331: A Look Inside a 6-Figure Online Business: Traffic, Monetization, and More

Brock McGoff

A few years ago, a side hustler named Brock McGoff reached out to me with a guest post pitch.

The post detailed how he was making, at that time, $4,000 a month, from his blog about men’s fashion, on the side from his day job.

Since then, Brock has turned TheModestMan.com into his full-time focus, into a 6-figure income, and into a media empire that expands well beyond the blog itself.

My Podcast Production Process, Start to Finish

podcast production process step by step

In this post, I’ll walk through my complete podcast production process for The Side Hustle Show.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a top-rated and award winning business podcast with more than 8 million lifetime downloads.

I’ve been producing the podcast weekly since 2013, and though I know this process will continue to evolve, here’s what it looks like today.

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