Slicethepie Review: Legit, Easy Way to Earn Pennies Online

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Slicethepie claims to be “the largest paid review site on the Internet.” (It’s not.)

But if you like the idea of getting paid less than $2 an hour for your opinion, it is a legit way to make money online.

In this review, we’ll break down:

  1. how Slicethepie works
  2. how to maximize your earnings
  3. some better-paying alternatives to consider

Ready? Let’s do it!


Slicethepie is a long-running paid review site, where you can earn a few cents to give your feedback on music tracks and ads. But in our testing, we found it hard to earn even $2 an hour.

  • Legit way to get paid for your opinion.
  • Review songs and commercials.
  • Well-established company with responsive customer service.
  • Low payouts.
  • Repetitive and tedious work.
  • $10 minimum to cash out.

How Slicethepie Works

Slicethepie pays you to “write reviews on new songs, fashion items, accessories, and commercials before they are released.”

slicethepie review

Your feedback goes directly to unsigned artists, record labels, and designers. It’s a way for them to affordably crowdsource public opinion before releasing a new album, product, or marketing campaign.

After all, if the feedback is poor, it’s better for them to go back to the drawing board than launch a dud.

Is Slicethepie Legit?

Yes, Slicethepie is legit. The company has been around since 2007, and has raised $2M in venture funding.

In that time, the music review engine has collected over 70 million reviews and paid out over $8.5M to members like you and I.

slicethepie average pay per review

However, some quick math indicates the average payout per review is just $0.12. That wouldn’t be horrible but some of the reviews require quite a bit of time — more on that below — and there’s a $10 minimum to cash out.

Plus, Slicethepie makes some bold marketing claims that are almost certainly false. For example, they claim to be “the largest paid review site on the internet.”

slicethepie largest paid review site on the internet

But according to ahrefs, Slicethepie only gets a tiny fraction of the traffic that other major review sites like Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie do. 

slicethepie traffic estimate

How to Make Money with Slicethepie

After you get signed up, you’ll be presented with several categories of reviews to choose from:

  1. Music
  2. Commercials
  3. Branding
  4. Fashion

Reviewing Music

In the music review section, you’re rate and review one track at a time. You need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the track before you can submit your review.

slicethepie get paid to review music

Slicethepie asks you to rate each song based on qualities like:

  • Rebellious
  • Authoritative
  • Compassionate
  • Approachable
  • Idealistic
  • Opulent
  • Pure
  • and more

slicethepie music rating page

You’ll also need to:

  • write a brief review (at least 2-3 sentences)
  • rate for the song on a scale from 1-10
  • rate your ability to hum, tap, or sing the melody you just heard

According to Slicethepie, you can earn more per review by:

  1. Submitting detailed, varied, and constructive reviews in well-written English.
  2. Being specific about the various aspects of the track, such as vocals, rhythm, production, instrumentation and so forth.

Here’s an example of a song review our independent tester wrote:

The singer’s passion for freedom shines throughout the song, with a clear message to resist the forces of evil. The sweet vocals are supported with a laid back production which has an R&B vibe. The melody comes mostly from the singer, with no memorable instrumental parts, whilst the arrangement of the drums can be said to be pretty standard, and provides little sonic excitement. Having said that, this is a ‘song’, as opposed to a musical piece, and it works very well as such. The message and the voice are the important things, so whilst I would have preferred more variety in the production and instrumentation, the song was well written, well performed, and a different arrangement may have obscured these elements.

What did he get for sharing his two cents? Literally $0.02.

Reviewing Commercials

Under the Commercials category, you get to watch videos and move a little slider to indicate how you feel about the video as you’re watching it.

reviewing commercials on slicethepie

Along with your review and rating, there are a bunch of questions to answer — way more than the other categories.

For example, our Slicethepie tester watched a commercial for Kinder eggs, and earned $0.03 after filling out the detailed review questionnaire. 

slicethepie get paid to watch videos

It’s kind of cool to get paid to watch videos, but also pretty slow, tedious, and ridiculously low-paying.

Reviewing Branding

The Branding category has both audio and visual branding review tasks.

Audio Branding has you reviewing voice-overs and audio clips. 

Slicethepie audio branding review

Similar to the other sections, you’ll give your overall opinion and then answer a series of questions about the clip.

Our tester earned $0.05 for this review of a 30-second ad for a mobile phone network:

“The voice-over was bold and compelling. The product was presented as being the best in the market, and the narrator enforced this message with their confident and sure delivery. It was easily recognizable as being of a similar style to other advertising elsewhere from this company, such as YouTube and television, and is both familiar and commonplace. This voice-over strongly reinforces the message that this company is at the forefront of communications by having a consistent and powerful history of delivering the same message in similar ways.”

Visual Branding seems to be mostly giving feedback on brand or product logos or packaging.

slicethepie branding review page

Based just on the visual, Slicethepie as for your opinion and rating in several categories, like:

  • Bold
  • Pure
  • Defiant
  • Fun-loving
  • Intense
  • Joyful
  • and more

Our tester earned another $0.05 for completing that review.

As you can see, Slicethepie is very much a volume game — you have to do a ton of reviews before ever earning the $10 minimum to withdraw.

My guess is most users give up before they ever reach that threshold. 

Reviewing Fashion

At press time, the Fashion section didn’t have any products available to review.

How to Maximize Your Slicethepie Earnings

There are a few ways to improve how much you can make on Slicethepie.

1. Focus on Bonus Categories

Occasionally, certain review categories will be labeled as “Bonus $$” or “Max $$$”. These are limited time promotions when completing reviews in that category earn more than normal.

2. Increase Your Star Rating

According to Slicethepie, “Your Star Rating is a measure of the quality of your reviews, compared with all other reviewers. The more Stars you have the more you’ll earn.”

How do you improve your Star Rating?

Apparently by writing longer reviews — up to 200-500 words! So there’s the tradeoff: spend significantly longer typing out reviews in the hope of earning more per review, or try to bust through them as fast as possible.

Other tips from other Slicethepie users include:

  • Be honest, but not rude
  • Use appropriate terminology
  • Be thorough
  • Create a checklist of elements to discuss in your review, like rhythm, song structure, lyrics, vocals, instruments, etc.

Our tester managed to claw his way up to a 3-star rating, but it took its toll. “Two hundred to 500 words on a rubbish song is more than I can manage and still stay sane,” he explained.

3. Refer Your Friends

Misery loves company?

For every friend who joins through your referral link, you’ll receive:

  • 20% of all their review earnings for their first 60 days
  • 10% after that

4. Complete Surveys

Surveys are another way to earn with Slicethepie, but there were none available at press time for us to test.

How Much Can You Make on Slicethepie?

The most we made in any of our review tests was $0.06.

Most users agree that it will take time and patience, but that getting a higher Star Rating is a key factor in earning more. A few 5-Star Slicethepie reviewers report earning up to $0.20 per review. 

One even claimed to be making $130 a week. I can only imagine how many mind-numbing hours that takes.

Let’s say you’re exceptionally fast and can knock out a review every 3 minutes, and earn the advertised average of $0.12 per review.

That’s 20 reviews in an hour x $0.12 = $2.40. 

You’d have to work full-time (40 hours), just to make $100 in a week.

And that assumes you’re banging out quality reviews in 3 minutes and earning double what we did in any of our tests.

Who is Eligible to Join Slicethepie?

Slicethepie is open to residents of “most English-speaking territories and Germany.”

Slicethepie Payout Options

If you manage to reach the magical $10 threshold to cash out, PayPal is your only option.

Important note: Your Slicethepie email address must match your PayPal email address.

On the positive side, I like how Slicethepie just pays you in dollars and doesn’t mess around with any confusing point system or virtual currency, or make you trade in for gift cards.

Can You Do Slicethepie on Your Phone?

At press time, Slicethepie doesn’t have a mobile app. The site is functional on mobile, but not as user-friendly as the desktop version.

Issues with Your Slicethepie Account

When I tried to access my account using a VPN from Starbucks, my account was locked. Thankfully, customer support got me reinstated in a couple days. 

Slicethepie Alternatives

Getting paid for your opinion can be a pretty fun and easy way to make money.

But when it comes to remote side hustles, there are better options. 

There are several sites that help match you with paid research studies online. Depending on your areas of expertise, these can pay $50-200 an hour.

My favorites are:

Best Overall
Best for Industry Pros
  • 4.1
  • Earn an average of $75 per project, and get notified of upcoming studies you may qualify for.

Best for Medical Research
  • 4.5
  • Patients and caregivers can earn $120/hour while helping advance medical research.

Best Overall

Earn $50-150/hr, with thousands of new studies added each month.

Best for Industry Pros

Earn an average of $75 per project, and get notified of upcoming studies you may qualify for.

Best for Medical Research

Patients and caregivers can earn $120/hour while helping advance medical research.

Game App Testing

KashKick is a newer app that pays you to answer surveys, test new games (up to $150 each!), and redeem money-saving offers.

With the slogan “get paid to have fun,” KashKick is rated 4.3-stars in the Google Play store.

Best for Testing New Games

Get paid to test new games, complete offers, and answer short surveys.

Other Survey Sites

These won’t make you rich either, but can be an easy way to make some money in your spare time. And most have mobile apps so you can earn from your phone.

Here are a few of the top options:

  • Swagbucks – Earn up to $35 a survey with this mega-popular app, and get a $10 bonus just for signing up!
  • Survey Junkie – Take 3 surveys a day and earn up to $100 a month.
  • KashKick – Get paid to answer surveys, test games, and try new products.
  • InboxDollars – Get a $5 bonus just for signing up!
  • American Consumer Opinion – Join millions of free members and earn up to $50 per survey.
  • Branded Surveys – One of the best-rated survey sites with millions paid out.


Prolific is one of my favorite survey sites because it pays better than most ($7-10+ per hour), and they tell you both the payout and estimated time to complete each one upfront.

Studies range from quick 5-10 minute surveys to more in-depth questionnaires taking around 30 minutes.

Check out our full Prolific review to learn more.


Remotasks is one of several companies paying people to help train the next generation of AI tools. You can earn $14-$18 an hour to help:

  • rate and rank AI responses
  • draft responses to sample prompts
  • edit and improve AI answers

The onboarding process does take some time, but once you get through, this is a viable way to earn from home. Check out our full Remotasks review to learn more.

Is Slicethepie Worth It?

Slicethepie is a legit way to make money online, but that money will be slow to accumulate. 

Given the low payouts, the $10 minimum to withdraw funds is a mountain I fear few will ever summit.

The site is best for people who genuinely love listening to music and sharing their detailed feedback on songs.

Otherwise, my advice would be to turn your attention to some of the alternatives listed above.

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