99 Logo Ideas for the Most Popular Side Hustles

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Whether you’re launching a new side hustle or growing an existing one, a logo design can be an important ingredient to your success.

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A good logo is a great way to customize your website or business card — or to simply make your side hustle feel more legit.

Adding your logo to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or seller profile on a marketplace (like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit) is a no-brainer.

Recently we published 99 side hustle ideas and we thought we’d follow up with 99 logo examples for some of the most popular side hustles.

Below are 99 logo ideas for side hustle businesses (3 logo inspirations for 33 of our favorite side hustles) to help inspire you to get your hustle on!


Photography side hustles are one of our favorites. A photography business can be super lucrative while also offering a creative outlet. Whether you’re going to do wedding photography or you’re going to upload photo to a stock photo marketplace, a professional photography-themed logo design can help you win more work.



Let’s face it, being a DJ not only pays well for 1 or 2 hours, it also makes you cool.

Getting a logo for your Soundcloud page or DJ Facebook fan page is essential for reinforcing how cool you are and making people think you’ve done it more than once.

Need some inspiration? Check out the logos of the world’s most famous DJ’s or try making your own DJ logo on BrandCrowd.


Pet Sitting

If you love animals, then perhaps pet sitting is for you. Check out these cool pet themed logos.


Review Websites

Writing reviews are a great way to attract traffic online. Start a review website or a blog that writes reviews and monetize it through sponsored reviews or affiliate links.


Voice Acting

Do you have a lovely voice? Why not become a voice actor?

Add your profile to a voice acting gig marketplace and see if you can win some voice acting freelance work on the side!



If you’re a handyman looking for odd jobs as your side hustle then adding your profile with a professional logo to a website like Thumbtack or Angie’s List is a good way to generate leads!



Starting a podcast is an awesome side hustle.

It doesn’t cost much to start and submitting your podcast to iTunes is free. Don’t forget, sponsors are a great way to monetize your podcast once you get enough listeners.



Vlogging (video blogging) basically involves starting a YouTube channel and posting videos (often daily) on specific topics.

Pick your topic, channel name, get a logo on your YouTube page and post your first video log and you’re off to the races!


T-shirt Printing

T-shirt printing side hustles are surprisingly easy to start!

In this space, Merch by Amazon, Teespring, and Printful are all worth checking out.


Instagrammer / Influencer

Imagine getting paid to post photos on your IG account.

Sounds like a pretty sweet gig if you can get it. To help separate your IG account from the millions of personal accounts out there, try making a Instagram logo and then add it to your IG profile.



Sure, the crypto-craziness has died down this year, but there’s still a lot of interest in trading and learning about alternative currencies. Every crypto blogger needs a cool logo.

Maybe you even invent your own altcoin and attempt an ICO? This will definitely require a logo. Dogecoin’s logo is one of our all-time faves.


Drone Business

Drones are fun toys but they can also be a source of income. Drone photography or drone pilot side hustles can become real money-spinners. Check out these cool drone logo examples.


House Painter

House painting is a relatively straightforward side hustle to try your hand at.

Grab a roller, some brushes and a logo for your business cards and voila, you’re a house painter.

Nick’s Notes: Fun fact: painting houses was the business that really bit me with the entrepreneurial bug for good.


Wine Maker

Most people love drinking wine – but why not make it your side hustle?

Launching a craft beer line or boutique wine label is both a cool and potentially lucrative side hustle. Check out these cool wine logos …


Jewelry Maker

If you can make jewelry, then you can sell it. Marketplaces like Etsy and Zibbet are great places to sell handmade jewelry.

Whether you’re selling online or at your local market, increase your conversion rate by getting a unique logo design.


Wedding Celebrant

You don’t need to become ordained to become a wedding celebrant. If you have a nice voice and a calming nature, this could be the right side hustle for you.

Check out the wedding celebrant logos below (or browse more wedding logos here).



Blogging is perhaps the original and best online side hustle.

Nick’s Notes: Check out my free video series on how to start a blog of your own.

Whether you’re launching a travel blog, a weight loss site, or just a personal journal blog, make any blog template or WordPress theme uniquely yours by uploading a logo.

Try BrandCrowd’s logo maker for WordPress to generate your own unique logo which you can then upload to your own blog.



This probably isn’t a real category, but women in entrepreneurship is certainly on the rise.



Affiliate marketing can be a great side hustle and a popular niche within this is coupons. If you’re going to start a discount / saving / coupon blog or website, a custom logo will add some legitimacy.


Chocolatier / Baker

Starting a boutique chocolate business could be the perfect side hustle. If no-one buys your chocolate, you can give it to friends and family (or just eat it yourself).


Subscription Box

Online hampers and subscription boxes are fun, potentially recurring, businesses.

Create a unique combination of goodies for your gift box or hamper, get a logo and an ecommerce website going and your side hustle is live.


Removal Service

Do you own a truck? Are you strong like bull? Do you have a friend who is strong like bull?

Answer yes to two or more of these questions and you could start a moving or removal business. Check out these removalist logos on BrandCrowd or the examples below from around the web.


Bed & Breakfast

If you own your own home, perhaps you could start a bed and breakfast business — or put your place on Airbnb.



An obvious side hustle would be to start driving on Lyft or Uber. But what about getting some business cards and doing some private jobs?

Maybe become a get-away driver like Ryan Gosling in Drive? Or maybe a wedding car driver for special events?



Cleaning side hustles are one of the most common side hustles. Cleaner logos often involve bubbles, mascots, water and/or some sort of cleaning tool (like a broom or vacuum).

Related: How Chris took his cleaning business from $0 to $60k a month — without ever mopping a floor.



Teaching something — whether online or in-person — can be a great side hustle.

Related: Here’s how to start a $1000/week tutoring business.



Do you like yoga?

Why not get some yoga teacher training and become a part-time yogi? Not only will you be more zen, you’ll be helping people and making a little something-something on the side. Check out the yoga logos.


Soap Maker

We don’t know how to make soap … but we imagine, if you did, then you’re in a good position to start a soap making side biz.


Candle Maker

If you’re going to start a soap making business, while you’re at it why not try candle-making too?


Dog Walking

If you’re a dog person and not a cat person then perhaps dog walking is the right side hustle for you. Get your 10,000 steps, some fresh air and a bit of side hustle money.


Retreat Host

Are you into yoga, meditation or fitness? Perhaps you could host a retreat or multiple retreats?

Related: Here’s how one listener started a profitable live event.



Has anyone ever told you that you give great massages?

No? Then don’t try this side hustle.

Yes? Then perhaps masseuse is your perfect side business.



ESports are massive. You can watch eSports, gamble on eSports, and even buy merchandise for your favorite eSport team. Why not start a side hustle in the eSport space?

Nick’s Notes: Back in my day, we called ’em video games.



A strong logo can help you win more customers and help them remember you for next time.

If you haven’t started your side hustle yet, perhaps a logo design is the perfect first step to take it from just an idea to a real business.

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  1. I have started a website and was in need of a logo for my website then I come across your article and website after studying this I really feel impressed. Thanks and keep the good work going.

  2. I think a lot of these ideas just shows how you should have your logo designed by a professional instead of just using one of the widely available free logo templates. For example look at the “wine maker” logos. Look how the King David logo completely blows the other two generic ones completely out of the water. Or heck, look at the eSports ones. Same story.

    The generic ones can be fine as a temporary placeholder but if you’re doing something serious, you really need to put up the cash and get a proper logo designed.

  3. All good but they tend to be overused these days. I mean, they’re getting so big that it works against them, with some of them even rejecting new registrations for certain professions. I’m a sales manager turned photo editor and have found better response at newer platforms like Insolvo.


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