Scaling to a 7-Figure Sale: Affiliate Marketing Beyond SEO

alex goldberg

It’s 2019, and we hear from a couple guys on the Side Hustle Show about their part-time website.

It’s about a year old, and they’re writing these in-depth product reviews and comparison posts, monetizing with affiliate partnerships, and doing around $20k a month. Fantastic results for a fairly new site.

That site was, and it recently sold just a few months ago for a 7-figure sum.

Co-founder Alex Goldberg is here to catch us up on what’s working today in a volatile SEO landscape and how website owners can still position themselves for success while relying less and less on organic traffic.

Starting a Local Newsletter Business: $200K from 18K Subscribers

Ryan Sneddon

As a side hustle enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for business ideas that are low overhead, scalable, and sellable.

Newsletter businesses tick all these boxes, with examples like The Hustle and Morning Brew selling for impressive 8-figure exits.

But Ryan Sneddon from Naptown Scoop has taken a unique approach to the newsletter business, focusing on his local hometown, Annapolis, Maryland.

He has become a pillar of the community along the way while making $200k a year from 18k subscribers.

19 Automated Business Ideas to Make Money in Your Sleep

automated business ideas

An automated business can help you make the 4-Hour Workweek a reality.

And while most businesses can be automated to a certain extent, some models are more ripe for automation than others.

In this post, I’ll break down Side Hustle Nation’s top automated business ideas

The 6-Figure Video Game Mom: How to Build a 6-Figure Business Teaching Video Games

Miss Devyn

You know those endless hours you’ve spent perfecting your Fortnite skills or learning how to defeat a Guardian in Zelda games?

There is a chance those skills aren’t just good for bragging rights or racking up likes on Twitch.

In fact, it is possible to make money out of these games without being an online streamer.

I’m talking about teaching video games online, and the demand for these is exploding.

In this “Where Are They Now?” series, we have once again Devyn Ricks from share how much her online gaming teaching business has grown over the last years since we talked in Episode 499.

When Devyn and I connected a couple of years ago, she was making around $4,000/month.

Today, her business has more than doubled, earning her the title of “six-figure video game mom.” She has since expanded her team to 14 teachers.

Blogging in a Post-HCU World: The Savvy 7-Figure Online Business

Kelan Kline

Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU) hit a lot of online businesses hard with its new update.

Even well-established and authoritative websites experienced a significant drop in their rankings.

That’s why I went behind the scenes with Kelan Kline from The Savvy Couple, whose online blogging side hustle did well even after the update.

Kelan built his online business up from making $50 in the first year to now seeing around 500k pageviews a month. That led to his online business making seven figures last year.

$10k/mo On The Side — Sharing What You Already Know

Hugo Ortega

If you’ve ever thought about traveling the world while getting paid (and mingling with the rich and famous on the side), Hugo Ortega’s side hustle story may appeal to you.

After spending 9 years working as a yacht crew member and captain, traveling to over 60 countries, the former engineer decided to turn his niche career experience into a fast-growing online course business—Superyacht Sunday School.

Now, it has grown into a full-time business earning $12K/month.

17 Mompreneurs Who Are Crushing It — And How You Can Too


With more and more women running successful businesses, the rise of the mompreneur is real!

What makes moms such great entrepreneurs? My guess is it has something to do with years of practicing patience, persistence, multi-tasking, and knowing how to make the most of every spare minute!

$500k Revenue from a $9 Membership

liz wilcox

Liz Wilcox found herself at a crossroads.

With a growing email list of beginners wanting to learn about email marketing, she knew she wanted to find a way to step away from client work within a couple of years.

She had just signed a huge copywriting contract worth $20,000… her biggest one yet. But instead of excitement, all she felt was dread about the massive project she now had to take on.

And as a single parent, she knew the importance of creating a business that would support her lifestyle and allow her to be present for her family.

This is where the idea of “low cost = low responsibility” appealed to her, as it would allow her to serve her audience at while maintaining a manageable workload.

So Liz had the idea to create her flagship offer The Email Marketing Membership – a set of done-for-you email newsletter templates that members could access for just $9 per month.

Get Paid for Amazon Reviews: $2000+ Per Month?

get paid for amazon reviews

Can you really get paid for Amazon reviews?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is it depends on your writing skills, social media influence, and even what you consider as “getting paid.”

And that’s the topic of this post.

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