My First Amazon FBA Clearance Arbitrage Shopping Trips – And My First Sales!

Over the past few weeks I’ve made several clearance arbitrage scouting trips. After hearing about this side hustle for the past year and some of the success my friends and peers are having with it, I had to give it a shot!

The first thing I did was install the Amazon Seller app on my phone.

Upon opening it, I learned an Amazon Seller account was required to run it, so I created a free Amazon Seller account.

The Piggyback Principle

The Piggyback Principle is a business idea framework that looks at popular market trends or “ecosystems” and seeks ways to support or supplement those trends.

It can be a faster way to start a business because you can capitalize on what’s already hot with an additional or complementary product or service.

Basically, your side hustle can ride piggyback on a larger business or trend.

Do 5-Star Work

Ever since The Lean Startup hit the scene (and probably even before that), there’s been a widespread push in the entrepreneurial community to “just ship it.”

Get your product or service out there, and refine it later based on customer feedback.

But that’s not a license to put out crap.

How to Start a Business in 7 Days: 13 Real Ideas from Side Hustle Nation

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to join John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire, a top business podcast.

At the end of every show, he asks guests his famous “$500 question.” Naturally, there are some common threads in the answers, including the elements I touched on of networking, selling some service, or re-creating what you had on the “old” earth.

But since Side Hustle Nation is a creative bunch, I posed the question to in my email newsletter: What would you do?

12 Ways to Save Money on Conferences

Last month I attended two industry conferences, ICON15 in Phoenix and New Media Expo in Las Vegas. My total travel and registration expenses were just $249.98 for both shows combined.

(Not including food and drinks.)

No matter what industry you’re in, I believe conferences are a great way to make lasting connections and friendships, and to learn from leaders in your space.

Beyond $5: 5 Fiverr Gigs with High Average Order Values

Fiverr may have started as the $5 marketplace, but savvy sellers know there’s potential for much higher earnings on the platform.

These opportunities come in the form of gig extras (upsells), multiple orders, and their new custom offer tool. With the custom offer tool, you can now actually make sales up to $10,000, as AnarchoFighter shared earlier this year on The Side Hustle Show.

But if you’re just starting out as a seller, it can be tough to identify which gigs have high average order values.

Udemy Launch Strategy and Results – $3525 in 60 Days

In November I released my Udemy course, Kindle Launch Plan: $1400 in 30 Days & an Amazon Bestseller.

It’s about time I break down what I did to create the course, launch it, and ultimately earn $3525 in the first 60 days.

Have you published a course on Udemy? How did it go?

Would you use their platform again?

Quarterly Progress Report – Q1 2015

This is my first attempt at what may turn into a regular series: a quarterly progress report.

Why quarterly? Because months are too short.

Why “progress”? Because that’s what it’s all about.

To me, progress means forward motion, or actively taking the steps to improve each day. It’s one thing we can control.

5 Companies That Encourage Their Employees to Side Hustle

Most companies want their employees to focus 100% of their attention on their assigned projects and tasks. It makes sense, right? Do the job you’re getting paid to do, and don’t ask questions. In fact, when I got hired right out of college, my company had a weird habit of transplanting new hires across the … Read more

Not Loving Your Day Job? The 3 Keys to Side Hustle Satisfaction

Even though they say money can’t buy happiness, we all want to earn more — and employers use raises and bonuses as a tool for motivating their workers.

However, according to author and speaker Dan Pink in his bestselling book Drive, compensation isn’t the only — or even the main — key to worker happiness.

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