relevance
  • depth
  • conciseness
  • spelling and grammar
  • formatting and coherence
  • tone appropriateness
  • safety

For creative responses, you’ll also be on the lookout for:

  • creativity and complexity
  • development of ideas
  • sophistication

In most cases, there’s a sliding-scale rating tool and a text input box for you to explain your rating.

Response Writing

I find these the most challenging and time-consuming, because you have to create a response from scratch. Sometimes that requires outside research and fact-finding, and other times it requires a lot of creativity.

But that’s also what makes AI so helpful — it saves a lot of that time!

Response Rewriting

For the rewriting or editing tasks, you’ll try and improve existing AI responses.

As a former book editor, I like these a lot. In some cases, you’ll add additional context, correct factual errors, omit unnecessary sections, or make formatting and structure changes.

Prompt Writing

Based on what I’ve seen so far, prompt writing tasks are the least common type of task on Remotasks. But in this scenario, you’d be in charge of writing clear and concise practice prompts for the AI.

My Experience with Remotasks So Far

After completing the training, I was assigned a project right away. Still, that required even more training (up to 3 hours), which was unclear whether or not that time would be paid.

Remotasks asked me to install Hubstaff and begin tracking my time for that project, but nowhere does it make any mention of what hourly rate (if any) they’re paying for it.

So far, I’ve earned $15.59 in exchange for about an hour of logged time in Hubstaff:

remotasks first earnings

A few days later, Remotasks paid me the $15.59 via PayPal.

My plan is to keep chipping away at it so I can hopefully unlock my training payouts and have more to report back here shortly.

The Bottom Line: Is Remotasks Worth It?

Remotasks is a viable way to earn extra money from home.

It’s best for people with strong English reading and writing skills, and the hourly earning rate is decent — up to $18 an hour, or perhaps even higher if you’re really fast.

(That’s WAY higher than other “make money online sites” like Slicethepie.)

But the work isn’t brainless — it would be hard to multitask while doing any of this.

The other drawback is you’re still trading time for money. If your end goal is to build wealth and escape the rat race, Remotasks probably isn’t the answer. 

Remotasks Alternatives

When it comes to making money online for beginners, Remotasks is just one option.

Here are some alternatives to consider if you don’t qualify for Remotasks or find the onboarding too tedious.


Your easiest remote side hustle option may be to pick up some flexible, part-time work.

This is where FlexJobs comes in — it’s the leading work from home jobs site.

With over 50 career categories, FlexJobs has jobs ranging from entry-level to executive and freelance to full-time.

flexjobs homepage

They charge a nominal monthly fee to access their listings, but you’ll easily earn that back and then some with one job.

When I filtered to only part-time positions, I found over 1,000 remote jobs!

flexjobs part-time remote jobs results


Prolific is similar to Remotasks in that you can get paid for quick online tasks and surveys. The payouts are slightly lower, but I found it much faster to get started with.

prolific review

Check out our full Prolific review to learn more.

Editing and Proofreading

One of my favorite online side hustles was editing and proofreading non-fiction books for self-published authors. If you enjoy the response re-writing tasks on Remotasks, you might consider becoming a freelance editor.

In my case, I found clients through Fiverr, Facebook groups for authors, a self-publishing training program, and word of mouth.

My rates were generally between $0.01 and $0.02 per word, which worked out to around $30 an hour. (And it was pretty cool to get paid to read!)

If you don’t want to stress about finding clients on your own, here are some companies that offer remote editing and proofreading jobs:

  • Edit 911 – Edit dissertations, theses, and books. This one requires extensive experience, education, and accomplishments.
  • Enago – Edit academic papers from a wide range of subject areas.
  • – Proofread and edit of all types of documents, from academic and business to books and resumes. Top editors earn $500 to $3000 a month. 
  • – Full-time and part-time proofreading remote jobs, with pay from $19-46/hr. Accepts applicants from all countries.
  • Scribendi – Enjoy more of a community feel since this freelance editing job includes working with other staff members. Payment varies per project. 
  • Wordvice – Part-time editor positions. The workload fluctuates seasonally. Graduate degree required.

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