27 Creative Ways to Use AI in Your Business to Work Smarter and Earn More

ways to use AI in your business

AI is rapidly revolutionizing the business landscape, offering a wide range of benefits from task automation to better customer service.

Despite concerns about job displacement and ethical considerations, I’m curious to learn what tools are out there and how we can best use them to work smarter and drive better results.

YouTube Automation: Up to $14k a Month w/ Faceless Viral Videos

tony lysandrides

This week’s guest learned how to tap into the massive viewership of YouTube and make viral, cash-flowing videos on autopilot.

Tony Lysandrides runs several YouTube channels, and what’s unique about his videos is he’s not on them. They’re faceless videos intentionally engineered for virality.

From Selling Fish and Chips to a $50K/Mo Online Business

chris panteli

In his book “Start From Zero,” Dane Maxwell shares a simple framework to use as an engine for coming up with both business ideas and your first sales: CPSO (Customer → Pain → Solution → Offer).

Thanks to this framework, Chris Panteli from Linkifi.io found a common pain point and started selling the solution from zero to $50k a month in recurring revenue.

Affiliate Marketing Example: From Pandemic Side Project to $40k a Month

matt oney

This week’s guest took inspiration from a previous guest — Alex Goldberg from FinvsFin.com — but more importantly, took action.

In episodes 367 and 410, Alex broke down the model of the modern comparison shopping site: in-depth product reviews and comparisons that help buyers make informed decisions, and earn affiliate commissions on those referrals.

How I Built a Multi 6-Figure Business While Still Working Full-Time


This week’s guest took some of the skills she already had and then went out intentionally and found buyers for those skills.

Shannon Weinstein is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who turned her fractional CFO (Chief Financial Officer)/tax strategy service at KeepWhatYouEarn.com into a full-time income stream — while still working a full-time job.

$900k from Someone Else’s Product: Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies


Affiliate marketing is a great business: help people make decisions, point them to the products that will help them, and earn a commission on those referrals.

But most affiliate marketers, myself included in a lot of cases, don’t put as much effort as they could into their campaigns, and as a result, cut themselves short of the results they could have seen if they just went a little deeper.

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