50: What I’ve Learned and Applied from 49 Awesome Entrepreneurs

The best thing about starting a podcast is the excuse to talk to awesome and inspiring people on a weekly basis.

I’ve learned so much from The Side Hustle Show guests over the past year, I thought it would be an appropriate time to recap some of their shared wisdom, how I’ve applied it to my own projects, and how you can apply it to yours.

This is episode 50 — the big 5-0, and it’s also my first-ever attempt at a solo show.

4 Ways to Find Your People (And How You Join Me In #4)

You know the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by your friends and family?

Or when you’re in a big crowd of fans cheering on the same team?

It’s a sort of happiness, comfort, support, and understanding, right?

Well, at least for me it is.

When you’re with your people, there’s a collective energy that’s hard to describe.

40: How (and why) to Build Your Own Mastermind Group, Plus How You Join One With Fellow Side Hustlers

I’m Nick and I have a confession. When I recorded this episode with Alex Barker from AlexBarker.org (The Leadership Dojo podcast), I had never been in any sort of formal mastermind group. Listen to the collective gasp in my blogger/podcaster/entrepreneur-type circles, that information is blasphemy! It’s totally my fault. Masterminds are something I see huge … Read more

The Most Important Skill for Entrepreneurs (and 7 Ways to Cultivate It)

What’s the most important skill for entrepreneurs?

Ask a dozen people and you’ll probably get a dozen answers.

Sales is a popular response. After all, if an entrepreneur can’t sell customers on his product, team members on the vision, or investors on the potential, the business won’t go anywhere.

Hiring is considered another critical skill. Getting the right people on the bus, in Good to Great speak.

The Scariest Question Ever (and the only right answer)

As adults (gasp), we face dozens of questions everyday:

What should I wear?
What should I have for breakfast?
What route should I take to work?
What should I listen to on the way? (hint: try a podcast)
Most of these questions are pretty small and trivial. The answer you choose probably won’t have any lasting long-term impact on your life.

I mean, Cheerios vs. toast, not exactly a game-changer.

But what about the deeper questions?

16 Timeless Business Lessons from The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the most entrepreneurial shows on television. Throughout its more than 500 episodes, the characters engage in, and interact with, dozens of small business ventures.

(I was going to call this “Evergreen Business Lessons from Evergreen Terrace” — but I figured not everyone would recognize Evergreen Terrace …

The I Done This and Daily Gratitude Challenge

What work did you do yesterday? The day before?

Up until a month ago, I wouldn’t have had a good answer for you.

But now, I’m keeping track of what I get done each day, and it feels great. I first learned about this little mindset/productivity/work hack from Ari Meisel. (Remember Ari from The Side Hustle Show?).

He recommended an automated service called I Done This.

29: 6 Productivity Hacks for Side Hustlers

In Episode 29 of The Side Hustle Show, Timo Kiander of ProductiveSuperdad.com shares his top 6 productivity hacks for side hustlers to maximize their time and output. We also get into a fun discussion about managing email, something I definitely have an unhealthy addiction to. This conversation is built on years of experience and research, … Read more

27: Outsourcing for Side Hustlers

In Episode 27 of The Side Hustle Show, Jonathan Shank and I geek out over outsourcing, microsourcing, and crowdsourcing for side hustlers. This is an action-packed episode with some high-value takeaways for everyone looking to get started with outsourcing. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Stitcher! … Read more

The Outsourced Writing Experiment

For my latest book project, I had this wonderful idea that if I could get someone else to do the writing, I could get it to market faster. I was super busy and eager to expand my self-publishing efforts. The Idea You may have heard the stories of successful Kindle authors who actually use ghostwriters … Read more

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