Blogging in a Post-HCU World: The Savvy 7-Figure Online Business

Kelan Kline

Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU) hit a lot of online businesses hard with its new update.

Even well-established and authoritative websites experienced a significant drop in their rankings.

That’s why I went behind the scenes with Kelan Kline from The Savvy Couple, whose online blogging side hustle did well even after the update.

Kelan built his online business up from making $50 in the first year to now seeing around 500k pageviews a month. That led to his online business making seven figures last year.

19 Automated Business Ideas to Make Money in Your Sleep

automated business ideas

An automated business can help you make the 4-Hour Workweek a reality.

And while most businesses can be automated to a certain extent, some models are more ripe for automation than others.

In this post, I’ll break down Side Hustle Nation’s top automated business ideas

How to Use AI to Create Digital Products: $30k a Month

becky beach

Becky Beach’s side hustle journey began like many others—with an unhealthy relationship at a day job. After being fired from her toxic work environment, Becky was inspired to start her own business. She launched the blog in 2015, but it took 6 long years of blood, sweat, and tears before it became a full-time income source.

When COVID-19 struck, Becky’s blog exploded from 20,000 pageviews a month to over 250,000. Riding the growth, she took the leap into full-time blogging and digital product creation.

Just two years later, Becky now earns $30,000 a month, largely from digital product sales. She sells printables, courses, planners, workbooks, and more through her website, Etsy store, and TeachersPayTeachers.

How I Grew My Hobby Travel Blogs to $50K Months in Just 3 Years

shelley marmor

What if your passion project could transform into a full-time income source in just a few short years?

That’s exactly what Shelley Marmor did when she started her travel blog. Today, Shelley’s ventures generate over $50k monthly in revenue. She now manages a team to handle the day-to-day operations of the sites.

Catching up with the 6-Figure Houseplant Blogger

profitable houseplant blog

In this week’s episode, we’re catching up with the 6-figure houseplant blogger, Raffaele Di Lallo of

You might remember Raffaele from a blog coaching episode we did last year with the help of Matt Giovanisci from Money Lab.

At that time, Raffaele was generating over 300,000 pageviews per month, which translated into around $10k in income, mostly from display ads and a little slice of affiliate commissions as well.

Behind the Scenes of the 6-Figure Bird Watching Blog

Scott Killer

This week’s guest left his high-paying — but not super satisfying — career in insurance to run a bird blog full-time.

Scott Keller started as a side hustle back in 2016 and has since turned it into a full-time income with half a million monthly pageviews and more than 1 million monthly YouTube views.

But like all businesses, it’s been an evolution to get to that point.

6 Million Visits a Month! SEO and Blogging Tips To Make More Money

From serious health issues and being $500,000 in debt to earning 7-figures a year in ad revenue.

That’s the short story of this week’s guest on the show, Brandon Gaille of

Brandon has been around online business since the 90s, he’s made a ton of money, battled some really scary health issues, and today is one of the top bloggers in the world earning a collective 6 million visits a month across his three sites.

The $90k Niche Daily Deals Blog

camron stover

What’s one thing people want?

They want to get great deals on great products, and for you as a side hustler, that spells a business opportunity to curate and disseminate those deals.

This is exactly what Side Hustle Show listener Camron Stover from is doing.

The $8k a Month Curly Hair Blog

Delilah Orpi

Ever thought about turning your expertise in an everyday subject or topic into an online business?

For Delilah Orpi, her expertise was on taking care of her curly hair — and starting as a side hustle, she turned that into an online business earning around $8k a month at

Delilah has some interesting strategies she used to grow her audience, build her email list, diversify her multiple income streams — all of which can be applied to a topic of your choosing.

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