Amazon Wholesale: How I Sold $3.2M of Other People’s Products Last Year

Corey Ganim

Ever wish you could get a piece of the Amazon pie?

Corey Ganim of did just that, banking $3.2 million in sales by selling other people’s products on the e-commerce giant’s platform.

And he didn’t have to deal with the massive upfront costs and headaches of manufacturing his own products.

Corey got started in early 2019 and went full-time with his unique wholesale business model by mid-2020.

He’s since built a multi-million-dollar business buying brand-name inventory at wholesale prices and reselling it on Amazon at a profit.

In this episode, Corey shares his best tips and insights featured in his book, The 5 Pillars of Amazon Wholesale and his free Wholesale Challenge training.

How a Simple Idea Turned Into a $50k a Month Side Hustle

lou rice

Lou Rice was breastfeeding her son Archie one night when disaster struck—she dropped her Kindle on his head!

While that experience was upsetting for both of them at the moment, it sparked an idea for Lou and her husband Ben to create a solution.

Ben fashioned a silicone strap with staples to attach Lou’s Kindle to her hand and prevent any future dropping incidents.

Lou tested it out over the next month and absolutely loved having the grip and security of the strap for comfortable one-handed reading during those long middle-of-the-night feeds.

And thus, their side hustle, was born—a company now generating over $50k a month selling their innovative Kindle straps. Not only that, but Strapsicle is on pace for its first-ever 6 figures after recently going viral on TikTok and Instagram.

Flipping Books for Profit: How to Make $4000 a Month Selling Used Books

flipping books

Do you enjoy hunting for bargains that you can buy low and sell high?

Charlie William does, and his book flipping business is proof that this business model still works.

He’s become a master deal-hunter, selling more than $9,000 worth of used books last month on Amazon. 

The best part? Anyone with access to thrift stores, yard sales, and local charity shops can get started with this side hustle for just a few bucks a month.

Online Arbitrage: Make Money with Amazon FBA from Home


Buying products for a low price and selling them for a higher price can be a quick way to multiply money, but what if you could find profit from the comfort of your home?

This is the promise of online arbitrage.

Online arbitrage is the process of buying inventory from one site to resell on another. It’s amazing to me that this is a thing, but it very much is.

From $100 to 7-Figures: Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage Case Study

nate and alysha

“It was costing me money to go to my job,” Nate told me.

That was a year after Nate and Alysha Jackson started their Amazon FBA retail arbitrage business — with just a $100 investment.

Since then, the former public school teachers have sold over $1 million worth of products on Amazon!

341: How to Make Money with Wholesale Bundles on Amazon FBA

Amy Feierman and Kristin Ostrander of have generated over $2 million in sales on Amazon over the last 12 months – not through retail arbitrage, not with FBA, but with a unique strategy that has high margins and lower costs per sale.

What are they selling on Amazon?

Bundles — Think shampoo and conditioner, peanut and butter, or any 2-6 products that compliment each other and provide some added value and convenience to the buyer.

278: Selling an Amazon FBA Business: My $425k Exit … and the Guy Who Bought It

Recently a friend of mine posted about how he sold his 2.5-year-old Amazon FBA business for over $400k, which I thought was incredible.

The twist was it turned out the buyer was a familiar face as well. Spencer Haws of was the seller, and Ace Chapman of was the buyer.

They are both previous guests of the show. Spencer was on episodes 18 and 70 of The Side Hustle Show talking about niche sites and software, and Ace was a guest on episode 182, talking about investing in digital real estate.

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