33 People Who’ve Helped Shape Side Hustle Nation

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people who shaped the nationAs Side Hustle Nation turns 2 years old, I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank many of the people who’ve helped “shape” the site and my projects over the years.

(Here’s post #1, from May 8th, 2013.)

Some of these you’ll have heard of, but many probably not. The point of that is to show there’s a lot that goes on “behind the scenes,” and that everything we work on today is really the cumulative result of all our decisions and experiences so far.

Some of these people I haven’t talked to in years, but they still made an impact that continues on today.

As independent as I think I am — or may want to be — I’ve come to realize I’m pretty worthless without my network. 

You know, standing on the shoulders of giants and all that jazz.

So here goes:

1. Sam Han – Who owned an managed the restaurant I worked at after high school. It was a GREAT summer, and while I know Sam kept busy at his other locations, it was an early glimpse at the E-Myth; he’d built a business that didn’t require his 24/7 supervision.

2. Adam Kiyonaga – My longtime friend who got me hired there.

3. Yoram Bauman – Whose Intro to Microeconomics class gave me a new way to look at how people made decisions. He’s also the world’s only “stand up economist” and he’s got some pretty good material if you’re into nerdy econ jokes like me.

4 and 5. Nicole Persson and Ben Yonge – My College Works Painting managers. They practiced and preached sales and entrepreneurship to this impressionable youth.

6. Mark Deruyter – Who hired me to be his marketing intern at OnlineShoes.com, where I first learned about ecommerce, SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing.

7. Jing Jing Long – My longtime friend and roommate, who pointed out the above-mentioned internship to me in the school newspaper classifieds. And who told me to read Rich Dad Poor Dad.

8. Kyle Schneider – Who helped my friends and I get hired at Ford. After all, you gotta have a main hustle to be able to side hustle, right?

9. Joel Gross – Who inspired me to start a blog of my own back in 2009. He was also the very first email subscriber for this site. My brother was #2.

10. John Corcoran – Who gave me the idea for this post after I told him about this one.

11. Shawn Collins – For putting on a series of great Affiliate Summit conferences, plus convincing me (through his blog) I needed a treadmill desk.

12. Pat Flynn – For generally being awesome, but especially for his PodcastingTutorial.com video series, which helped me understand how to create and launch my show.

13. Chris Ducker – Whose podcast inspired me to work on my “personal brand” and whose site heavily influenced the first version of the Side Hustle Nation homepage. (He’s not shy about calling out imitators either, so I did a full redesign a few months later.)

My mock-up of the homepage from 2013.
My mock-up of the homepage from 2013.

14. Chris Kilbourn – For agreeing to be guest #1 on a non-existent podcast.

15. Theresa Campbell – For hours of entrepreneurial scheming over the years, plus tons of TEDx talk note sharing and rehearsal.

The actual "deer in the headlights" selfie I took during my talk.
The actual “deer in the headlights” selfie I took during my talk.

16. Jana Senthurpandi – Whose team built and rebuilt the shoe biz several times over 9 years.

17. David Hutcherson – For being a great advocate for “5-9 warriors.”

18. John Lee Dumas – Whose Entrepreneur on Fire podcast lightning rounds inspired Work Smarter.

19. Chandler Bolt – For his book marketing insights that helped me crush the launch of that book.

20. Alex Barker – Whose insistence on me starting a mastermind group made me take action.

21. Virginia Roberts – Whose pricing page inspired mine. Well, it’s a work in progress.

22. Jeremy Blanchard – Who graciously shared a ton of helpful coaching process materials.

23. Kai Davis – Who introduced me to both Virginia AND Jeremy, and also rocked The Side Hustle Show on a couple occasions. Most recently he shared the groundwork for a profitable part-time consulting biz.

24. Mike Kawula – For being the ultimate connector and for introducing me to many early podcast guests.

25. Mr. Money Mustache – Whose blog inspired an obsession I never knew I had with the concept of early retirement and financial freedom, and for inspiring this post. The only person on this list I’ve actually never talked to.

26. Scott Britton – For his book launch tactics and course-building insights.

27. Steve Scott – Who was gracious enough to give me an outlet for this meaty guest post on how I launched my book, which turned into a full-blown Udemy course based on the reaction in the comments.

28. Spencer Haws – who (in addition to Steve) was an awesome affiliate partner for the launch of my Udemy course.

29. Meron Bareket – For planting my brain with the idea of creating episode-specific email opt-in offers for the show. And for creating the Podcast Incubator Family FB group, inspiring me to create a group of my own for SHN.

30. Anarcho Fighter – For convincing me to open up shop on Fiverr.

31 and 32. Mom and Dad – For supporting me through all these weird entrepreneurial ideas, no matter how crazy they probably sounded.


33. Bryn – For her amazing understanding and support, in good times and bad. And for being a pretty serious side hustler herself!

I’m sure there are dozens of others I forgot, and for that, I apologize.

Looking forward to what the next two years (and beyond) have in store!

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9 thoughts on “33 People Who’ve Helped Shape Side Hustle Nation

  1. Gratitude is awesome! Yes you’ve had help/support but you’ve been “pounding the rock” (running with the football inside the Tackles) pretty darn good! Keep it up-you are helping many and it is appreciated! Congrats from Coach Dom Costa:-)

  2. Congratulations Nick!

    You’re truly an inspiration helping so many on their entrepreneurial journey. I’m grateful to have gotten to know you online and then to meet in person both in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

    Can’t wait to see where Side Hustle Nation will be at 5 years and how many you’ll have helped achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

    Thanks for including me sir! All the Best ~ Mike

  3. It’s so wild to think it’s been two years already. I forget when I first found you and even how at this point. But it’s post like this and others that had me coming back. Absolutely love this post as well as what you do overall.

    *tips hat*

    Congrats to you, Sir. Very well done.

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