The Only 2 Ways to Get Rich

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There are only two ways in the world to get rich:

Make more or desire less.

To accelerate the process, do both.

Fun facts:

  • I made the video entirely in PowerPoint. Learned some new animation and transition tricks. Well, PowerPoint and Windows Live Movie Maker.
  • I clocked in at 50 seconds, but spent a few hours creating the presentation, animations, and slide transitions.
  • Before adding the video, this was going to be the shortest post in the history of SHN at just 22 words.
  • The flat icons come from
  • The music is called “Reunited” and comes from Incompetech.
  • The “logo slam” at the end is a $10 Fiverr gig.
  • This week marks 7 years as a full-time side hustler!

2 ways to get rich

9 thoughts on “The Only 2 Ways to Get Rich”

  1. Nick, I like your video! This is the first time I heard of Incompetech. Definitely will check them out for music tracks to use in videos in future. I hope you win the contest!

  2. Hey Nick! I’ve taken a lot away from Side Hustle Nation but this was truly one of your best broadcasts yet. At 50 seconds it hits home. Here’s a quote I heard years ago. It too is close to (or more than!) 100 years old;

    “Early to bed
    early to rise
    work like mad
    and economize!”

    That nails it from both sides. Stop the bleeding, spend less, de-accumulate, and generate income. Also, put in a tag… a hook. Just some way to make you, your name, your product stand out from the others. I’m not mad, and I really don’t like using the name that way, but “Mad Max” stands out more than “Max”. I I sudden go from, “Uh… I think I’ve heard of him” to, “OH yeah, “Mad” Max Speedwell! I know all about him!

    -“Mad” Max Speedwell

  3. I loved it! Your video is on point, creative and inspirational. Not to mention true :)

    I hope you win the contest my friend.

    Laura Beth

  4. I can’t remember who the author was (Oscar Wilde?) but here’s a quote (also 100+ years old). It’s the third way to accumulate vast sums of money.

    “The secret of my success? Actually, it was very simple. In the morning I bought an apple for five cents. I spent the evening polishing my apple and on the morrow sold may apple for ten cents. I then quickly reinvested my ten cents and purchased two more apples. I spent the evening polishing my two apples and that next morning sold my two apples for the goodly sum of twenty cents, and so it went until I had accumulated a grand sum of six dollars and forty cents. It was at that time my wife’s father passed and left to us his entire estate of fifty million dollars.”

    I need to hustle. I’m not counting on inheritance or lottery tickets.

    -“Mad” Max Speedwell

  5. That’s awesome. But desiring less is difficult as it goes against human nature to want to expand and have more choices. I’ll just keep making more money.

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