87: The 5 Step System to Quit Your Job In the Next 12 Months

If you’re not already following Bryan Harris, I recommend you do. The guy is super smart and has a unique way of breaking things down so that they’re easy to understand and implement.

He doesn’t mess around, and gives super-detailed actionable advice with some awesome examples, but gives the caveat that it takes real work. This is not a 4-hour workweek passive income system — at least not at first.

But that’s OK, because we’re hustlers and ready to make something happen in 2015, right?

8 Side Hustle Lessons From Spain and Portugal (The Obligatory What I Learned On My Vacation Post)

Bryn and I just got back from a couple weeks in Spain and Portugal. We had a great time exploring the sites, trying the food (and wine!), and playing digital nomad a bit.

Exposure to different cultures always triggers some new creative thoughts or ideas, and so here are a few of my notes from the trip.

(And if interested, you can check out my notes from last year’s 5-week journey to Japan and SE Asia.)

82: The OMG and 5 Other Habits That Will Make You a More Effective Entrepreneur

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you’re having an amazing holiday with friends and family, and taking a moment to reflect and recharge. Even though it’s an American holiday, the idea behind giving thanks for what we have is universal.

What’s your Turkey Day tradition?

I’m behind the mic solo this week, talking about 6 habits I believe have made me a better entrepreneur, and how you can implement them in your own life.

Killing My Baby: Why I Shut Down My Longest-Running Business

This is a tough post to write.

This summer I pulled the plug on ShoeSniper, my original side hustle and my longest running and most successful business.

A moment of silence.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but I was confident it was time to move on. I think this is an important story to share because most of what you read in the entrepreneurship world is about perseverance and “never giving up.”

Girl Scouts Are Better Hustlers Than Cub Scouts – And What It Means For Your Business

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve got a soft spot for cold callers, and a warm place in my heart for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts (since scouting was good to me), so combine the two and I’m already pulling out my wallet.

The other night our neighbor’s grandson came by in his Cub Scout uniform, almost too shy to even speak, to sell some popcorn products as a fundraiser.

The whole thing got me thinking about how the Girl Scouts are a million times better at this fundraising hustle.

Short on Time? 6 Ways to Improve Your Side Hustle Energy

Time is our most valuable commodity, and it’s uniquely egalitarian; we’re all dealt the same 24-hours each day.

But it’s also a non-renewable resource — once it’s used up it’s used up.

That means we have to be conscious of how we use our time, of how we invest it.

And I’ll use the word “invest” rather than the word “spend” because I believe side hustling time, business-building time, is an investment — an investment in your future that will, with any luck, result in MORE time down the road.

My Top 10 Books of All Time … so far

Now that the “ice bucket challenge” has died down, there’s another challenge going around my Facebook feed this week.

People are asked to share 10 books that have “stuck with them” through the years, fiction or non-fiction, and tag their friends to post their list next.

(So I guess it’s not technically a TOP 10, but more 10 of the most memorable or impactful.)

It’s been fascinating to see some people’s title selections, including many new books I’ve never heard of.

68: How I Got My First Sale in 6 Different Businesses

One of my favorite questions to ask guests on The Side Hustle Show is how they got their first customer. Because that’s an empowering moment!

So today, I’ll take you through how I got my first customers in a half dozen different business ventures.
This show covers some formative moments in my journey, my struggles with sales, and some of my biggest takeaways from these businesses.

62: Generating Lifestyle Business Ideas That Work

Jesse Krieger is THE Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and author of the book of the same name, subtitled Live Your Dreams, Ignite Your Passions and Run Your Business From Anywhere in The World.

Today we’re chatting about how aspiring side hustlers can come up with new business ideas, validate them quickly, and begin earning money outside of their day job.

It’s a fun session with a lot of brainstorming out loud on various ideas and methodologies of going to market.

60: Punching Fear in the Face and Escaping Average, with Jon Acuff

Through his best-selling books, Jon Acuff may be one of the most prominent advocates for the side hustle “brand” of entrepreneurship.

Jon’s a sought-after author, speaker, and consultant, with a share of side hustle stories to tell. While some flopped, one was almost an overnight success: his Stuff Christians Like blog. We talk about all that and more during our call.

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