State of the Nation: Your Chance to Earn a Year of Free Side Hustle Coaching and Support

This month I conducted the first (annual?) Side Hustle Nation member survey, and was grateful to see more than 100 responses!

To incentivize responses, I gave away a free side hustle strategy session and made sure the survey was mobile-ready so it could be done on a phone.

One of the requests projects was a “public coaching” effort, which means I need an audience volunteer. If that sounds like something that would be useful to you, read on.

2015 Goals (and a giveaway)

As we turn the calendar over for a new year, I think it’s a good idea to put pen to paper and write down a few “big picture” goals for the year.

Whether that’s quitting your job, as Bryan Harris outlined last week on the podcast, paying down debt, or earning a couple hundred bucks a month, it’s all worthwhile.

What makes a good goal?

Blogging vs. Podcasting: A 1-Year Case Study

Heyo! Side Hustle Nation is a year old, and you know what that means?

Time to share the results of my first “serious” attempt at building something more than just a personal blog.

And, for the sake of comparison, I’ll share the results alongside those of The Side Hustle Show podcast to see which has been the more effective way of reaching new people and spreading the side hustle goodness.

2013 Goals

Even though the results on last year’s goals weren’t 100% stellar, they did end up providing a lot of clarity on day-to-day decisions throughout the year. Like a corporate mission statement, big picture goals help guide smaller decisions, and help you steer you down the path you want to go. For example, a publicly-stated goal … Read more

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