The Productivity Pyramid: A Framework to Make Real Progress

Kate Erickson

We’re all dealt 24 hours a day. I believe how you spend that time, or maybe rather how you invest it, should give you some sort of return.

That could be a monetary return, sure. But it could also be a return in personal satisfaction or impact on others.

Today, I want to introduce a productivity framework I’m calling The Productivity Pyramid.

6 Low Startup Cost Business Ideas from Side Hustle Nation

low startup cost business ideas

Starting a business doesn’t have to be expensive — in fact, low startup cost business ideas are everywhere.

Just last week, Nate and Alysha Jackson explained how they started their Amazon retail arbitrage business with just $100 — and had since grown to over $1 million in total sales.

Inspired by their story, along with a couple of threads in the Side Hustle Nation Facebook group that asked for some real-life low startup cost business ideas, I put together this episode.

22 Real Ways to Make Money on Amazon: $1000+ Per Month

how to make money on amazon

With a ton of ways for people to make money, there’s no wonder why Amazon is at at the center of so many side hustles these days.

The innovative–if not controversial–Seattle company still has its core retail business, but has expanded in many different directions. For entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and everyone else looking to earn some extra cash, Amazon probably has an option for you.

I have several Amazon income streams myself!

21 Recession-Proof Businesses That Thrive in Hard Times

rental real estate recession proof business

Recession-proof businesses are those positioned to survive and thrive during an economic slowdown, like the one we’re experiencing now.

It might seem like a recession is a kiss-of-death for business owners, but that’s not always the case.

71 Passive Income Ideas To Stop Trading Time for Money

passive income ideas

I set out to write the best damn passive income ideas post on the Internet.

Because here’s the thing. Most “passive income” list posts just repeat the same boilerplate ideas–open a high interest savings account, for example.

And yes, that will earn you a small amount of passive income (and I’ll certainly mention it as an option below), but my guess is you’re looking for something a little more substantial.

36 Ways to Make Money in College: Up to $10k Per Year Part-Time

make money in college

While my own college days are ancient history, I think it’s more important than ever that college students learn how to make money.

College itself is more expensive than ever, and that’s led to more and more people borrowing money to pay for it. This year’s graduates will carry more than a degree–they’ll also head out into the world with an average of $33,000 of debt.

But if you can start your working career without the huge burden of debt, you’ve already got a major leg-up on your path to financial independence.

Best Dad Advice: 10 Life and Business Lessons from Dad

In honor of father’s day, I wanted to share some of the best advice I’ve received from my dad over the years, and how we can all work to apply it in life and in business.

The funny thing is almost all of these were very literal conversations, which I’ve extrapolated out (30 years later!) to have a broader meaning.

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