28: How to Live Rent Free

In Episode 28 of The Side Hustle Show I sit down with Scott Bold to discuss how Airbnb bookings pay the majority of his rent. Just imagine, if a side hustle could cover your living expenses, would that give you a sense of freedom from your job? Airbnb.com is the peer-to-peer accommodations site where you … Read more

What Makes SmartWater Smart?

what makes smartwater smart

SmartWater is a brand of bottled water produced by the Glaceau company — the same company that makes those colorful VitaminWaters. I was surprised to learn Glaceau is a subsidiary of Coca-Cola. But what makes SmartWater so special? Is it really any different from regular water? Here’s what we know: SmartWater is “vapor distilled” water. … Read more

High Altitude, Low Octane?

During our recent trip to Montana and Wyoming, I was surprised to find octane 85 and 85.5 gas at the gas stations. I had the false idea that octane ratings had to do with fuel efficiency, fuel “quality”, and or pollutants. I had some homework to do. What is Octane? The octane rating of gasoline … Read more

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