Kindle Launch Plan: $1400 in 30 Days and How to Go From Zero to Amazon Bestseller

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Earlier this year, I had a ton of fun working on a book project called Work Smarter. It was a collection of online tools, apps, and resources that entrepreneurs use to run their businesses, get more done, and live happier, more productive lives.

The book was essentially a giant list; not exactly high literature or the Great American Novel.

But it generated a lot of buzz during the launch, reached the top of its categories in Amazon, earned $1400 in the first 30 days post-launch, and has gone on to sell well in the subsequent months.

While hardly a revolutionary work, I think it solved the problems of curation, consolidation, and curiosity. Nearly all of these resources are mentioned on various websites and you could conceivably track them down individually if you knew where to look. But no one else had compiled them in one place, and part of us is always curious about what tools the pros are using.

Like if we just used the same tools, maybe we could generate similar results.

Plus, there’s a joy in discovering cool new resources, which for me was the most fun part about the project.

Rock Your Kindle Launch

Since then, several other authors have asked for advice on how they can launch their book with a bang.

And while every book is different, I think there are some general guidelines to follow, along with a proven, systematic way to get your book to the top of the charts — especially if you don’t have a big built-in audience, social media following, or email list.

The truth is, bestsellers aren’t born; they’re made. <– click to tweet!

And you can make one too.

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In my new Udemy course, which builds on the tactics I shared on the podcast and on Steve Scott’s blog, you’ll learn how to:

  • Research the competition to best serve your readers.
  • Find the best keywords and categories for maximum exposure.
  • Build buzz for your launch and recruit a team of book ambassadors.
  • Create a winning cover, book description, listing page, and author page.
  • “Hack” your book content to win in Amazon’s search results and gain long-term customers.
  • Professionally format your book, upload it to Amazon, and even create a paperback version (for free!).
  • Price your book to optimize sales, income, and perceived value.
  • Use Amazon’s massive reach and internal workings to promote your book for you.
  • Generate a critical mass of reader reviews.
  • Leverage dozens of free promotional outlets to spread the word about your book.
  • Maximize your social media reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • Keep the momentum of your launch going after your big promotional push, and make a successful transition from free to paid sales.

There are more than 3 million competing titles on Kindle, which means there is a LOT of noise in the market.

The good news is that 95% of other Kindle authors don’t know or don’t execute on these tactics, so you’ll have a huge advantage and be able to win the top positions — and the authority and income that come with it.

The Deal

Side Hustle Nation readers can get access to the course for 75% off the $99 sticker price

(To put that in perspective, you’ll only have to sell 13 books at $2.99 to earn back your investment. Following the formula in the course, I sold more than that in less than a day post-launch.)

In return, I’d love to get your honest feedback and of course your reviews on the Udemy platform.

What People Are Saying

steve scott_100“I can honestly say that the biggest challenge for new authors is launching a successful book when you don’t have an established platform. Nick’s course is a great solution to this problem.

First off, I know he walks the walk. I witnessed how his recent launch netted him over 20,000 downloads. Even better—months later—this book is still a strong seller. What’s interesting is did all this with a lot of hustle and smart marketing.

What I appreciate about this course is how much Nick talks about laying the foundation for a successful book. In my opinion, this the real “secret sauce” for a best-seller. After that, he details how you can create a killer launch, even if you don’t have a large audience. For most students, this will be the most useful section because it teaches you the right way to connect with people to promote your book and readers who want your content.

If you don’t have a large platform and need that extra edge to create a powerful launch, then you definitely want to check out this course.”

Steve Scott, bestselling author of Habit Stacking (and dozens of other titles).

ani alexander“The course is packed with practical actions, which will help newbie self-published authors promote and sell their books. It is a very nice starting point in the journey of becoming an author. I highly recommend!”

Ani Alexander, bestselling author of Highfall, and host of the Write 2B Read podcast.

alex harris_100“Thank you for putting this together. Loved all the marketing hacks.

I followed this exact formula from Nick and my book was listed #1 in three categories for FREE. Then when I put it for sale, it was immediately at #1 again in the Best Sellers section of Direct Marketing. Now my downloads are skyrocketing and I have over 50 reviews.

This course is easy to follow to Write, Launch and Market your new book!”

Alex Harris, bestselling author of Boost E-commerce Sales and Make More Money, and host of the Marketing Optimization podcast.

nancy hendrickson“Nick Loper is the master of the book launch, and this course proves it. As an author, I only wish I had a course like this before launching my first book – but using the information here I can guarantee my future launches will be far better (and more effective). There’s absolutely nothing missing here – for anyone who writes, this is definitely the real deal.”

Nancy Hendrickson, bestselling author of The Genealogist’s U.S. History Pocket Reference (among other titles).

rob cubbon_100“I have been publishing on Kindle for over a year with multiple titles and I have learned loads from this course. Nick had a hugely successful launch and subsequent ongoing sales with a Kindle book recently and this course tells you all his secrets. He gives us actionable steps we can apply in our Kindle books now. A hugely valuable course. Thank you, Nick!”

Rob Cubbon, bestselling author of Build a Brand, Create Products and Earn Passive Income (among other titles).

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And if you think the material sucks, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. See you inside!

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