Safeway Checkout Donations

If you’ve shopped at Safeway any time in the last few years, you’ve probably been asked to make a donation to some charity when you checked out. Some shoppers get really offended by this, but each year Safeway raises millions of dollars for breast cancer research and a host of other causes. In 2009, their … Read more

VigLink vs. Skimlinks

VigLink and Skimlinks are two companies that aim to help bloggers and other website owners monetize their content and traffic. They do this by transforming regular outbound links into affiliate links wherever possible. If any sales result from those links, the website owner earns a commission. (Technically, VigLink or Skimlinks earns the commission, which they … Read more Legit or Scam?

I got an interesting mailer the other day from a company called It said, “FREE Livermore Dinner Conference… Two Tickets Enclosed…” and, “Dinner Table for Nicholas Loper and guest.”  Now, knowing that nothing’s free, I was even more curious to find out about this company and what the sales pitch was going to be. … Read more

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