Fingernail Science

While in Hawaii, I noticed my fingernails were growing abnormally fast. Usually cutting them is a once a week occurrence, or maybe even more infrequently, but  I literally had to cut them every day or every couple days. It was crazy. I devised several hypotheses as to what could have caused the sudden fingernail growth … Read more Legit or Scam?

I got an interesting mailer the other day from a company called It said, “FREE Livermore Dinner Conference… Two Tickets Enclosed…” and, “Dinner Table for Nicholas Loper and guest.”  Now, knowing that nothing’s free, I was even more curious to find out about this company and what the sales pitch was going to be. … Read more

High Altitude, Low Octane?

During our recent trip to Montana and Wyoming, I was surprised to find octane 85 and 85.5 gas at the gas stations. I had the false idea that octane ratings had to do with fuel efficiency, fuel “quality”, and or pollutants. I had some homework to do. What is Octane? The octane rating of gasoline … Read more

XM Radio Cancellation Scam

Satellite radio is an interesting business model. They have extremely high overhead (satellites definitely aren’t cheap), but the marginal cost of additional customers is basically zero. Their satellites are already up there beaming signals down to earth; if the signal hits one receiver or a million, it’s all the same to them. In December, mom … Read more

How Does Work?

How Works sells gift certificates to local restaurants at deep discounts. Their normal price is $10 for a $25 gift certificate, but they often run promotions where you can buy the same $25 gift certificate for just $2 or $3. $25 worth of food for $2! What’s the catch? Each restaurant has their … Read more

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