My Hustle Put Me in the Hospital. I Left With This Productivity Hack

Since my “ONE thing” was to blow the lid off my freelance business income, I had to muster the will-power and follow the to-do lists to make it happen.

Fast forward through 3 months of 12+ hour workdays (7 days a week nonstop) — I’ve collapsed in the ER, my head feels like scrambled eggs (extra crispy), and partial paralysis is setting in.

The nurse squeezes my hand before an emergency CT scan and whispers into my ear, “Don’t worry, sir. We’re not gonna let you die.”

500 Days of Cold Showers (Plus 14 Listeners Share Their Experience)

Yesterday marked 500 days since my last warm shower.

When Nick Reese challenged me to start taking cold showers last March, my initial reaction (and you can hear this on the podcast), was “that sounds horrible.”

But since I’m all about different experiments, I figured I’d give it a shot for a month and see what happens. And the weird thing is, some good things started happening (over 25 comments on this original post).

123: Time Hacking for Side Hustlers: How to Get More Hours, Clarity, and Results

If you’re looking for ways to squeeze more out of your limited side hustle hours, this is the episode for you. I’m excited to introduce Julie Sheranosher, host of the Time Hackers podcast.

Julie and I met at World Domination Summit in 2013 — she flew in all the way from Israel — and she is one of my favorite people and true time management pro.

I feel like my productivity has improved over the years, but I’m always learning about new systems and “hacks” to test out. One of those hacks was simply writing down my top 3 priorities for the next day the night before.

96: Essentialism and Finding Your ONE Thing

In Hawaii and on the plane home I read two books with very similar themes:

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Both titles share the common message of FOCUS — de-cluttering your day, your work, your mind, and your life.

They came at a good time because I was starting to feel overwhelmed with projects and wanting to pursue new ideas and opportunities as they came up.

Short on Time? 6 Ways to Improve Your Side Hustle Energy

Time is our most valuable commodity, and it’s uniquely egalitarian; we’re all dealt the same 24-hours each day.

But it’s also a non-renewable resource — once it’s used up it’s used up.

That means we have to be conscious of how we use our time, of how we invest it.

And I’ll use the word “invest” rather than the word “spend” because I believe side hustling time, business-building time, is an investment — an investment in your future that will, with any luck, result in MORE time down the road.

I Have 8 Kids, Run a 27-Person Company, and Have a Side Hustle Web Start-up. These are my Top 5 Time Management Hacks.

Sometimes when I talk about all the projects I have going on, I get the snide remark, “You must not have kids.” And while that’s a true assumption — I don’t have kids — it never really sits well.

The choice to raise children doesn’t have to mean giving up every waking hour and all your entrepreneurial aspirations. But since I’m obviously not the best qualified to talk on this subject, I brought in someone who is.

Bryan Orr is a self-described “blue collar entrepreneur,” who runs an award-winning local service business, an online start-up, and has a family of 8 kids.

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