15 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games: Get Paid $4000/mo to Have Fun!

How To Make Money Playing Video Games

Yes, you really can get paid to play video games.

With the rise of Esports, Twitch, and professional gamers, there’s never been a better time to monetize your video game hobby.

And the cool part is, you don’t have to be a pro. Even casual gamers are getting in on the action, and in this article I’ll break down some realistic ways to make money playing video games.

10 Big Ideas from 500 Episodes of The Side Hustle Show

side hustle show cover art

This week it’s the 500th episode of The Side Hustle Show, which just seems crazy to me.

It feels like just yesterday I started this thing in a lot of ways. But it’s been 9 years — I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

In honor of the 500 episode milestone, I wanted to reflect back on 10 big ideas and 10 common themes over the last 9 years.

27 Side Hustles for Women and Moms to Make Money in Your Spare Time

side hustles for women

What are the best side hustles for women? What can moms do to make extra money?

When people ask me those questions, I’ll be honest, my first reaction is … why the qualifier? There’s no reason women can’t run any of the businesses or side hustle ideas featured on Side Hustle Nation.

$17K in the Last 30 Days: Building a Reselling Business from Scratch

jack and joan ferrell

There’s profit out there, you just have to learn how to find it.

On this week’s show I’m joined by a pair of Side Hustle Show listeners who’ve been learning that skill and have translated it into tens of thousands of dollars in sales over the last 16 months.

Jack and Joan Ferrell of SecondTimeSellers.com are resellers. They find used items at flea markets, yard sales, online auctions, and flip those items for anywhere up to 10x what they paid for them.

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